Best Stylus for iPad Mini Reviewed

Whether you’re drawing or taking notes, purchasing a reliable and efficient stylus for yourself is still an important factor not only because of its fancy and stylish design but of the impressive results it delivers.

So what’s the best stylus for iPad Mini & Pro?

The impressive pressure, tilt, and rotation detection make these styluses widely accepted among professional artists using iPads.

The features and over-justified price of this fancy stylus will make you question yourself “Why would I want to use something instead” and if you’re seeking to buy one, here we will review some of the best choices for iPad Pro compatible styluses.

Buying Guide of Stylus for iPad Mini


Many people might say that the price could give them up, but the considerably cheaper rivals do not contribute as much as the Apple Stylus would. Users share that the performance fully justifies the price and they’ve never regretted investing that amount of money in a stylus.


Another main factor that you should know of is the stylus’s compatibility. Keep in mind that the stylus works with certain iPad and sadly they couldn’t be connected with an iPhone. Although it’s not as bad as it sounds, because in order to work at your full potential you might prefer something with a bigger screen like the iPad’s.


You might be amazed, but your Stylus could also be recharged by inserting it into your iPad, just in case you lost your lightning adapter. It may sound rather inelegant, but losing adapters often occurs.

Art & Design Needs

No matter if it’s used by professional artists where the smallest difference could make problems or used for daily projects and nothing engaging, the iPad Pro Styluses will offer you a variety of features that will definitely suit your taste and because of that, we listed some of the best choices on the market that you could benefit from.

4 Best Stylus for iPad Mini & Pro

1 – Wacom Bamboo Ink

Best Stylus For Ipad Mini

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As a reliable stylus alternative for the iPad, the Wacom Bamboo Ink could definitely take place. The very sensitive and accurate product will absolutely contribute to the finesse of your drawing sessions and be as suitable as the price is. Although it’s hard to find, the wide compatibility of this stylus is what really makes it widely preferred by artists and the people that just seek improvement in their work. Not only could it be used with any model of iPad but can also be connected with iPhone 6 and onwards.

Keep in mind that even it’s widely compatible connectivity, you wouldn’t benefit from certain apps such as Adobe Ink and Procreate which aren’t compatible with iPad Pros. The replaceable soft firm tips and the customizable buttons on the side of the stylus could convince you even furthermore on purchasing this fascinating pen for your duties. Keep in mind that it is recharged via USB and not a Lightning Port which makes the average recharge time around 16 hours. Perfectly comfortable and suitable for sketching and drawing and definitely worth tracking down.

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2 – Logitech Crayon

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A great plus of the Logitech Crayon that distinguishes it from the majority is the Apple’s approval of this stylus. The great battery presented in this product could definitely contribute to your work sessions as with a 2-minute quick recharge you could work up to 30 minutes if used sparingly. Its original purpose once was an educational one but as time passed the users thought it could be also beneficial in non-educational ones. The single lack of this fancy stylus is the lack of pressure sensing but Crayon as a compensation used the tilt detection to adjust the thickness of the line upon drawing. Definitely listing as a strong contender if you aren’t looking for pressure sensing.

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3 – AWAVO Stylus Pencil

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The affordable price of this stylus is what makes it preferred over the majority of users that aren’t seeking a professional stylus choice. Its excellent battery endurance which stares up to 24 hours with a single charge is one of the reasons to buy this product. Keep in mind that this stylus doesn’t use a Bluetooth connection and without power, your iPad won’t be able to recognise it upon connecting. The wide compatibility with iPads 3rd-gen up to 6th-gen is also a great feature of this budget-friendly stylus. Even though it covers most of the requirements either it is for drawing or writing, as soon as you start drawing you will immediately notice the missing pressure sensitivity which makes it more suitable for scribbling than serious artworks.

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4 – Adonit Dash 3

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Surprisingly good for the pointed money, the Adonit Jot Pro 3 could be your best choice if you’re looking both for an affordable and reliable stylus. The etched aluminium body of this pen makes it both stylish and drop-proof and although it isn’t pressure-sensitive, it’s still a perfect choice for casual drawing and writing. Available in four active colours this pen could not only amaze you with performance but with magnificent colours coming at an approachable price.

You could find a little plastic nib that surrounds the nip a little flimsy and uncomfortable but that doesn’t interrupt your work in any way as it is just the structure of the stylus. The amazing compatibility of the pen that works almost with every touch screen and the no battery to charge as well as the no pairing could convince you of buying this fancy stylus. This pen could definitely contribute to your working sessions on your iPad Pro as there are no limits to when you have to interrupt your sessions in order to charge.

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There are a variety of suitable styluses to choose from for your iPad and we have listed some of the most approachable and budget-friendly as we’ve also included styluses rich in features and wide options for you to benefit from.


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