Best Big Screen e-Readers

With technology as big as it is today, E-Readers are more popular than ever.

E-Readers come in all kinds of different types, each possessing features that are tailor-made for the users they are targeted for.

One feature, however, is important for all users regardless of their profession or occupation, and that is the screen size of the E-Reader.

Hence we have put forth a guide on the best big e-readers in the market.

An E-Reader can have all the features in the world, but if its screen size isn’t big enough for you to make out what is even written on it, it is almost useless. Also, having a large enough screen size will make it easier for you to make notes and edit your documents (in case of E-Ink displays). There are a number of different E-Readers out there, so finding ones with the screen size you’re looking for could prove to be a difficult task. To help you decide, we have compiled a list of E-Readers with some of the biggest screens available today.

5 Best Big Screen e-Readers

1 – Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019)

Best Big E-Readers

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We start off our list with the Amazon Kindle Oasis, one of the most popular E-Readers available in the market today.

The Amazon Kindle Oasis comes with an impressive, glare-resistant 7-inch screen. The display quality is amazing, displaying your books and documents at an impressive quality of 300 ppi. With an IPX-8 rating, the device is incredibly weatherproof and is able to withstand not only external drops of liquid but can also survive being submerged in water for a decent amount of time.

It has a battery life that is able to last for several weeks, and possesses an impressive storage capacity of 32 GBs. Its most notable feature, however, is its screen warmth control, which changes the color of the screen from white to a shade of yellow, making it less strenuous on your eyes. Overall, the Amazon Kindle Oasis is one of the best E-Readers out there.

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2 – Kobo Forma

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Next on our list is the Kobo Forma, an 8-inch that is also very popular.

The Kobo Forma is known for its incredible display that can support both landscape and portrait screen modes. While its screen is very bright, the display is based on the Carta E-Ink touchscreen with Comfort Light Pro, which makes it easier to view at night before going to bed by reducing the blue light emitted by the screen.

The device itself is very slim and lightweight, and its battery can last up to several weeks. Notably, it is incredibly weatherproof, with its IPX-8 rating making it resistant to large splashes and even able to withstand being submerged in bodies of water, making the Kobo Forma an excellent E-Reader to use when you’re outdoors.

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3 – Kobo Aura

Kobo Aura

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The second E-Reader from Kobo on our list, the Kobo Aura is considered to be Kobo’s first ever premium E-Reader.

Featuring a crystal clear 6.8-inch display, the Kobo Aura is both impressively waterproof as well as dustproof. Its most notable for its ClarityScreen feature which provides incredibly high-quality text so that your reading experience is as comfortable as possible, as well as its Comfort Light feature which reduces the strain on your eyes by reducing blue light emissions. If you’re looking for an E-Reader that is able to provide what the Kobo Forma is able to but at an even greater level, then look no further than the Kobo Aura.

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4 – BOOX Nova Pro

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We continue our list with the BOOX Nova Pro. While not as popular as some of the previous entries on our list, it is unique from them in a few ways.

Having a 7.8-inch screen with great display quality, not only does it feature a capacitive touch screen, but it also comes with an impressive E-Ink display. Not only can you use this device how you would use other E-Readers i.e. with your fingers, but you can also access it via stylus input, allowing you to take notes, make sketches, and highlight text however you desire. While its storage size of 2 GBs isn’t as massive as some of our previous entries, it is still capable of storing numerous e-books.  Capable of supporting adjustable warm light and cold light, the BOOX Nova Pro is another excellent E-Reader for you to consider buying.

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5 – BOOX Note Pro

Boox Note Pro

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We round off our list with the BOOX Note Pro, an E-Reader that shares a few similarities yet also comes with a few differences from the previous entry on our list.

With a screen size of 10.3 inches, the BOOX Note Pro is the biggest E-Reader on our list. Not unlike the BOOX Nova Pro, this device is able to function as both an E-Reader as well as a writing pad. Its glass-fronted touchscreen comes with the Native Note App with handwriting recognition as well as stylus support.

Its battery is capable of lasting for almost a month, and while its storage capacity is only 4 GBs, this is twice as much as the BOOX Nova Pro. Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality E-Reader with a massive screen and writing pad features, look no further than the BOOX Note Pro.

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Having gone through our list, we hope you are now able to decide which big E-Reader is best for you. While all of the options on our list vary from one another in some way, they are all amazing choices. Remember, the perfect choice isn’t the E-Reader that has the most features and is the most expensive, but is instead the one that is able to meet your requirements as best as possible without exceeding your price range. If you feel that the best option for you isn’t on our list, then do not limit yourself to it. If you’re still not sure about which E-Reader to go for, please feel free to go through our list again and use it as your guide.

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