This is going to be a short article, my intention is to catalog useful jQuery Mobile resources. I will cover everything from useful blogs, necessary StackOverflow answers up to digital books.

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PS. If you want my help, if possible (even if it takes you some time to do that), create a working example I can play with. Use Plunker for AngularJS based questions or jsFiddle for jQuery/jQuery Mobile based questions.


Table of Contents

Essential links

  • Official jQuery Mobile sitelink
If you want to play with jQuery Mobile this is where you need to start.
  • jQuery Mobile demo overviewlink
This is the best site (part of the official site) where you can see what jQuery Mobile is possible of.
  • jQuery Mobile APIlink
This should be the most important jQuery Mobile site, everything you need is there. Unfortunately, it’s a little bit confusing so make yourself acquainted.
  • jQuery Mobile official bloglink
Useful link if you want to know about recent/future framework releases and announcements.


  • Official jQuery Mobile theme builderlink
Official theme builder site, necessary if you want to customize default jQuery Mobile look.
  • Best 3rd party jQuery Mobile themeslink
This article will cover best available jQuery Mobile themes.
  • Learn how to customize jQuery Mobile themeslink
This is a sore point for many jQuery Mobile developers so learn carefully.


  • Best jQuery Mobile pluginslink
This article will cover all essential plugins/widgets, everything you need that is not already part of a jQuery Mobile framework.
  • Lesser known jQuery Mobile pluginslink
Additional lesser known plugins, you may or may not need them so check out.

Ask help

  • StackOverflow jQuery Mobile subgrouplink
Best place if you have a jQuery Mobile related question. I stopped contributing last year, but new generations stepped in my place: Omar && Ezanker.
  • Official jQuery Mobile forumlink
Nice place but I still prefer StackOverflow.
  • jQuery Mobile subredditlink
Another nice place but I would advise posting to jQuery subreddit.

Solutions to most common jQuery Mobile problems

  • How to enhance dynamically added contentlink
  • How to prevent multiple event triggeringlink
  • How to prevent multiple event triggeringlink
  • Passing data between jQuery Mobile pageslink
  • How to properly use page eventslink
  • More then 20 other problems/solutionslink

Blogs worth checking

  • jQMTrickslink
This is a blog of a current jQuery Mobile StackOverflow contributor.
  • Gajotres.netlink
My blog of course.


  1. jQuery Mobile Web Development Essentials, Second Edition
  2. Creating Mobile Apps with jQuery Mobile
  3. jQuery Mobile First Look

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