Best Drawing Tablets for Mac (Pro, Mini & iMac) in 2024

In the current market, we can see plenty of tablets that are compatible with Mac OS.

We have reviewed tablet to suit all budgets & performance requirements for digital artists & designers from beginners to professionals.

All the tablets which are mentioned below are drawing pads which supports all Mac machines like Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini & iMac.

So without further ado, lets get into the list of the Best Drawing Tablets for Mac OS.

Comparison of Drawing Tablets for Mac

TOP PICKWacom Pth660 Intuos Pro Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet For Mac Or Pc, Medium, New Model, Black Wacom Intuos Pro
  • Screen Size: 13.2 Inch
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 8192
  • Express Keys: 2 short-cut keys
  • Resolution: 5080 LPI
  • Tilt: Yes
Huion H420 Usb Graphics Drawing Tablet Board Kit Huion H420 USB
  • Screen Size: 10 Inch
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 2048
  • Express Keys: 3 short-cut keys
  • Resolution: 4000 LPI
  • Tilt: Yes
Huion H610 Pro V2 Graphic Drawing Tablet Chromebook And Android Supported Pen Tablet Tilt Function Battery-Free Stylus 8192 Pen Pressure With 8 Express Keys Huion H610PRO
  • Screen Size: 13.9 Inch
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 8192
  • Express Keys: 8 short-cut keys
  • Resolution: 5080 LPI
  • Tilt: Yes
Xp-Pen G430S Osu Tablet Ultrathin Graphic Tablet 4 X 3 Inch Digital Tablet Drawing Pen Tablet For Osu! (8192 Levels Pressure) XP-Pen G430S OSU
  • Screen Size: 10 Inch
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 8,192
  • Express Keys: 8 short-cut keys
  • Resolution: 5080 LPI
  • Tilt: Yes
Apple Ipad Pro (12.9-Inch, Wi-Fi, 256Gb) - Space Gray (4Th Generation) Apple iPad Pro
  • Screen Size: 12.9 Inch
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 8192
  • Express Keys: No
  • Resolution: 264 PPI
  • Tilt: Yes

List of the Best Drawing Tablets for Mac Users in 2024

1. Wacom Intuos Pro – Best Mac Compatible Drawing Tablet

2. Huion H420 USB Ideal Pen Tablet for Macbooks

3. Huion H610PROBest Drawing Pad for Mac

4. XP-Pen G430S OSUBest Graphic Tablet for Mac

5. Apple iPad Pro

5 Best Drawing Tablets for Mac

1.Wacom Intuos Pro Best Mac Compatible Drawing Tablet

Best Drawing Tablet For Mac

Wacom is the original drawing tablet creator, and also they work pretty well with Mac. It is the best tablet for photoshop, especially for photo editing professionals

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The Wacom Intuos Pro comes with the pressure sensitivity of 8192, which is best for drawing.

You almost feel like using the pen and paper to draw things. It allows you to draw heavy and thin strokes.

You can place your palm on the tablet, and it will not disturb your drawing because of its touch rejection feature.

You can connect the pen using the Bluetooth and also with a USB cable. You cannot be able to see any lag while drawing.

You can choose your drawing tablet from large, medium, and small sizes.

The medium size is exceptionally compact and comes with a capacity of 13.2″ x 8.5″ and offers the decent 8.7″ x 5.7″ workspace.

You can find many features like multi-touch gestures, radical menu, customizable express keys, and pen side switches.

Without a doubt, it is the best tablet for drawing with Adobe Photoshop on mac because of its excellent accuracy in almost all photoshop Softwares.


On the other hand, it will take time to adjust to the sensitivity of the pen.

And you may feel the rough drag depending on the type of nib you use. The older accessories of Wacom also won’t work with your new Wacom Intuos pro.

2. Huion H420 USB – Ideal Pen Tablet for Macbooks

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This tab is considered to be ideal for beginner artist especially who consider Mac OS as their primary option

The best thing about Huion H420 is it works with the majority of drawing apps such as adobe photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Max, Fireworks, Autodesk MAYA, and many others.


The strokes are smooth on this tablet, especially while drawing the curves, and it responds very well to the changes in pressure.

You can adjust the sensitivity as per your needs. You have the option of setting the screen size to match your display, so you can draw in photoshop kind of software using the full-screen mode. It is not only a better drawing tablet but also allows you to control your mac with ease.

The buttons in the pen will enable you to control the graphics program you are using.

The drawing glow makes it comfortable to hold the pen and draw. The best thing about is the value for money; you can get this tablet under $50.


The screen size is very tiny for carrying out the drawings, but the option of mapping to the mac display somewhat compensates for this.

You have no opportunity to fine-tune by tweaking the sensitivity or pressure setting.

