Best Tablet for Taking Hand Written Notes

Having difficulty taking notes on your tab?

Hence, we have shortlisted some of the best tablets for taking hand written notes.

Note taking tablets come in an array of specs with a variety of accessories; with keyboard, without a keyboard, with a digital pen or a stylus.

We all know for a creative-mind scribbling down ideas does wonders vs. typing down their thoughts.

There are many tabs in the market that now come with a digital pen helping people take quick and efficient notes on-the-go, in a classroom, on a field at work.

Tablet for note taking not only helps boost creativity but enhances overall productivity also protecting the environment by using less paper.

7 Best Tablets for Taking Hand Written Notes

1. Apple iPad Pro

best tablet for taking handwritten notes

iPad Pro, the best there is in the market. From design to computing powers everything here is the acme of technology.

For taking hand written notes or drawing, the iPad Pro provides an imposing experience when coupled with the latest Apple pencil.

Gliding effortlessly on the edge-to-edge retina display it helps your creativity flow much better than penning down on a parchment.

The A12X bionic chip makes this iPad overtake any intel based high processing laptops. From writing, drawing, and gaming or streaming this slate is the ultimate answer.

Being the largest screens in the market it is more like a canvas for artists to doodle or for taking detailed notes using iOS’s Notes app and other drawing applications in the apple store. For further convenience, Apple pencil attached magnetically to the side of the tab charges wirelessly giving you more mobility than ever.

Of course with a performance like this, it is worth its weight in gold. US 1000 plus seem like a justified trade when it comes to getting your hands on the finest slate in race.

Sadly, cost goes further up a notch because the Apple Pencil is sold separately. Hence, we’ve also explored lighter options for you ahead.


2. Wacom Cintiq 22

For a Wacom tablet Cintiq 22 is by far the most budget friendly Wacom in the market. Designed especially for artists, the huge screen offers flexibility and area to comfortably sketch, draw or write. The Cintiq 22 comes with a laminated anti-glare glass.

The lamination gives a texture to the surface that enhances grip on the movement of stylus.

The screen resolution, color gamut and brightness aren’t at par with the Cintiq Pro Line nor can it run full programs on it like for instance a Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16.

However with its Wacom Pro Pen 2 stylus and a notably large display it provides potential designers and students to get their hands running for on-screen design and editing.

The Pro Pen 2 has 8,192 levels pressure sensitivity that makes it superb for accuracy. Furthermore, the stylus powers itself from the electromagnetic properties of the screen making it super convenient.

When it comes to note-taking tablets the Wacom Cintiq 22 may not be as affordable as other similar slates but those looking for a reasonably priced Wacom this is the best bet.


3. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

We’ve said it before and we say it again, Surface Pro 6 is the best tablet there is for Windows users. It is a full blown PC given its processing powers.

Attach it with a keyboard and open the kickstand and your laptop is ready. Get your Surface pen out and your notebook is ready for drawing and notes.

The Surface pen is easy to use and can be flipped around just like a regular pencil to be converted into an eraser.

The pen is thick and softer than the Apple pencil making it easier to grip and write. Unlike any other slate that has an Android or iOS processor the Surface Pro 6 having Windows OS can run complex software’s like Photoshop CC without slowing down the experience.

With prowess of a PC, this beauty comes at an affordable price making it jump ahead in the contest of best note taking tabs.


4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Amongst the stars like iPad Pro and Surface Book Galaxy tabs give you the best of both worlds.

Where iPad Pro feels restrained in terms of applications and Surface book gives you a Windows experience, the Galaxy Tab gives a full-fledged android experience entwined with Samsung Dex to give you the feel of a real desktop as you work.

Particularly talking about the S-Pen, this stylus is all you need if you know how to use it right. One of the coolest features of this pen is that when you double tap the button on this pen the screen automatically opens to let you jot down notes without unlocking.

The size of the screen doesn’t restrict how long your notes can be, you can just click the next arrow at bottom right to continue writing on a new page.

The technology of the S-Pen is similar to that of the stylus in Note 9; however this is chunkier with a much thicker barrel giving it a real feel of a ball point.

