Best Page Turners for Sheet Music

It can get really frustrating to slide through 100s of pages on a tablet when you are performing live on stage or are in a recording session.

A bluetooth remote page turner is a necessity for musicians of today, especially ones using sheet music.

That is why we are here to highlight the best blue Bluetooth page turners for your iPads.

Hence we put forth a guide on the best page turners for sheet music.

Best Bluetooth Page Turners for Tablet for Sheet Music

Now let’s look at the top 5 Bluetooth Page Turners of 2023

1) Coda Music Technologies STOMP Bluetooth Page Turner & Controller

Best Page Turners For Sheet Music

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Known to be the most reliable and robust pedal of 2023. It makes a musician’s life easy whether they prefer using charts, digital sets, lyrics sheets or metronomes. The super responsive STOMP can scroll through pages or begin a metronome or trigger backing tracks with just a single tap on the pedal. And in case, you require to deliver a seamless presentation, you can trust STOMP to change slides on power point as your present.

STOMP is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows Bluetooth 4.0 device making it preferred for a wide variety of smart devices. While most pedals are made out of average plastic, STOMP is made if 100% solid metal that makes it rugged and durable. You can not worry about STOMPING too hard because this pedal can even survive being run over a truck according to the CODA website.

It comes with a long lasting, 9V battery that will give you a good run time of 150 hours on a single charge without having to recharge it too frequently. And the 9VDC power charges your smart devices when connected so that your performance won’t be marred by petty battery issues. STOMP features 4 different modes, the repeat mode lets you slide through a set list or a lengthy song. And the great thing about STOMP is that it has a 50+ foot range, it can be configured using select apps to enable control of multiple smart devices together in order for a whole band to play music together using one-page turner.


  • Heavy duty body
  • Great power and battery life
  • 50+ foot range enables multiple devices to be controlled
  • Virtual keyboard for note taking


  • Restricted to Bluetooth 4.0 only
  • Pricey
  • A screw driver is required to change battery
STOMP Bluetooth Page Turner & App Controller - Foot Switch Pedal Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 Ipad, Android, Kindle Fire, Mac and Windows Devices by Coda Music Technologies (Made in USA)
  • Solid as a rock: The STOMP Page Turner is made with a solid metal enclosure and built for the gigging musician, in fact, we road-tested it by running it over with a truck! The reliable companion for hard-working musicians.
  • Versatile and compatible: Our foot switch pedal is compatible with Ipad, IOS, Android tablets, and most devices with Bluetooth 4.0. Left/Right foot switches turn pages left or right, or scroll up and down seamlessly. Use your favorite app for customized control. Works great with forScore, Nkoda, Mobilesheets, Onsong, Planning Center Music Stand, and more!
  • Extended range and multiple devices: With 50+ feet, the STOMP foot pedal can be configured within select apps to control multiple devices at once and turn the whole band’s page together!
  • 150-Hour battery life: One of the longest in the market using a single 9V battery, or you can use a 9V DC power supply for nonstop music (Not included). You can also use the attached USB terminal to keep your phone or tablet fully charged when using the power supply.
  • Designed and built in the USA: We are proud to say that our products have been thoroughly developed by us, with our clients and our own needs in mind as musicians. Our products are backed by our hassle-free guarantee, your satisfaction is our priority.

2) PageFlip Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal – PFBUTTERFLY-01

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Butterfly falls under the leading Bluetooth page turners of today. It is a page turner that is used by professionals and amateurs both. Working well with both iOS and android tablets and PCs. The silent pedal mechanism is one of its highlights that enables smooth & silent transition from sheet to sheet unlike other pedals in the market.

It comes with a 30-minute time-out period and goes offline into a sleep mode after 30 minutes of no use. Though its quite responsive to pedal press despite not being used for a few minutes. The body is durable and rugged, with hard exterior plastic and grip pedals makes it all the more tough while easy to use. Known to work with hundreds of apps for sheet music, it can be coupled with various programs that make use of keyboard strokes for input. Though it works on a pair of AA batteries it can run for over 200 hours or 200,000 page turns in a single use. Its easy on the pocket and has a year long warranty. The pedal has the capability to work as a keyboard too and with the right selection of mode you can slide the page up & down using the pedal.


