• Bobby Naidu

    Above code new google.maps —google is not support in visual studio code ,can u please tell the solution.

    • Jeswin James

      Have you got the solution ? are you using ts ?

      • Bobby Naidu

        yes ,im using ts,after installing typings i got it

        • Jeswin James

          Possible to share the snippets and steps to follow… Am really stuck and new to ionic

          • Bobby Naidu

            yourprojecttypings>typings install google.maps –ambient

      • t_specht

        If you don’t want to install the typescript definition file, you could also just declare the google variable on top of your script as follows:
        declare var google: any
        This should stop typescript from giving an error and everything should work as expected.

  • Ajinkya Bhosale

    can you make tutorial on implementing native google map in ionic 2 ?

  • Áron Barócsi

    Did exactly as written, displays google maps container with the Google logo but its plain grey and no map is shown.

    • t_specht

      That’s exactly the problem I’m having right now. Did you find any solution yet?

    • Kp Abhiram

      add css file to it

  • kolexinfos

    I am working in ts files and cannot get this to work, I think if the tech community continues this way changing things around without care for devs who are just setting newly on a framework, they would just go away easily…. you cant even generate a JS project only ts can be generated which makes all this tutorial useless, no offense to the writer but it is just frustrating getting thiese things to work

  • James

    The instructions are a little hard to understand for a newbie:

    “Open app directory and remove all content from a directory called pages but don’t delete it. Somewhere below you’ll find a link to GitHub repo holding a working example (or you can copy past provided code). Download zipped project repo folder, copy app and www directory and past it into a newly created folder.”

    But after creating the project with “ionic start…” as instructed there is no app directory and no app/pages directory. So which directories are meant here?
    Also copying IN the app and www directories into the new root directory “Ionic2GoogleMaps” (I assume this is the “newly created folder”) – is that right? We are told to e.g. edit www/index.html but this is overwritten later on by “ionic serve”.

  • James

    Well, to answer my own question. Ionic2 has moved on, the app directory is now inside the src directory

  • BryanHeadrick

    article seems to be missing