Even though the experience of scribbling with the stylus is brilliant and almost real like but sadly Samsung has not put in a lot of effort to finish the lag between pen strokes appearing on the screen with each stroke. If you take notes fast you will notice a lag on the screen.

But again, the S-Pen comes inclusive of the S4 cost however Apple pencil is to be purchased additionally so it isn’t a very fair comparison.

All-in-all this purchase is value for money and we all know that Samsung is the name of trust.


5. Lenovo Yoga Book

Inspired by the simplicity of an actual note book that opens, closes or folds the Yoga book was designed.

It comes with a fully flat, touch halo keyboard that can be used as note pad to write notes. This technology gives you a the real feel of taking notes and see them on screen just like artists get the hand drawn sketches converted to images on screen.

Halo Screen keyboard is for the purpose of typing and when the keyboard is switched off the surface becomes a sketchpad to write on with the real pen.

Lenovo’s Yoga Book isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But for those looking for a real life writing experience Lenovo has created its digital pen powered by Wacom feel IT technologies. It is called the real pen because it uses real ink and can write on actual paper and the touch halo keyboard as well.

The real pen has 2,048 levels of pen pressure and 100 degrees of angle detection for precision.

Writers can now write unlimited without having to save bundles of paper note after note and having to physically store them.

Now all they need is this Yoga Book to continue taking notes without having to worry about storage and paper wastage.

Of course since this is fold-able tablet, it is chunkier than other tabs discussed here and may not be preferred by those who like to travel light.

6. Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro

Without breaking your back like the iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface Book, Huawei MediaPad M5 is a great option for note taking.

The MediaPad M5 is pleasing to the eyes with respect to its design, has enough power of 7500 mAh (TYP) battery to get things done and a fairly nice screen.

It comes with M-Pen that not only supports high precision drawings but also supports original hand writing with its corresponding application.

It also prevents mis-touches if you’ve mistakenly placed your palms while writing. That means with lesser chances of errors you can now take great notes and the fact that it can be in your own handwriting will help you understand those notes better.


7. Wacom Intuos Pro Small

As the name suggests this tablet is smaller in size than the previously launched Wacom Intuos Pro. In fact it is noticeably smaller if not pocket size.

Its super compact size makes it all the more affordable and desired for its ease of use and mobility. The slate gives you command over your workflow and help speed up your tasks with precision. With 2,048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition helps you create designs or take notes with accuracy just as well as Wacom larger tablets do.

It is all the more liked for its compatibility with Windows or iOS and for its size the battery is impeccable lasting days without needing to be recharged.

The touch ring and express keys on the tab can be assigned as per your needs that help you alleviate work load and manage tasks easily.

It is evident that Wacom has cut down on only the size of the tab and maintained its standard at the technological front.

Therefore, if budget is an issue than Intuos Pro Small should be considered rather than other notebooks like iPad Mini etc.



Choose any tablet out the seven mentioned because we’ve been drooling at each and every slate discussed.

With their sleek beauty, gliding styluses and upbeat color displays we have fallen in love with them all. Now whether you need a book to simply take college notes or whether to sketch to become an artist, whether you need it to be super compact or super sensitive strokes is what you need, we have listed them all.

If the dollar bills are your deciding factor, choose the Wacom Intuos Pro Small for an affordable yet prime experience of the Wacom technology.

If money isn’t an issue then place your trust blindly on the Apple iPad Pro 12.9.

If you are the old school type who likes the feel of pen and paper then Lenovo Yoga Book is your new favorite notepad with its 2-in-1 writing surface.

Best Tablet for Reading Comics, Graphic Novels & Other Books

If you are on the lookout for the best tablets for reading comics, novels, magazines or other books then look no further. 

But what is a reading tablet, you ask?

A reading tablet is designed with the single-minded objective of being used to read, which means that all of its components, including the screen, battery, design ergonomics, and hardware internals have been designed and optimized to provide the best reading experience all the while coming together at a budget-friendly price.

To answer the pressing question avid readers commonly ask that which is the best tablet for reading ? We have put forth a list of the best tab for reading.

