Best HTML5 Mobile App Frameworks:

Written by on April 7, 2015

Best HTML5 Mobile App Frameworks:

UI and visual impression

In few words, unless you have a good designer this framework will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Think of it as a clean slate, you can do wonders but only basic drawing equipment is available to you … still you can do miracles with it. offers a basic starter kit but lacks everything remotely related to standard widgets or any other usual visual components. Some “widgets” are available: NavigationBar and TabBar, you will need to create everything else from the scratch. I hope this will change before leave a beta status.

If you need a little encouragement take a look at this demo UI examples:

I will try to update this section after every major update, hopefully, things will change soon.

Availability, ease of use

This framework is not for everyday use, I’m sorry because of that but that’s how it is. When you download a starter kit you will find a structure of files and folders, and a few examples (each of them using Angular). You will need to spend some time digging through these examples so you can get a basic feeling of what to expect and how framework behaves. Previous knowledge of Angular will help you a lot, but this will be a mission impossible without official documentation.

Though useful for basic concepts, official documentation is one of the worst I ever so. I don’t find it lacking information, I find it lacking meaningful order. First several minutes/hours you will find yourself dazed and confused, frantically clicking through different examples trying to found out how to use anything in a meaningful way.

Documentation is separated into 4 non-connected segments: Docs, University, Angular Integration and Guides. I don’t know if that was made intentionaly but none of these links will teach you how to create a simple (or any other) application from the scratch. My advice, stick to starter kit and advance your knowledge through the University, that’s the content closest to usable examples. Everything else can be a reference.

Final thoughts

I’m trying to like this framework but, it’s making it very hard. Learning curve is very steep, documentation is below an average level and everything feels unpolished.

I will revisit it in a few weeks, hope something will change for the better.

Update: I wonder whose smart idea was to give this framework name, filtering Google results is a pain in the neck.

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  1. On the Availability,ease of use section. I feel like I just read the text from the bottom of my heart that try to tell me when I’m trying to learn this framework for about 1 mouth and just say good bye to my summer time.

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