This article will curate the best resources, tools, libraries, and posts that will help you master Ionic 4 application development. I will cover everything from getting started with Ionic, third-party components, tutorials, tools, and testing, UI, etc.
One last thing, I will include only content published in 2019.



Getting started with Ionic 4

The first step is always important.

Demos, Sample Apps, and Boilerplates

You need to start somewhere.
  • Ionic 4 Starter App – Ionic 4 To Do List App. FREE Ionic 4 example app. Learn how to start using Ionic 4 to create a simple app with lists, forms and navigation.
  • Ionic 4 Starter Theme – Ionic 4 start theme (v1.0.0) with: Angular 7 + @ionic/angular 4.0.0 final+ Ionic Native 5 + Ionic CLI 4.5.0
  • ionic4-boilerplate – Boilerplate for ionic4 with CI based on travis and fastlane. doc and example are provided
  • ionic-facebook-login – Ionic 4 starter app to show you how to add Facebook Log In to an Ionic App.
  • ionic-google-login – Ionic 4 starter app to show you how to add Google Log In to an Ionic App using Google Sign-In Cordova Plugin
  • ionic-twitter-login – Learn how to add Twitter Login to your Ionic 4 App. In this ionic framework tutorial we will build a ionic 4 example app with Twitter Authentication.movies-app – Ionic 4 Movies App
  • ionic4-angular7-example – Ionic 4, Angular 7 and Cordova Tutorial: Build CRUD Mobile Apps
  • app-starter – Sample project that shows how to build a Movies Catalog APP with Angular, Ionic 4, Capacitor and NGXS (State Management).
  • vue-capacitor-ionic-app – A Mobile Demo App with Vue, Capacitor and Ionic 4 Components
  • capacitor-vue-ionicv4-app – Sample app using capacitor vuejs and ionicv4 components
  • ionic-vue-examples – Examples for @ionic/vue
  • ionic4-sidemenu-auth – Building a Basic Ionic 4 Login Flow with Angular Router & Side Menu UI
  • ionic4-image-viewer-example – This is an Ionic 4 sample project showing an image viewer with zoom functionality
  • ionic4-ngrx-firebase – A basic application for Ionic 4 with firebase & ngrx actions, reducers and effects
  • ionic-vue-starter – A basic application for Ionic 4 with firebase & ngrx actions, reducers and effects
  • QLOCKGENERATOR – An Ionic v4 example project (PWA) to generate and export DXF, PDF and SVG files via maker.js and to assist you in designing your own front for your self-made word clock
  • ionic3-whatsappclone – This is a template for WhatsApp for user with ionic framework. It’s just a template with no backend for now. For Ionic4 pick Ionic4 branch.
  • ionic-react-auth-firebase – React with ionic v4 web components tabs, firebase authentication & mobx for state management
  • ionic-meetup-vue2 – VueJS Hello World w/Ionic4
  • ionic-vue – A Simple Ionic 4 App with Vue and Cordova
  • Improved UX for Ionic apps with Skeleton Loading Screens – Learn the importance of adopting the App Shell pattern in your ionic apps and how to implement it using Ionic 4 + Angular 7 and some advanced CSS techniques
  • ionic4-shoppingcart-slides – Dynamic Slides with Shopping Cart
  • Meel – A campus social/dating app based on Ionic 4 and Angular 7
  • ionic-music-app – Fully cross-platform ionic audio-streaming-app
  • ionic4dialogflowchatbot – A starter app for developing a chatbot with ionic4, pusher and dialogflow
  • my-react-ionic-app – ReactJS using Ionic framework components
  • ionic4-wordpress-app – Ionic 4 WordPress app (iOS & Android)
  • todo_app_ionic – Todo application in angular and ionic using best practices and performance optimized.


It’s always nice to have a wide variety of different application building blocks.

Themes & Templates

Give your application a little bit of shine.
  • Ionic 4 Full Starter App – Ionic 4 Starter App with PRO features: Capacitor, Firebase Integration, Firestore CRUD, Maps, Geolocation, Video Playlist, Multi Language, Capacitor Plugins. Lots of professional Ionic Angular components to jump start your app development!


It’s always nice to have a wide variety of different application building blocks.

Ionic Native / Cordova Plugins

And let’s not forget Cordova.

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