A Comprehensive List Of ReactJS Resources

Written by on July 20, 2015

A Comprehensive List Of ReactJS Resources

There are so many posts and articles on the topic of ReactJS so finding what you need is evidently becoming more harder. I’m writing this list in an attempt to create the most comprehensive list of information (articles, tutorials, links) covering everything useful related to ReactJS. I will update this list as time goes on plus feel free and suggest me any content you think helpful, and it’s missing in this link.

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Table of Contents

Page 1 – Plugins/Libraries/Tools

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  1. React Art
  2. Formsy React
  3. React Google Maps
  4. React Router
  5. React Mini Router
  6. React Toastr
  7. ReactJS Contenteditable
  8. React Bootstrap DateTimePicker
  9. React Bootstrap DateRangePicker
  10. ReactFlux
  11. React TopUI
  12. React Material
  13. Material UI
  14. React Dropzone
  15. React Style
  16. React HammerJS
  17. React Swipe
  18. McFly
  19. React Select
  20. React Select Box
  21. React List
  22. React Tabs
  23. React Calendar
  24. React Bootstrap Multiselect
  25. React Color Picker
  26. React Number Editor
  27. React Panels
  28. React Grid
  29. Griddle
  30. React TextArea Autosize
  31. React Treeview
  32. React Tree Menu
  33. React Sortable
  34. React Spinner
  35. React Component Gallery
  36. React ImageLoader
  37. React InlineSVG
  38. React TagsInput
  39. React Widgets


Page 2 – Integration Wrappers

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  1. React Meteor
  2. React PHP v8js
  3. PyReact
  4. Express React Views
  5. React Rails
  6. React RB (Opal Ruby)
  7. ScalaJS React
  8. jReact (Java)
  9. React Play
  10. Go ReactJS
  11. React.NET
  12. Generator React Webpack
  13. React Bootstrap
  14. Gulp Jade React
  15. Backbone React UI
  16. React Backbone
  17. ngReact
  18. React Coffee
  19. React Bacon


Page 3 – Starter Applications

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  1. React Starter Kit
  2. React Demos
  3. ReactJS Realtime Chat
  4. ReactJS Phonegap
  5. React Rocket Boilerplate
  6. React Isomorphic Starterkit
  7. React Starterify
  8. React Hot Boilerplate
  9. SparkJava Retrofit React
  10. React Foundation Apps
  11. Official ReactJS Examples
  12. Simple ReactJS Reddit Client
  13. React One-Hour Email
  14. Este
  15. React Engine
  16. Mullet
  17. Koa React Full Example
  18. Babel Starter Kit
  19. Coffee React Quickstart


Page 4 – Docs, Tutorials

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  1. Official Documentation
  2. React DocGen
  3. ReactJS Koans
  4. Atom ReactJS
  5. Jasmine React
  6. Reactive Elements
  7. React Rocks
  8. Rewriting the AngularJS Tutorial App in React
  9. Crash Course for React.js
  10. React Mixins Explained By Example
  11. React Primer Draft
  12. React Tips and Best Practices
  13. ReactJS for Stupid People



I’m calling this section Plugins/Addons because these words best describe content shown in this section.

1React Art

[frame align=”center”]React Art[/frame]

This plugin is a JavaScript library for drawing vector graphics using React.

GitHub and Usage

2Formsy React

This plugin is a form builder and validator for ReactJS, similar in nature to the Angular Formly.

GitHub and Usage

3React Google Maps

[frame align=”center”]React Google Maps[/frame]

This plugin is a ReactJS Google Maps integration component.

GitHub and Usage

4React Router

This plugin is an all around routing library for ReactJS.

GitHub and Usage

5React Mini Router

This plugin is yet another routing library for ReactJS.

GitHub and Usage

6React Toastr

[frame align=”center”]React Toastr[/frame]

This plugin is a React.js toastr component. for those of you who never heard of it, toastr is a Javascript library for non-blocking notifications.

GitHub and Usage

7ReactJS Contenteditable

This plugin is a simple component for content editable elements.

GitHub and Usage

8React Bootstrap DateTimePicker

[frame align=”center”]React Bootstrap DateTimePicker[/frame]

This plugin is a port of Eonasdan bootstrap-datetimepicker for ReactJS.

