In a short amount of time, Ionic framework de facto became a new mobile application framework standard. Ionic makes it easy to build and maintain beautiful and interactive hybrid mobile applications using HTML5 and AngularJS. But what if we want to create something new, entirely different then default Ionic UI look and feel?
By default, Ionic provides you with a precompiled CSS file found in the project’s “www/lib/ionic/css” directory, which should be initialized in the app root index.html file. If you want to go beyond this look, you can customize everything using SASS, which will empower your control over Ionic CSS features. This topic is already covered in the official forum, and there’s no need for repeating everything here.
However, if you need that exclusive look and don’t have time/knowledge to create and maintain SASS files you can always use prebuilt 3rd party themes/templates.
A main point of this article is to show you best-looking Ionic framework themes, saving your precious time in the process. Please leave me a comment below if you know a theme not covered here.

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PS. If you want my help, if possible (even if it takes you some time to do that), create a working example I can play with. Use Plunker for AngularJS based questions or jsFiddle for jQuery/jQuery Mobile based questions.



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  • Price: Free
  • Requirements: IonicFramework 1.0
  • Developer: Zachsoft
Official Site GitHub Download
Ionic Material is gorgeous material design based extension, as such it’s much more than a simple SASS theme. It comes with custom directives that will seamlessly integrate into existing framework. Even better, it fully customizable. It will sit atop a basic framework and will not interfere with core behavior.
If you want to make your application sexy, then this is a theme for you. Simply unlock the beauty, motion and depth of Google’s new official design.
This theme features hardware-accelerated CSS, ink effects interactions, Ionic classes extensions, directive integration, and it’s fully customizable.
  • Price: Premium (commercial)
  • Requirements: IonicFramework RC1
  • Developer: Audacitus
Get it here
Rubyonic is a not a theme on its own; it’s a collection of templates built to enhance look and feel of your Ionic application with minimal effort. While this current solution will provide you with everything you need, you can also expect a full-blown theme, soon.
Seven templates are provided, namely: Login, Home/News Feed, Friends/Chat List, Single Conversation, Profile, Single Post, Left, and Right Sidebar. They are fully customizable providing you with a theme .sass file that controls the general color scheme for all screens.
  • Price: Premium (commercial)
  • Requirements: IonicFramework 1.0
  • Developer: Audacitus
Get it here Live Demo - Android app
The Gemionic is a second template pack made by the Audacitus (a first one is Rubyonic). It will provide you with 16 already fleshed out and styled templates that you can immediately use in your Ionic Framework based applications.
It was built on top of Ionic’s Starter Sidemenu app example making it a tried and tested solution. It is inspired by Tethr, another UI Kit from Invision.
  • Price: Free (still under development)
  • Requirements: IonicFramework 1.0
  • Developer: delta98
Demo GitHub
This theme is still under development, but it’s already looking promising.
Unlike previously mentioned Ionic Material, this add-on will be a pure theme (not a template). This way you can just add it to your project and it will restyle your whole application.
  • Price: Premium (commercial)
  • Requirements: IonicFramework 1.0
  • Developer: Audacitus
  • Ionic.IO App Preview ID: b2eedb1a
Get it here Live Preview
This theme is a beautiful Tinder inspired starter application for Ionic 1.0. Packed with SASS, card-swipe functionality, API Ajax loading, and a superb design, Use Tinderonic to fast track your tinder-like app development and save time.
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  • Thanks for this uselful resource.

    • You’re welcome, I will add more resources as they became available.

      • Sampath Sam

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  • Nishanth Kabra

    Hi, I really liked the ionic material design. However am facing issues in integrating that with my ionic app. Is there anyone who already did it?

    • My advice, come and see us at official Ionic forum. There you’ll find a topic dedicated to this theme, feel free to ask if someone can give you advice (or more).

  • 文壮 刘

    Hi, I have integrated Material Design with my blank ionic app, but it performed not smoothly on my android5.1, any devices?

    • Not smoothly how? Something particular or is it performing poorly all around?

      • 文壮 刘

        Oh, it’s animations. The animations perform not very well.

      • 文壮 刘

        It’s animations. The animations perform not well.

  • David


  • Good list! My personal favorite is the wordpress theme, love the simplistic design!

    • Thank you, though I will update it in next 24 hours.

      • Zdravo Dragane. Will have a look when its updated.

  • Great stuff – just what I needed, thank you.

  • The one of the top, is free. On the top of that, its best out of all.

  • burn

    Hi. A good list of very good looking themes. But as far as I can see, they are all v1 based.
    Does someone know some for v2, they’re hard to find …
    Thx in advance

    • Currently none what so ever. Though come here from time to time, I post an article as soon as I find one.