Best Digital Notepad with Pen

We live in a digitized world where the use of paper will eventually become obsolete and rightly so.

But old habits die hard and no matter how advance we get, we will always be inclined to holding a pen and paper when trying to make notes in haste, so will it not be great if you can write on a notebook with never ending pages.

The answer to that is, YES YOU CAN! Digital Notepads/Notebooks are the best companion you need in this Tech-Savvy world with a feel of your old friend Pen and Paper.

Hence we bring you some of the best digital notepad with pen.

Electronic Notepads are not only sleek and slim allowing us to place them anywhere we like but they also help you in sorting yourself out by inculcating a sense of orderliness, flexibility and style.

7 Best Digital Notepad with Pen

So, to save you from the trouble staying behind in this fast-paced world, we have you covered by providing you with a detailed guide into choosing the Best Digital Notepad with Pen from our Top 7 most coveted devices.  


Best Digital Notepad with Pen

Rocket Book is a blend of good old-fashioned Notebook with future since it is a “Never-Ending Notebook” as it feels like a normal wire bound paper book but comes with 32 re-usable pages. Its like a dream come true for the nostalgic type’s out there. You only have to Write, Scan and Erase.

The way it works is super simple, the dot grid pattern pages look and feel like any normal paper and you can write on them from any PEN which feels perfectly natural. It only takes about 15 seconds for the ink to dry off bonding completely with the polyester page so it won’t rub off, but can be wiped off easily with a wet towel making it so unique.

This notebook is also compatible with the ROCKETBOOK App so you can transfer your notes to Cloud surfaces within a fraction of second securing your content effortlessly because of its QR scan codes at the corner of each page.


  • You can use it “on the go”
  • Cloud based sharing
  • Reusable Pages
  • Supports Indiegogo


  • Ink takes up a little time to dry off
  • Need regular checks


Boogie Board is brand which produces paperless tablets at low price points, earlier this year this company produced Boogie Board Sync 9.7 which changed their ball game completely. This product comes with a 9.7-inch LCD Screen hence the name, and an exceptional stylus pen.

The best thing about this tablet is when you’re writing on it, it feels really close to writing on paper without leaving any marks on the screen, so that creates even a better experience when drawing on this little boogie board. You can sync your notes or drawings through Bluetooth or mobile app integrated with Evernote. Also, you can connect this tablet with the computer through a wireless connection with the help of Android and IOS app in your cell phones which makes it all the more convenient since when you write on the tablet it shows up live on the screen of laptop.

The designed battery life of Boogie Board Sync 9.7 can last up to days depending on its average usage and once it’s out you can recharge it easily with a USB connection.


  • It has PDF support for sharing notes
  • Synced with different devices
  • The pen is light and easy to handle


  • You can’t erase a part of your content; you will have to erase the whole thing.
  • The range covering the Bluetooth Connection is very short

3. Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad Digital Notebook 

The idea behind this smart pad is to give “Super Powers” to paper by transforming the art of inking your ideas out into analog. Wacom is a global leader in providing digital ink solutions and its product Bamboo Slate smart pad really stands out due to its innovative design featuring an 80 page sheet of papers aligned on a tablet with its own Wacom pressure sensitive ball point with easily replaceable cartridges.

This piece of work digitizes your work instantly with a simple push of button since it is a Bluetooth device which is compatible with both IOS and Android App platforms. To use this smart pad, you have to download the App Wacom “inkspace” where your data will be exported as Text or DOC files.

For the art enthusiast and visual thinkers Bamboo Smart Pad is their best companion since it captures the content accurately and the files can be saved into different formats like PNG, PDF and JPG.


  • Compatible with Bluetooth Device
  • The battery life is good
  • Pressure sensitive ball point which is very easy to use
  • Live drawing and note taking synced with devices.


  • Cumbersome process of changing sheets on app
  • Uses paper which are not re-usable
  • Rich Text conversion is limited.

