Best Stylus for ProCreate Reviewed

The field of digital art has seen a lot of progress and technological development. Among this is the software known as ProCreate, a popular raster graphics editor app.

For aspiring artists and illustrators, this can be a very crucial app for enhancing their work quality.

Hence we have un-earthed some of the Best Stylus for ProCreate to help you with your creative needs.

For those who might be wondering what is ProCreate? Let’s have a brief discourse.

What is ProCreate? 

It is renowned for sketching, painting, and illustration purposes designed exclusively for iPad, similar to Zbrush.

It appears to be as natural as drawing or illustrating on paper using a stylus, which has made it so popular among its users.

It offers more than 128 brushes, each with over 50 customizable settings, incredible filters, advanced layer blending, over 100 undo and redo strokes, autosave, 4k resolution export of videos, and so many other features.

This essentially allows for creating a natural environment of physical drawing, while making use of the advanced digital features available.

Salient Benefits

There are several advantages of using ProCreate to draw using Mac OS only. These include:

  • Flexible organization of content, similar to the format used in Adobe Photoshop
  • Hand gestures that enable zooming in or out for your work
  • Importing files from different devices
  • High-quality composition and layer adjustment
  • Increased productivity due to the fast processing speeds
  • Convenient integration with existing workflows

FAQs on Stylus Compatible with Procreate Pocket

What stylus works best with procreate?

The Apple Pencil, because its tip is much longer and skinnier than the stylus tips of most other styluses.

The Apple Pencil comes in a variety of sizes and weights and the device can detect which size works best for you and which pressure points are comfortable.

Is there a cheaper alternative to the Apple pencil?

The Apple Pencil is currently the only stylus that’s compatible with the iPad Pro.

If you don’t have an iPad Pro, then you might want to go with any of these other styluses:
For iPhone and iPads:
– The Adonit Jot Touch Creative Stylus
– The Adonit Jot Touch 4 Stylus For Android
– The Adobe Ink & Slide Creative Stylus for Android

What is the best alternative for the Apple pencil?

The Adonit Jot Pro 4 Stylus for iPad. This stylus is a great choice if you want to make your hand strokes feel more natural or if you’re looking for a sensitive touch.

Do you need an Apple pen to use procreate?

A stylus of any kind is not required to use Procreate, but it does offer a more realistic and tactile experience for professional artists.

Comparison of Stylus for ProCreate

TOP PICKApple Pencil Apple Pencil
  • Nib Type: Fine Point
  • Use Examples: Precise Sketching & scribbling
  • Shortcut Buttons: Yes
  • Power: Rechargeable
Wacom Cs610Pk Bamboo Sketch, Cs-610Pk (Fine Tip Stylus By, Natural Sketching On Ipad And Iphone) Wacom Bamboo Sketch
  • Nib Type: Replaceable Fine Tip
  • Use Examples: Intense note-taking & doodling
  • Shortcut Buttons: Yes
  • Power: Rechargeable
Adonit Dash 3 (Silver) - Capacitive Fine Point Stylus Pencil For Ipad, Ipad Pro, Iphone, Android Adonit Dash 3
  • Nib Type: Fine Point
  • Use Examples: Excellent for webcomics
  • Shortcut Buttons: No
  • Power: Rechargeable
Hahakee Ipad Stylus Pen,Rechargeable High Precision Capacitive Stylus For Ipad Series HAHAKEE
  • Nib Type: Oblique
  • Use Examples: Great for touch screen devices
  • Shortcut Buttons: No
  • Power: Rechargeable
Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil For Ipad Pro 12.9-Inch (3Rd &Amp; 4Th Gen), Ipad Pro 11-Inch Logitech Crayon
  • Nib Type: Fine Point
  • Use Examples: Great for writing & drawing
  • Shortcut Buttons: Yes
  • Power: Need Batteries

List of the Best Stylus for ProCreate in 2024

1. Apple PencilBest Stylus for ProCreate Pocket (iPhone)

2. Wacom Bamboo SketchIdeal Pressure Sensitive Stylus for ProCreate

3. Adonit Dash 3Best Apple Pen for ProCreate

4. HahakeeEssential iPad Stylus for ProCreate

5. Logitech CrayonAffordable Option

5 Best Stylus for ProCreate

1. Apple Pencil – Best Stylus for ProCreate Pocket (iPhone)

Best Stylus For Procreate

Of course, by far, the best stylus for using Procreate is the Apple Pencil. Because of an interface designed by Apple itself, this stylus feels the most natural on iPads and gives the best Procreate experience.

It is comfortable to hold and use at just 20.7 g of weight and a reasonable length of 175.7 mm.

Unlike other styluses, Apple has ensured adequate palm-rejection technology and the elimination of any lag that makes you feel disconnected to your content on the screen.

With pressure levels of 4096, this gadget creates the more precise and detailed images on the screen, even when used at the most unusual angles.

It also gives a great battery life of 12 hours, meaning that your work will not be hampered by the lack of charging in your stylus.

The biggest drawback is its compatibility issues. The 2nd gen Apple Pencil (2018) is only compatible with the 3rd gen 12.9 inch iPad Pro and the 11-inch iPad Pro.

