If you want to start building your application with Ionic Framework, there’s no better place than starter apps.
Starter apps are usually templates or applications that offer you a glimpse into what Ionic framework can do. These apps come in all shapes and forms. Some of them are merely models providing you prebuilt UI patterns while others are small usable applications made to show you specific features (for example, how to connect your application to Google or Facebook authorization services).

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Ionic AngularJS Kitchensink
  • Developer: krisrak
This starter project is a simple kitchen sink app developed using Ionic Framework + AngularJS. It features different page patterns (Tab View, Side Menu, List View, and Slide / Swipe), various form and page elements, keyboard input types and everything is natively packaged using Cordova.
One last thing, I’ve decided not to include driftyco UI starter apps (covering UI patterns) because of this example, I’m telling this just in case you’re wondering about them.
GitHub and Usage
  • Developer: loicknuchel
Unlike previously mentioned starter app, this one is a little bit more complex. It is still a starter application though a boilerplate code is already written and useful libs are included. Everything said this is a perfect template for your future Ionic application.
Features user authentication handling, storage helpers & caching, REST & Parse API helpers, error handling & async remote logger, angular wrappers and different Cordova plugins. Full feature list can be found in a provided GitHub link.
GitHub and Usage
  • Developers: srameshr, chanusukarno, auth0
This section will feature three different starter apps working with OAuth authorization. All mentioned starter apps provide at least Google and Facebook authorization while last one provides additional options (from auth0 repository).
The main advantage of this implementation is that your users don’t need to enter their user-id and password, considering they have the corresponding apps installed and logged in.
GitHub and Usage - Solution 1
GitHub and Usage - Solution 2
GitHub and Usage - Solution 3
  • Developer: driftyco
This is a simple starter app featuring Google Maps implementation.
GitHub and Usage
  • Developer: calendee
This is a simple starter app featuring a great Google Maps alternative called Leaflet. The Leaflet is designed with simplicity, performance and usability in mind. It works efficiently across all major desktop and mobile platforms, which makes it a great alternative to Google Maps.
GitHub and Usage
  • Developer: cowbell
If Google Maps or Leaflet are not what you need from geo-location services you may look at Geofence. It is a Cordova plugin used to monitor circular geofences using mobile devices. Basically, its main purpose is to notify if application user if crossing the boundary of the monitored geofence.
GitHub and Usage
  • Developer: driftyco
Yet another driftyco starter pack. This one is made as an example how to connect to Salesforce platform.
The template features a starter application that uses Salesforce OAuth to authenticate, and specific REST APIs to access and manipulate Salesforce data.
GitHub and Usage
  • Developer: kevinblanco
This starter app contains a base Ionic application made to consume Drupal Services REST API. It features login, create an account, log out, saving data to localstorage, helper auth methods.
GitHub and Usage
  • Developer: scottopolis
Similar to previously mentioned starter app this one features starter app made to consume WordPress REST API (WP-API). It features login, log out, get posts, pull to refresh, infinite scroll. According to app developer more is to come.
GitHub and Usage Demo Additional Info
  • Developer: ccoenraets
This is a sample starter application that demonstrates a simple approach to Facebook AngularJS / Ionic integration.
GitHub and Usage
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