Best Tablet for ABC Mouse

ABCmouse, thankfully, is an online learning program that you can trust completely.

Teaching children through puzzles, games, and stories, ABCmouse is one of the most popular websites out there for young children.

By using a tablet, your child will be able to get the most of this website, especially if they are very young, as they won’t need to manoeuvre a mouse constantly and can instead complete their tasks simply with their fingers.

So let us making the decision of buying the best tablet for ABC Mouse a little easier.

To help you decide, we have compiled a short list of some of the best tablets you can buy for your child so that they can access ABCmouse (or any other online learning program that you feel is suitable for them).

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Before we begin with our list, however, we will talk about some of the things you should keep an eye out for when looking for the ideal tablet for your young one.

Comparison of Tablets for ABC Mouse

TOP PICKApple Ipad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64Gb) - Gold Apple iPad Air
  • Screen Size: 10.9 Inch
  • Processor: A12Z Bionic chip with Neural Engine
  • Battery Time: 8 hours
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 32 Gb Wifi Tablet (Black) - Sm-T380Nzkexar Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
  • Screen Size: 10.5 Inch
  • Processor: Octa-Core
  • Battery Time: 6 hours
Fire 7 Tablet, 7 Display, 16 Gb, Latest Model Black Amazon Fire Tab 7
  • Screen Size: 10.3 Inch
  • Processor: Octa-Core
  • Battery Time: 6 hours
Fusion5 104Bv2 Pro Android Tablet Pc - (Android 9.0 Pie, 2Gb Ram, 32Gb Storage, Bluetooth, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Hdmi, Hd Ips Screen, Gps, Fm, 5Mp And 2Mp Cameras) Fusion5
  • Screen Size: 10 Inch
  • Processor: Octa-Core
  • Battery Time: 5 hours
Dragon Touch Max10 Tablet, 1200X1920 Fhd Display, Octa-Core Processor, Android 9.0 Pie, 10 Inch Android Tablets, 32Gb Storage, 5G Wifi, Gps, Metal Body Black DragonTouch Max 10
  • Screen Size: 10.1 Inch
  • Processor: Octa-Core
  • Battery Time: 7 hours

List of the Top Tablets for ABC Mouse in 2024

1 – iPad Mini

2 – Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

3 – Fire Tab 7

4 – Fusion5

5 – Dragon Touch Max 10

3 Best Tablet for ABC Mouse

We will now begin with our list. The short list that we have compiled features tablets that keep all of the above features in mind.

1 – iPad Air Mini

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We start off our short list with the highly popular Apple iPad Air Mini.

Known for its amazing crystal-clear display, the iPad Mini would make an excellent device for your child to access ABCmouse on.

While its display might be a little small for your own liking, it would be the perfect size for your child.

Another impressive feature is the device’s A-12 Bionic Chip that makes sure that the device runs smoothly without any lags or hitches that might hamper your child’s learning.

The device has a storage capacity of 32 GBs as well as 64 GBs, with both options relatively cheaper than most other tablets available in the market of similar specifications.

While it has been criticised of having slightly weak speakers, all of its previously mentioned features make the iPad Mini more than make up for any shortcomings, and makes it the perfect device for your child to use ABCmouse on.

2 – Samsung Tab A8

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Next on our list is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.

The Tab A8 is another tablet with a highly impressive display that would make it a good fit for your child’s learning. With an outstanding 20-hour battery life, you can already guarantee that your child will not have their lessons interrupted due to a loss in battery.

Its 2.0 GHz processor also makes it exceptionally fast. Available in both 8 and 10-inch options, parents can make their own accounts on the tablet if they ever require any use from it.

While the tablet has been criticized of being a little notification heavy which might make it a little complicated for use by children, it features a Kids Pack add-on that contains a shock-resistant case and screen dimmer for your child’s safety. This emphasis on safety makes the Lenovo Tab 4 another great choice for your child for accessing ABCmouse.

3 – Amazon Fire Tab 7

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We round off our short list with the Amazon Fire Tab7.

With Asus known for being a brand that provides users with high-quality and reliable pieces of technology, it is no surprise that the Fire 7 is so highly rated.

Its dazzling display is backed by its impressive image processing technology which allows it to produce incredible visuals. Its Bluelight Filter prevent any strain on your child’s eyes.

It is incredibly sensitive in terms of touch, and very easy to log in to, making it easy enough for your child to access ABCmouse without requiring your assistance.

Its ZenMotion shortcuts are also incredibly efficient. While it has been criticised for not being able to maintain a stable connection to Wi-Fi at times, this is very rare, and the Asus ZenPad should prove to be an excellent learning companion for your child.

What should I look out for when buying a tablet for my child?

While choosing a tablet for yourself is straightforward enough, choosing one for your child is another story altogether. There are different things that you need to prioritise that you would think were an afterthought if you were selecting a tablet for yourself.

The very first thing to consider when choosing a tablet for your child is making sure that is very durable.

Children can be careless, and buying a tablet that can easily break if dropped would be a very bad idea. Instead, look for tablets with reliable protective casings and screens.

Make sure that you have a durable external cover on the tablet as well.

Another thing to make sure of is the battery life. While ABCmouse is a website for learning, its lessons can be very entertaining, so there is a high likelihood that the tablet does not get charged as much as it should.

To prevent it from closing in the middle of your child’s learning, make sure the tablet you buy is able to last up to at least 10 hours.

The final thing to keep in mind when choosing a tablet for your child making sure that it has parental controls.

If the tablet is specifically for your child’s educational purposes, then it should not allow them to download or access other apps that might distract them from their learning.


With our short list concluded, we hope you now have a better idea about what kind of tablet would be best for your child to access ABCmouse on. While all of the options on our list vary from one another in some way, they are all amazing choices for your child. Remember, when choosing a tablet for your child, the criteria is a lot different than what you would look for if you were looking for a tablet for yourself. If you feel that the best option for you isn’t on our list, then do not limit yourself to it. If you’re still not sure about which tablet is best for your child, please feel free to go through our list again and use it as your guide.

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