Hi there everybody,

I am Sohaib Hasan Shah, founder of this blog. I am a business graduate basically from the University of Curtin (Australia).

As any business graduate I have used many tech gadgets along the way and have found “Tablets” to be one of the best tech product out there.

Throughout my degree I mostly utilized tablets instead of a laptop or PC.

But that doesn’t mean I stopped using a laptop or PC altogether.

It’s just that tablets a great blend of a laptop, PC with much more portability & sometimes affordability.

In addition, I am the administrator of a private school, Brilliant Career Secondary School, situated in Karachi, Pakistan.

Hence I am a strong advocate of “Technology in Classrooms” and “Tablets” are a vital part of our Instructional Technology.

We have introduced a ubiquitous concept, “Classroom on Wheels”, where we utilize tablets to introduce & engage different concepts to our students.

All in all, tablets are a big part of my professional & personal life. I usually research, test and update myself when it comes to tablets.