Best Tablet for Reading Comics, Magazines, Novels etc

1. Kindle E-Reader

best tablet for reading comics

The Kindle brand has become synonymous with E-book readers, as it is among the first well-marketed reading tablet with a list of good features.

The Kindle E-Reader is one of the newest portable reading tablets in the range, and will sit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

In-line with its dimensions, the device weighs a mere 174 grams, which makes it a very light-weight reading tablet compared to others.

It features a 6-inch anti-glare display with E-Ink Pearl technology for a comfortable viewing experience.

The display also comes with a 16-level grey-scale adjustment feature, which is handy in adjusting the color setting for an easy reading.

The tablet has 4GB onboard storage, which is complemented by cloud storage. Amazon also provides access to its library of E-Books on the device which is an added plus for any avid reader. In terms of connectivity, the device is limited to Wi-Fi only.

On the bright side, the device can go up to 4 weeks without charging on a single charge, which is class-leading battery life.

Overall, this is a highly recommended portable reading tab for the mobile reading

2. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

The Paperwhite E-Reader is a mid-range device from the Kindle lineup and offers decent features at a pocket-friendly price point.

It is comfortable to hold and available in a choice of black and white colors. The lightweight tablet has an anti-glare 6-inch display with an impressive 300 PPI pixel density; readability on the device is good, even in bright ambient lighting conditions.

The Paperwhite E-Reader has Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, which is a big plus for those who need to be connected all the time.

There is 4GB of onboard storage, expandable with storage on the cloud. Battery life is excellent with the device powering through weeks of usage on a single charge.

To sum it up, the Paperwhite is one a definite feature-packed recommendation, that too at a good price.

3. Kindle Voyage E-Reader

The Voyage is one of the higher-end devices in the Kindle family of E-Readers , offering many top-of-the-line features that entry-level reading tablets do not offer.

There is a 6-inch display on the device which is lit by 6 LED lights to really light up your reading experience, with high grey levels and anti-glare coating for easy viewing and reading. There is an adaptive light sensor to adjust screen brightness to suit lighting conditions where the tablet is being used.

The voyage has the added feature of allowing readers to turn the page by force pressing the page, which is typically not there in entry-level E-Readers.

The device allows bookmarking of pages so that you can start from where you left off last time.

The Voyage has both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, which is great when you’re away from your router. The Voyage also lasts weeks on a single charge.

4. Kindle Oasis E-Reader

The Kindle Oasis is the crown jewel of the Kindle family of E-Readers, with a premium spec sheet.

The device comes with physical buttons to provide fast and effortless control of the device. There is a 6-inch high-resolution anti-glare display which boasts excellent brightness levels to really jazz up your reading time. The display panel has more than 16 levels of grey color adjustment to suit your liking.

The device gives access to the Kindle store, which has thousands of upon thousands of e-books to lay your eyes on, and there is also the capability to store them offline on the up-scale 8GB onboard storage. There is the added advantage of free cloud storage to carry your library of E-books.

There is a slight ergonomic contour on the back for easy gripping, and also gives the tablet a touch of class and differentiation from the rest of them out there.

As expected, the device has Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity to ensure that you never go offline.

In addition to this the device is equipped with a class-leading vocabulary builder, parental controls, and also lets you set personal reading goals.

As with other Kindle E-Readers, the battery of the Oasis lasts weeks on a single charge.


5. Boox Nova Pro 7.8” E-Reader

The Boox Nova Pro is a step above most E-Readers available on the market and offers the unending versatility of having a stylus.

This means that users can use the Stylus to write and take notes within existing applications or in a new note-taking application.

There is a 7.8” display panel with a resolution of 1872 × 1404 pixels, resulting in a very detailed and vivid display.

Colors and brightness on the display are customizable through a dedicated setting, allowing users to tweak the display at will for maximum comfort.

The device has the additional connectivity option of Bluetooth, which means you can use it to connect to external audio outlets for listening to your favorite music or audiobooks. The tablet is powered by a 1.6Ghz quad-core processor coupled with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage space.

The E-Reader has the added agility of running the android operating system, which means that many of the apps on the Google Play Store are supported on this device.