4. Bee Times LCD Writing Pad 

An alternative to paper this 10-inch-long eco-friendly LCD screen writing tablet provides a decent screen size to digitize your work giving you more room for imagination. Although Bee Times Pad is not compatible with any mobile application platforms like IOS and Android but it still provides an edge into your thought process by putting it to life on screen.

The feature due to which this device is in our top 7 picks is because this device has 100,000 pages on which you can sketch or write as much as you want making it last up to years.

The content you create can be easily deleted with just one-click erase feature. This writing pad is portable, sleek and slim making it very convenient for you during travel with a reliable battery life taking care of your basic writing needs.


  • 100,000 pages is an added feature
  • Portable size
  • Easy grasp


  • Battery cannot be substituted
  • Not compatible with IOS and Android Devices
  • Not having Bluetooth feature.

5. Royole Smart Writing Pad 

The motto of Royole Rowrite Smart pad is to “Create, Capture and Share” your creations into the digital age. It allows you to create your thoughts on a simple paper and save them so at the end of the day you will have both, a hard copy for yourself and digital copies for you to share with your peers.

The digital file is supported by both IOS and Android devices can be saved as a JPG, PNG, PDF or a Video file in same sequence with which you made your notes or drew your image making it a perfect companion for you in this aggressively fast world.

The smart pad comes with two paper pads that fits snugly into the unit where the magic is created by the Rowrite pressure sensitive ball point, also with the Rowrite App you can change style, size and color of your content making it perfect for students, artist and business associates.


  • Can use any standard ink for its Pen
  • Supports languages other than English
  • Content can be easily shared and saved


  • The conversion of text is not always very accurate
  • Time to recharge the battery is long

6. SolidTek ACECAD PenPaper Pad 

The striking feature of this device is that it’s looks like an ordinary writing pad but bids many other attractive features.

When you SolidTel ACECAD your work is instantly captured through a flexible battery free digital pen which looks and feels like a normal ball point with consumable ink cartridge.

This notepad is very user friendly since it features an ultra-thin and light digital pad which is supported by both IOS and Android systems via Bluetooth. It comes with a 5 x 8 inches 50 sheet notepad providing ample space to work and a rechargeable battery which can work up to 8 hours non-stop.

You can save your content in both PDF and JPG format allowing you share it in community apps. 


  • It is compatible with Bluetooth connection
  • It saves ample of battery life through its sleep mode
  • Can change contents to PDF and JPG files


  • Difficult to read
  • Uses paper creating waste

7. Huion New 1060 Plus Drawing Tablet 

A high-quality product for the art enthusiast on budget which is the pitch Huion is trying to make in the market and is a direct competitor to Wacom but is far cheaper in terms of price.

Huion 1060 plus drawing tablet comes with a tablet, pen and some supporting accessories. The table features 12 shortcut buttons configured along the side and 16 soft key buttons along the top. The tablet includes a Micro SD card reader along with an 8G card.

The pen features up to 8192 pressure points and is light to hold making it more artistry and professional. It is powered by a battery so requires to be charged every so often depending on the usage.

The tablet works with both Windows and Mac OS plus a variety of other apps making it very convenient to use.


  • User Friendly interface
  • Caters the needs of professional artist
  • Allows connectivity to other devices


  • Only for art enthusiast
  • Limited connectivity


 With this in-depth review for the best digital notebooks/pads that come with a pen you must now be able to get a gist of what you are looking for, but in case you are still undecided we will give you a short guide though which you can makeup your mind.

Firstly, you will want to check if the desired product has sync capabilities to move and store your notes on a cloud system. The second thing you will want to look at is if the Pen is comfortable to use when working, also the size of screen or page where your ideas will come to life also play an important role in selection of your notebook.

After stating all these points if you are still undecided, we’d recommend Rocketbook with its infinite usage of paper or Wacom Bamboo Slate Smart pad with almost the same functionality and multipurpose usage. Both of these are within a low price point with great quality deliverance.  

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