Meanwhile, the original Apple Pencil is compatible with the 1st and 2nd gen 12.9 inch iPad Pro, the iPad Pro 10.5 and 9.7 inches, and the 6th gen iPad.

This means that when buying the Apple Pencil, you need to be aware of which version of the iPad you possess.

At $124.99, this is the most expensive option on the stylus. However, if you have the money to spend on a new iPad Pro, surely you can spend slightly more and get yourself this fantastic gadget.

2. Wacom Bamboo Sketch – Ideal Pressure Sensitive Stylus for ProCreate

71Dgsmw4Stl. Ac Sl1500

With its excellent reputation in the field of drawing tablets, Wacom also has provided us with a more than a decent option in terms of styluses for Procreate.

Wacom Bamboo Sketch pen features an ergonomic triangular design that gives it a better grip and a weight of 17 g and a length 142.2 mm. It is both lighter and smaller than the Apple Pencil.

Speaking of its comparison with the Apple Pencil, this stylus allows you to use Procreate even on iPad Air and iPad mini, unlike the limited compatibility of the Apple Pencil.

The Wacom Bamboo Sketch also features a fine tip and pressure-sensitive nib, making the experience of using Procreate more natural.

It also has svelte dimensions and a great battery life that gives up to 16 hours of continuous work.

Priced at $79.99, it costs significantly less and has the added advantage of being compatible with other Wacom drawing tablets, in case you decide to buy one.

3. Adonit Dash 3

518Nxkm9P6L. Ac Sl1200

This one of the most affordable styluses on the list. It is not the fanciest of styluses out there but does its primary job of allowing you to make use of the Procreate.

Adonit Dash 3 is definitely a lot more convenient to use, with a weight of 12g and a length of 141 mm.

It also gives a solid battery life of up to 14 hours, which is more than how long the Apple Pencil can last.

However, this stylus certainly lacks a lot of features present in the aforementioned pens.

The most significant one of these is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity, which means you cannot make use of the palm rejection tech.

If you want to use Procreate for basic content, the Adonit Dash 3 might suffice.

To utilize the most advanced features, however, you might want to look elsewhere on this list.

4. Hahakee – Essential iPad Stylus for ProCreate

51Oa01Z1Jil. Ac Sl1100 1

The Hahakee Pen is another budget-friendly option on this list that costs a mere $31.49, a stark contrast to the Apple Pencil price.

Despite its low cost, however, its aluminum body and sleek design give it a look of a premium product.

The Hahakee stylus also provides an unrivaled battery life of up to 40 hours, meaning that you will never have to worry about charging your stylus midway through your projects.

It also has a fine tip that allows for more precision when using Procreate, and the extra nibs included in the box make it a lot more durable.

Its limited connectivity means that just like the Adonit Dash 3 mentioned above, advanced tools like palm rejection cannot be used.

However, this tool is of great value for money and allows you to accomplish the necessary tasks a beginner wants.

5. Logitech Crayon

71Fay 1Mwxl. Ac Sl1500 1

Designed initially for students and educators, the Logitech Crayon was made later made accessible to everyone, providing us with another credible option to include on this list.

Starting at $69.99, this is a cheaper option without compromising on many of the advanced features.

These include the functionality of palm rejection, tilt support, adjustable line thickness, and instant wireless connectivity.

However, there is no pressure sensitivity. It has decent specs, and it is also convenient to use, coming in at a weight of 18.1g and a size of 163mm.

On the spectrum of the Apple Pencil and the Hahakee iPad Stylus, the Logitech Crayon can be claimed to be a perfect compromise between price and features.

ProCreate Stylus – Buying Guide

We have provided you with a list of options in terms of styluses to choose from for using Procreate.

However, it is important to note that price should not be your primary means-of-choice, especially when looking to make the optimal usage of Procreate.

Several features and supported settings have to be present in your preferred stylus to make the most out of your Procreate experience.

These include:

  • Palm Rejection
  • Pressure Sensitivity
  • Tilt
  • Flow
  • Accumulation
  • Azimuth

Now that we are talking about the essential features, it is important that we also highlight the limitations of Procreate.

Firstly, Procreate is limited to iOS users only, meaning that the Windows or other users have to settle for alternatives like the Autodesk Sketchbook, Zbrush etc.

It is also limited in terms of its ability to render and edit text and vector graphics.

Finally, this is not a free app, meaning you have to pay $9.99 before using it. Once you buy it, though, there are no in-app purchases.

Procreate Pocket

Want to use the tools present in Procreate, but do not have an iPad? Do not worry, Savage released the updated Procreate Pocket 2.0 in 2024, exclusively for iPhone users.

This power-packed application features most of the tools present in the standard app, with the added advantage of being able to use Procreate easily on-the-go with your iPhone.


Despite several alternatives available in the market, if you can afford the Apple Pencil, it is, without doubt, the best stylus for using Procreate, simply because of the multitude of features on offer.

If not for the Apple Pencil, you can look at the critical features we have listed and make a choice based on our following recommendations:

Best High-End Stylus: Apple Pencil

Best Mid-Range Stylus: Logitech Crayon

Best Budget-Friendly Stylus: Hahakee iPad Stylus

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