Other items in the hardware department include a USB Type-C connector which goes to show that the designers of this device ensured that it is built to the latest and most up to date standards.

Apart from being a good E-Reader, the Boox Nova Pro is an excellent device for business and classroom note-taking, which makes it a great choice if using the stylus is your kind of thing.


6. Kobo Clara HD 6” E-Reader

The Kobo Aura Clara HD is one of the premium offerings from Kobo, and yet is still priced modestly at $143.

The device comes with a 6 inch E-Ink display, which is sharp, and provide ample levels of grey color adjustment to suit your reading comfort, which is further complemented by the blue light filter for comfortable nighttime reading.

There is 8GB of internal storage, which is a class-leading feature especially considering the price point.

The downside, however is that there is no water protection on this device, which even devices like the Kindle Paperwhite provide.

The battery life on this E-Reader is excellent, with the device easily lasting weeks on a single charge.


7. Amazon Fire 7

The Fire 7 is the best-selling Fire tablet in the whole world. The device offers a 7-inch IPS display with a 1024 × 600 pixel resolution.

The device runs on a 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor coupled with a humble 1GB of RAM, which is sufficient for moderate multitasking.

The device offers two storage options: 16 and 32 GB, which is expandable up to 512GB using a microSD card.

The Fire 7 is a media consumption device which also has access to the Kindle store, which makes it a good media tablet and also a good E-Reader.

The device has an average battery life in the world of E-Readers, lasting 8 hours of reading, surfing on the browser, or audio-video playback.


8. Apple iPad Mini 4

The Apple iPad Mini 4 is one of the higher-priced E-Readers, owing to the fact that this is not your average tablet, it is an iPad.

The iPad Mini-series has a characteristic compact form-factor weighing in at 284g. The device has Apple’s renowned Retina display technology, providing excellent viewing angles, and crisp details owing to its 2048 × 1536 pixel resolution.

The device is powered by Apple’s Hexa-Core  A12 Bionic chip, coupled with 3GB of RAM and an option between 64GB and 256GB of onboard storage, which is class-leading by any stretch. The device also has Apple’s 8-megapixel iSight camera, which is a welcome addition to the list of features seen so far.

The device easily provides up to ten hours of run time on a single charge, which is typical of media tablets on the market.

The iPad Mini is a well-crafted and durable tablet option on the list and is great for both E-Book reading and also for intensive media consumption owing to powerful internals.


9. Lenovo Yoga Book 10.1”

The Lenovo Yoga Book carries the title of the world’s thinnest, and lightest tablet PC in the world, under its belt.

The device is power-packed with high-end components, including a full HD 10.1-inch display with 1920 × 1200 pixels, a 2.4 GHz Intel Atom processor with 4GB of RAM, and internal storage of 64GB. The device runs on Android 6.0 and can run even the most demanding Android apps on the market.

The Yoga Book 10.1” should definitely be on your list if you want to be super-productive after reading your favorite E-Books, since this is one of the most high-performance tablets out there on the market.


10. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

No tablet list can be complete without a device from the Korean technology giant: Samsung. Tab A is a portable tablet from Samsung, sporting a 7-inch HD display with a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels.

The device is powered by a 1.3GHz processor and 1.5GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage, expandable using a microSD card. The A7 offers these impressive specs at an affordable price, and should definitely be considered especially if you want the versatility of Google’s Play Store.

The battery backs up on this device is also commendable, with an easy 10 hour of media endurance on a single charge.

Like the iPad Mini 4, the A7 is a highly recommended E-Reading and media consumption tablet, at a significantly lower price point.



If the single-minded objective of getting a tablet to read E-Books is there (wrong sentence structure), you should definitely consider a tablet from the Kindle series.

If you want the ability to take notes, you should consider the Boox Nova. If media consumption is also on your mind along with E-Book reading, and you are comfortable with the iOS ecosystem, there is nothing better than the Apple iPad series.

If iOS is not your cup of tea however, the Samsung Galaxy line up will be your best bet at getting the best tablet experience.

You can now make an informed decision on buying the best reading tablet for comic books. Let’s Read!