  • Silent Pedals
  • 3 different modes
  • Dual pedals with extra grip
  • Can operate almost a year in just a pair of AA batteries
  • Durable body


  • Pedals are small
PageFlip Butterfly Bluetooth Page Turner Pedal
  • Leading page turner pedal used by pros and amateurs alike
  • Allows hands-free reading on iPads, Android tablets, and all computers
  • Rugged construction, 30-minute timeout period, and silent pedal mechanism
  • Works with keyboard-compatible iPad and Android apps. Compatible iPad apps include ForScore, OnSong, and Newzik. Try with Mobilesheets on Android.
  • Operates nearly a year on just two AA batteries

3) Donner Bluetooth Tablet Page Turner – EC974

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Supremely easy to pair with any smart device ranging from Mac, iPad, or Android. It works very easily with sheet music & reading apps like DD GigBook, OnSong, NextPage and Score. Like STOMP this also has a 30-foot wireless range to connect wirelessly to an entire band and the pedal can be synced to change sheets for all musicians in the band.

A single charge can give over 50 hours of page turning. Coming in a variety of 3 colors gives musicians a choice to choose from gold, silver or black. The design is retro looking with two rectangular pedals that are separated by a control panel in between that has push buttons. Adding to the retro feel are the flashing LED indicator lights making use in a dark auditorium comfortable. The arched shape of the pedal means that it gives a stable footing on flat surfaces. Plus, the pedal comes with 5 unique modes that work well with most apps and software.

If you are a beginner musician and looking for a pocket friendly pedal, this is just the one for that has an impressive range of features in a budget.


  • Economical
  • Rechargeable battery with a good single charge run
  • 30+ foot wireless Bluetooth range
  • 5 page turning modes
  • Compatible with iOS and android both
  • Rubber grips


  • Responsiveness is not that great
  • Shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity
Donner Wireless Page Turner Pedal for Tablets Phone Foot Pedal Rechargeable,Black
  • 【One for All】Adapt to multiple platforms, phone,tablet, Android tablets, Mac, PC and more
  • 【Play more freely】Free your hands and make playing more free
  • 【Multiple functions】Not only taking control of music reading and music score,but also control of scrolling lyrics or media control, and more.
  • 【Long battery life】50+ hours on a single charge using the built in, rechargeable battery and included USB charging Cable
  • 【Long connection distance】Up to 30 feet away wireless connection range

4) AirTurn QUAD Page Turner with 4 Pedals

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Just as the name suggests, it is a 4-pedal page turner that is most ideal for musicians who prefer to eliminate background noise during music sessions, concerts, recording sessions etc. Like all above discussed, this also allows you to trigger pulsing metronomes, switch between tracks and control special effects, move around the setlist and a lot more.

It comes with a four-pedal silencing backing, AirTurn’s Bluetooth transceiver that also acts as remote when disconnected. Along with is a USB charging cable, however, the long-lasting lithium-ion battery will be giving an endless 150 hours of page turning per single charge so you won’t be needing that usb charger much.

Made out of polycarbonate plastic, the pedals are extremely long lasting. And it works equally well with iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac or PC. It’s got 7 modes that work with most apps and can be assigned custom keystrokes and shortcuts. For instant connectivity, you can save up to 8 devices on the pedals. And you can assign each pedal a function that you may like, like scrolling up & down or moving right to left. However, given its number of features offered, it is a bit on the pricier end but rightly so.