GitHub and Usage

9React Bootstrap DateRangePicker

[frame align=”center”]React Bootstrap DateRangePicker[/frame]

This plugin is a date/time picker for ReactJS (using bootstrap). This is a ReactJS port of bootstrap-daterangepicker.

GitHub and Usage


This is a library implementing React-Flux data flow design pattern && Code Generation.

GitHub and Usage

11React TopUI

[frame align=”center”]React TopUI[/frame]

These are Topcoat.Io components redesigned using ReactJS.

GitHub and Usage

12React Material

This is Material design components written using ReactJS and React Style.

GitHub and Usage

13Material UI

Another implementation of Material design with ReactJS.

GitHub and Usage

14React Dropzone

[frame align=”center”]React Dropzone[/frame]

This plugin is a simple HTML5 drag-drop zone in ReactJS.

GitHub and Usage

15React Style

This library is an alternative approach for styling React components, using the same syntax as StyleSheet.create from React Native.

GitHub and Usage

16React HammerJS

This plugin represents a ReactJS / HammerJS integration, this way touch events can be supported in your React app.

GitHub and Usage

17React Swipe

Brad Birdsall’s swipe.js, as a React component.

GitHub and Usage


McFly is a library that provides features ReactJS is missing: Dispatcher, Action Factories, and Stores.

GitHub and Usage

19React Select

[frame align=”center”]React Select[/frame]

A Select control built with and for React JS.

GitHub and Usage

20React Select Box

[frame align=”center”]React Select Box[/frame]

An accessible select box component for React.

GitHub and Usage

21React List

[frame align=”center”]React List[/frame]

A versatile infinite scroll React component.

Official site
GitHub and Usage

22React Tabs

[frame align=”center”]React Tabs[/frame]

React tabs component.

GitHub and Usage

23React Calendar

[frame align=”center”]React Calendar[/frame]

A calendar plugin inspired by React philosophy.

GitHub and Usage

24React Bootstrap Multiselect

[frame align=”center”]React Bootstrap Multiselect[/frame]

A multi-select component for ReactJS (with bootstrap). This is a ReactJS port of bootstrap-multiselect.

GitHub and Usage

25React Color Picker

[frame align=”center”]React Color Picker[/frame]

Colorpicker for React.

GitHub and Usage
GitHub and Usage

26React Number Editor

[frame align=”center”]React Number Editor[/frame]

Custom number editor (text field) react component.

GitHub and Usage

27React Panels

[frame align=”center”]React Panels[/frame]

React.js panel widget with support for tabs, toolbars, buttons and customizable themes.

GitHub and Usage

28React Grid

Data grid for React.

GitHub and Usage


[frame align=”center”]Griddle[/frame]

Simple Grid Component written in React.

Official Site
GitHub and Usage

30React TextArea Autosize

[frame align=”center”]React TextArea Autosize[/frame]

<textarea/> component for React which grows with content.

GitHub and Usage

31React Treeview

[frame align=”center”]React Treeview[/frame]

Easy, light, flexible tree view made with React.

GitHub and Usage

32React Tree Menu

[frame align=”center”]React Tree Menu[/frame]

A stateless tree menu component for React.

GitHub and Usage

33React Sortable

[frame align=”center”]React Sortable[/frame]

A sortable list component built with React.

GitHub and Usage

34React Spinner

[frame align=”center”]React Spinner[/frame]

Zero configuration loading spinner.

GitHub and Usage

35React Component Gallery

[frame align=”center”]React Component Gallery[/frame]

React component for creating an evenly spaced gallery of children components.

GitHub and Usage

36React Imageloader

A React component for wrangling image loading.

GitHub and Usage

37React InlineSVG

An SVG loader component for ReactJS.

GitHub and Usage

38React TagsInput

[frame align=”center”]React TagsInput[/frame]

A simple react component for inputting tags.

GitHub and Usage

39React Widgets

[frame align=”center”]React Widgets[/frame]

An à la carte set of polished, extensible, and accessible form inputs built for React, based on the excellent Kendo UI Core and jQuery UI.

GitHub and Usage

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