Best Cheap Drawing Tablet With Screen

If you’re looking for a cheap drawing tablet with a touch screen, stick around to reveal some of the best tablets available on the market.

We will briefly discuss their features, specifications and price.

The price of the expensive drawing tablets is not always justified with performance, instead you are just wasting your money.

Yes, there are many affordable drawing tables on the market that contain all the features that you need to draw.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, artist, or an engineer many cheap tables will easily fulfill your necessaries when it comes to performance.

You should keep in mind that they might lack some innovative features, but we made sure that all tables listed above are suitable for demanding projects.

What to Look for in an Affordable Drawing Tablet with Screen

1 – Drawing Tablet Specifications

Let’s review some of the features that every professional needs and regardless of the price you can’t go without them. Even if you are looking for the cheapest tablet available keep in mind that without these features, the only thing you could do is write.

2 – Pressure Sensitivity

One of the main functions of the drawing tablets is pressure sensitivity. It measures the force you put on the tablet’s surface. The harder you click, the thicker the line will be. This option is mainly used by graphic designers and other artists.

Most of the tablets come with plural pressure sensitivity levels, from 300 up to 8000 (Source : ConceptArtEmpire).

For instance, if you’re a beginner you won’t need a tablet over 1,024 levels, as you won’t even use the rest of them (Source : Sweet Monia).

If you’re more familiar with that kind of work you should be considering getting a 2,048 pressure level tablet for you.

3 – Tablet Screen Size

An important factor is tablet size. It divides the size of the active area and the overall area. The one you draw on is the active area.

The bigger the size, the bigger drawings you will be able to work on and you will need less panning and zooming.

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Make sure to choose a product that has a big enough area for your projects.

When you’re checking the product’s factors and features, don’t mistake the active area with the overall area, because the total size includes both the active and the surrounding area.

If you mainly draw you may want to choose a smaller and compact tablet to carry around.

Best Cheap Drawing Tablets with Screen

Now we will review some of the best affordable drawing tablet choices on the market, their key features, and main specifications.

We ensured that all tablets listed above are equipped with both pressure sensitivity and a wide drawing screen.

1 – XP-PEN Artist 12 11.6 Inch FHD Drawing Monitor

Best Cheap Drawing Tablets With Screen

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This fantastic drawing tablet is the artist’s most preferred choice nowadays. With its 1920×1080 HD display, you won’t need to zoom or goggle. The Artist12 comes with 8192 levels of pressure for you to choose from, plus 6 suitable shortcut keys to browse your computer easily. The revolutionary designed pen that this tablet comes with is ultimately comfortable, lightweight, and with an eraser at the end. The pen is suitable for image editing, sketching, drawing, art painting, and whatever you could think of. This tablet supports both Windows and MAC and it is compatible with photoshop and other software for photo editing.

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2 – Huion KAMVAS Pro 12 Drawing Pen Display

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The affordable Huion KAMVAS Pro 12 comes with a battery-free pen bundled with a fancy pen holder for a tidier desk. The tilt-function of the tablet justifies the price multiple times, making it one of the best & cheap choices on the market. The 11.6 Inches IPS screen presents millions of vivid colors, which reduce the color difference. For easy browsing, this tablet presents 4 press keys and 1 touch bar and they are simply bindable for easy access to your favorite settings. Anti-glare glass technology reduces the glaring damage to human eyes, making it like drawing on paper.

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3 – Huion Inspiroy Ink H320M

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This Innovative budget drawing tablet is one of the cheapest choices on the market. Its specs, features, and performance justify the price multiple times. Equipped with a revolutionary battery-free stylus, this tablet provides 8192 pressure sensitivity for more natural and smooth lines in your drawings. A big plus is that fingers or any object with smooth coverage can work with this tablet. A working area of 10.2×6.2 inches on which to comfort yourself during your drawing sessions. This tablet not only supports MAC and Windows, but it is also compatible with Android devices of any kind.

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4 – Parblo Coast10 10.1

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The Parblo Coast10 offers a stylish, lightweight battery-free pen for a more handy and natural feeling during your editing or drawing sessions. The implanted stand allows a view from a higher angle, 170° vertical and 170° horizontal, for a more clear view anywhere you put it. The Ergonomic design contributes to an even more perfect design whether it’s in your lap or desktop. This tablet is compatible with many editing software such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Corel Painter, and many more.Fancy accessories bonus added to this product is a drawing glove. The tablet can be used both on Windows and MAC, even if the operating system is outdated with several versions.

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Bottom Line:

We hope that this post was able to provide you with enough information on what’s important for a drawing tablet and how the prices vary with performance. It is not important to have an expensive drawing tablet to showcase your spectacular set of skills.

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