  • Non-slip pedals
  • Compatible with most smart devices
  • Bluetooth transceiver can also be used as a remote
  • Multi-pedals can be assigned different configurations


  • Pricey
  • Some musicians may find it intimidating to use four pedals

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5) IK Multimedia Wireless Page Turner – IPIRIGBTURN

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Last but not the least on our list, the IK Multimedia IPIRIGBTURN is the easiest to use pedal that comes with a very hi-tech look thanks to the backlit light. Given its compatibility with iOS and android it can work with a setlist, sheet music, reading books or presenting on a PowerPoint.

 The presence of two backlit buttons is for turning pages, sliding through scrolls and many more movements that the Bluetooth supports. The responsiveness of the pads is such that a slight finger press can even do instead of a complete foot press. The buttons are not just super responsive but also noise-free.

Despite most battery-operated page turners not having a good life, the iRig page turner is quite energy efficient with two AAA batteries that give you easily 36 to 40 hours of page turning. The highlight of this pedal is its compactness making it very easy to carry around in your bag pack.


  • Three different modes
  • Works quite well for a battery-operated pedal
  • Good compatibility 
  • LED- backlit foot pedals


  • Connection issues may arise
IK Multimedia iRig BlueTurn wireless page turner, backlit silent foot switches, Bluetooth LE, iPhone iPad Mac, pedal board with 3 mode configurations for sheet music, music stands, keynote controller
  • CONNECT WIRELESSLY: Take control of your music with a Bluetooth MIDI pedalboard that gives you the freedom to jam anywhere. It connects wirelessly to your iPhone or iPad, providing 10 m/ 32.8' of range.
  • 2 BACKLIT SWITCHES: The blueboard wireless floor controller offers two backlit assignable foot switches that enable you to turn the pages or scroll sheets over Bluetooth LE.
  • PORTABLE PERFORMANCE TOOL: This page turner pedal sends HID messages wirelessly so that you can control your digital songbook or apps like AmpliTube without reaching for your device.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: This Bluetooth page turner is an smart choice when you are busy playing guitar or keyboards. Built for a wide variety of apps and software, you can use it to turn digital pages over your tablet or smartphone.
  • 3 MODE CONFIGURATIONS: Easily turn pages with 3 different mode configurations like Arrow up/down, Page up/down or Arrow left/right.

First let us walk you through a buying guide in order for you to make an educated decision and buy a page turner that you will be satisfied with. You can pair these page turners with any smart device and simply focus on performing on the stage creating magic with your music.

Buying Guide

What is it that you should ideally be looking for when looking around for a Bluetooth page turner for your tab?

You can evaluate your purchase decision based on seven characteristic of the page turner:

  1. Pedals – the effectiveness of the pedals, the price range in which a decent working pedal falls etc.
  2. Bluetooth – whether the page turner has a Bluetooth 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0 connection or not is the most important point for you to comfortably (wirelessly) turn pages.  Most new page turners will not pair with an older Bluetooth smart device.
  3. Compatibility – what kind of smart devices, tabs or phones is the page turner compatible with, not all page turners are compatible with iPads and not all are compatible with android tabs.
  4. Responsiveness – how responsive is the page turner, if there is any time lag due to responsiveness it can really mar your performance.
  5. Power – depending upon the battery or power that is required to run the page turner, it could be battery operated or has a rechargeable battery, also what kind of battery life are we look at it.
  6. Modes – how many modes does it operate at and whether these suits your requirement and can give you what you want the page turner to be doing.
  7. Look – finally how is the page turner in looks, some give preference to sleek designs while others prioritize functioning rather than looks. Also, the weight of the page turner also breaks or makes a decision depending whether you are on the go and want to keep it light.


With thorough speculation and personal use, the list of the top 5 pedals of 2023 was decided. However, if price is not the criteria to be judged upon, CODA Music’s STOMP is definitely the best of all given its greatest 50-foot Bluetooth range, 150 hours of page turning and a very hard-wearing metal body.

While all are a favorite on the list, PageFlip’s Butterfly is the second most preferred pedal on the list. Mainly because it also is quite sturdy and has holistic offerings being completely ideal for someone wanting everything in budget.

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