8 Top Java RESTful Micro Frameworks of 2019 [Pros/Cons/Stats]

Java has seen tremendous growth as a programming language in the past several years. A lot of that popularity can be associated to the evergrowing specter of popular frameworks and their ability to handle complex tasks in a comparatively easy fashion. Compared to the olden “dark times” of JSP, these new frameworks offer a secure, … Read more

100+ Curated List of Resources and Tools for Building Apps with Ionic 4

This article will curate the best resources, tools, libraries, and posts that will help you master Ionic 4 application development. I will cover everything from getting started with Ionic, third-party components, tutorials, tools, and testing, UI, etc. One last thing, I will include only content published in 2019. Index Getting started with Ionic 4 Demos, … Read more

Top 5 Most Prominent Kotlin RESTful Frameworks (Pros/Cons)

I’m always late to the party. I like playing safely and not investing my time in something that might or might not live on a long-term scale. I do not know about you, but I’m 38-year ex-developer, now IT architect, with not enough time to play with any recent and upcoming technology. Come on, some … Read more

Ionic 4 | Cordova Google Maps Integration

The following is a custom example and tutorial on how to integrate Cordova Goole Maps plugin with Ionic 4. We will not cover a vanilla JavaScript solution, instead, we will do it from the perspective of ionic-native/geolocation plugin. Preparations As in all my other tutorials on this topic, you need to have a working Ionic … Read more

Ionic [2 & 3] | Reactive Forms Creation and Validation Example

The original version of this article was written two years ago, which is way too old for what Ionic can provide today. I never intended to update this article, why spend so much time managing old content when Ionic/Angular is changing so fast, sometimes not even in a good way. To some point, I’m regretting … Read more

Ionic 4 | How To Create And Validate Forms

I developed this article to demonstrate to you how your Ionic 4 application can manage form validation. This is the fourth iteration of this article since the introduction of Ionic 2 and I hope I won’t need to update in the near future. What I am going to give here is a fast illustration of … Read more

Ionic [2 & 3] | How to translate your Ionic app with ngx-translate

This guide will walk you through using internationalization/translate library in the Ionic Framework. We are also going to showcase several working examples to get you through. Thankfully, there’s nothing complicated with what we are going to work with today. To achieve our goal we are going to use the ngx-translate Angular library. While there are … Read more