The connection is only possible with the USB cable; it sometimes acts as an obstacle while drawing.

As we said already, it is suitable for beginners and not for professionals and commercial artists.

3. Huion H610PRO – Best Drawing Pad for Mac

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Huion H610PRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet is a more advanced version of the previously discussed Huion H420 Tablet.

It comes with more sensitivity and a larger drawing surface. Overall it is the best value tablet for your mac, and it comes under 100 dollars.


When compared to Huion 420, it offers the large drawing surface of 10″ x 6.25″.

You no need to waste your money on buying the battery since it comes with the recharge option.

And the pen can be connected with the help of a wire. With the 2048 level of pressure sensitivity, you can easily draw thin and thick lines without having to experience any jitter or lag. The decent amount of flow in pen makes you feel natural while drawing.

It allows the users to customize the eight express keys and 16 hotkeys to speed up your work, depending upon the left or right-hand preferences.

The pen is sturdy, and the overall tablet is thin and lightweight.


It feels fussy while working with the drawing software, and especially if you are using Adobe software.

So, for the professional ones, it will not give a great experience. It is challenging to get the Huion drivers to work with it on mac. Sometimes it will fail to deduct the device.

4. XP-Pen G430S OSU – Best Graphic Tablet for Mac

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For those who are looking for the perfect tablet to compatible with mac for a low price, you will not get anything better than XP-Pen G4300S.

It is not just a graphic tablet, but it is the perfect replacement for the conventional mouse.

Overall it gives better options for the low budget people to work smoothly on mac.


You can get the uninterrupted drawing flow because of the pen of this device.

It doesn’t require a battery and free from the recharging problems.

The best available pressure sensitivity of the 8192 levels is the key highlight of this product—the exceptionally smooth and instant flow of toggle between the pen and eraser mode. The product is extremely lightweight as it comes with just 2mm thin.

The metallic finish of this device looks good and premium with mac. The most significant thing is the value for money you are getting with XP-pen.

It comes with just above $20. The driver’s setup is simple and straightforward.


It is not suitable for the professional level drawings since the device is elementary.

There is no control button on the pen to adjust. The thin design comes with the possibility of easy breaking if you mishandle or drop it.

The control over the pen as a replacement for the mouse is a cool function.

5. Apple iPad Pro

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The compatibility levels of mac with Apple iPad Pro is the best match you can find in the current market.

And because of this reason, if we talk about the best drawing tablets without this tablet will feel incomplete list.

It is available with 10.5″ and 12.9″ displays. The 12.9 “screen is a little bigger than an A4 sheet paper, and yet the thickness of this device is just 6.9mm.


It matches the professional level drawing even it is not a professional drawing tablet.

The control level of this tablet is exceptional; it offers the control right down to the last pixel available.

The pressure sensitivity of this tablet is excellent and hence allows you to draw lines by tilting the nib.

There is no need to discuss the seamless work with the mac because iPad Pro is also an Apple product.

The latency is below 20ms, and because of this, you will never find any lag. It is astonishingly smooth and quick to draw with.

It comes with an Apple Pencil. It is rechargeable and has excellent battery life.


Compared with the other drawing tablets, it will not provide excellent pressure sensitivity.

You choose the 10.5 inches Apple iPad pro it seems small for drawing on. The 12.9 inches’ screen makes it a little tricky while porting the device.

The display of this tablet doesn’t feel like a natural drawing. It is not cheap, but it can be compensated with the brand value of Apple.

If you choose 12.9 inches’ version tablet, it feels heavier than the other tablets.

These are the best tablets available in the market until May 2024. We have provided from the cheapest tablet to the most advanced ones.

We hope this guide will help you to choose the best tablet for your drawing.

Buying Guide on Drawing Tab for Macs

Working Together Photo

You must see the below provided things before choosing the best tablet as per your preference.


The quality of the tablets can be measured with the pressure sensitivity.

The higher the sensitivity, the better it is. The best table in the current market is providing the pressure sensitivity of up to 8192, which is excellent.

It gives the best and full control.


The size of the tablet is also essential. The bigger tablet provides a better and bright display and also comes with additional features such as extra keyboard shortcuts to work smoothly.


If you are looking for buying the tablet for drawing purposes, it is better to spend some extra dollars rather than buying for a low price and replacing later.

Because of drawing precision, you need a tablet that has more features.


Connecting to your tablets with other devices is also essential.

Certain tablets work only with the USB cable, and some of them provide two-way connectivity through Bluetooth and also via USB.

The USB connectivity offers a good connection, but while drawing, it may become a hindrance.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Top graphics tablets will provide the more keyboard shortcuts to perform the work quickly. So, look for those tablets that offer the right amount of keyboard shortcuts.

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