Do you think mobile application development is easy? All in all, it doesn’t matter. You can be an exceptional mobile developer, but sooner or later, you’ll stumble working on your application user interface. In fact, it’s often the biggest challenge facing any mobile development project.
So why not help yourself? UI kits take the pain out of developing a solution to a design problem. They usually offer both a framework for your mobile application and a series of UI elements to help you sell it to the final customer, whoever it may be.

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A UI kit stands for User Interface Kit. They are usually collections of PSD files that are composed of user interface elements. They can come in any variety of patterns, designs, and colors; at the same time, they vary according to their design and purpose. Premium versions are usually coming with much more included content (CSS, JS files) than the free ones.
Now comes the fun part. All these PSD files can be converted to HTML and CSS, how cool is that. You will need to use a Photoshop CS6 (or newer) or some other online tool.
OK, enough for the introduction, let’s look at a fifteen inspirational UI kits I prepared for you today.

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Cards UI Kit
There’s a good reason this UI Kit is the first one in this list. Its look and feel resemble default Ionic UI while still looking much more stylish.
The used color palette is conservative, almost sterile, almost perfect for a magazine or a newsreader app.
Find it Here
Livo UI Kit For Sketch
Here’s another minimalist UI Kit you can easily imitate in your mobile application. A color palette is modern, stylish, and intuitive, similar to the default Ionic UI, yet it looks so much better. I would like to praise a usage of orange color, thanks to it everything looks so much brighter.
Unlike previously mentioned UI Kit, this one features several categories: Sign in / Sign up form, Walkthrough, Menu, Profil, Social, Portfolio, Statistics, and Ecommerce.
Find it Here
Coloristic iOS Android UI Kit
If anything, this UI Kit is not subtle, colors are bursting from everywhere.
While it looks like an excellent choice for a fashion application, I would rather use it for a social network application.
Find it Here
iSocial iOS UI Kit
Wow, this UI kit looks remarkably professional, just look at that blue color. It almost feels royal.
Unfortunately, it names servers as a false advertisement. I simply don’t see anything social in it, provided screens are more suitable for a multimedia app, it would even look great in a magazine app featuring a lot of video media.
Find it Here
iOS7 UI Kit
Another great looking minimalist UI kit. Again, very similar to the default Ionic UI look and feel though this one features a much better use of a color white. Unfortunately, it seems too much sterile.
This is also a multipurpose UI Kit.
Find it Here
iOS8 Flat UI Kit
If you need a great Flat UI look and feel, then this is a UI Kit for you.
It over features color blue, but I would still like to use this good looking UI.
Find it Here
Mobile UI Kit for Sketch
This UI Kit is not for everyone. It features a stylish, masterfully crafted, made perfect UI, an excellent choice for a social network app.
Find it Here
Travelbook iOS Booking App
Who wouldn’t like traveling after seeing this UI Kit. What makes it great is excellent image usage.
Simply a perfect UI for a travel or a food-related application.
Find it Here
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    Thanks for sharing the UI Kits. Do you have a link for how to take it to the next step from PSD -> Ionic – It is not clear to me exactly what you need to do with these PSD files to get the corresponding HTML/CSS and then bring it into an Ionic App

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