Best Tablet for Construction Work (Field Jobs, On-site & Outdoor Use)

Of the more robust devices in the modern industry, rugged tablets – which are able to survive large falls, hard taps, temperatures of all kind, dust and water, and are able to help construction workers & professionals in their field jobs.

This piece is all about the Best Tablet for Construction Work, which are rugged, hence suitable for all kinds of on field work.

They have gone through ‘stress tests’ which have made them resistant to the harshest of conditions, while being used in bright sunlight & outdoor use.

Hence, rugged tablets are the best fit for individuals that prefer to work in outdoor environments, or places with extreme conditions.

This is because this technology can simulate (and withstand) an array of functions that the average smartphone, tablet, or even rugged phone cannot.

In terms of expense, though rugged tablets might be a little pricier than the average tablet with regards to their initial expense, that does not encompass how they save a lot of money in the long-term, as they require a negligible amount of maintenance and care – often not needing it at all.

So, to help you with your rugged tablet-related needs, we have put forth the best shock-and-drop proof tablets that are in commercial use already.

Best Tablet for Construction Work & Outdoor Field Sites

1. Getac UX10


best tablet for construction work


Leading the competition is undoubtedly the Getac UX10, made by Getac, known best for their sturdy yet versatile technology.

This device is a rugged tablet that ranks high on personalization, as it can be decently customized to its users’ desires.

There are a number of Intel Core CPUs that can be installed, as well as a wide number of accessories that are tailored to work for a great number of workplace situations.

Hence, the device is extremely flexible. Coupled with the strong high-storage options that are available for this device, along with its pretty decent screen specs – this is definitely a buy that should be high on any potential consumer’s list!

The only drawbacks of this device are that due to its high durability, it can be fairly heavy.

Its battery life is also not the best in the market but is more than decent enough in contrast to its performance.


2. Getac F110 Rugged Tablet



The Getac F110 is one that can surprisingly endure a tremendous amount of punishment before even coming anywhere close to being damaged.

Not only is it robust enough to be able to withstand extreme temperatures, physical force, as well as water and large drops – it does so while not being too heavy or clunky at all.

It is also approved internationally: complying with MIL-STD 810G, MIL-STD-461F and 1P65 standards, which make its specific qualities verifiable and authentic.

Its most recent additions come with an entire line of sixth-generation Intel Core processors, which add a significant amount of power to the mix as well.

An interesting addition to this device is also the dual-battery system, which allows for extreme ease in swapping them out without going through the hassle of pausing in between.

Though there quite a few Getac models in the market, this is among the few whose ‘ruggedness’ has earned it a place in our top spots (as the company also produces laptops of the same kind).


3. Dell Latitude 7220EX 



Dell is a big name in the technology sector, and of their extremely vast portfolio of devices, rugged tablets are right up there with the best.

The Latitude Rugged Extreme series in particular is a stand-out, in our opinion.

The 7220EX is a new addition to the Dell family and has rightfully earned a spot on this list as one of the best devices that Dell has produced.

The processor is extremely up-to-date, and in terms of protection is able to withstand even the largest of drops.

This coupled with its MIL-STD-810G, P65 and IP-810G certifications (which are carried forward from previous renditions) add to its ethos of a water-resistant, shock-proof device.

In terms of the aesthetics, the table could do better. It’s a little clunky-looking and slightly rough around the edges – not to mention a little high on the price range.

However, if a rugged slate that is generally well-rounded and possesses good specs is what you are looking for, look no further than the Dell Latitude 7220EX Rugged Extreme.


4. Lenovo Chromebook Tablet



Most rugged tablets can survive the harshest of conditions, and the deadliest of environments as well as the highest of drops.

However, there are few tablets that can withstand the might of the most destructive entity known to man: children.

The Lenovo 10e Chromebook does exactly that, however. It is a tool specifically designed for children around the globe to learn without barriers and is equipped with several accessories as a part of it to ease the process.

The tablet is structured with a sturdy exterior (which is necessary due to the scads of falls that it will have to endure at the hands of children), with features such as storage, processing power and memory all functioning according to the needs of a child, and hence, there might not be much power for activities such as running a number of windows and heavy gaming, but enough to facilitate a reasonable amount of learning & schoolwork for children.

It now has an add-on of a keyboard that can be bought separately, which will allow the device to turn into a laptop of sorts.


5. Panasonic Toughbook CF-33



A multipurpose, 2-in-1 device – the Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 has the ability to function as both a laptop as well as a tablet, with a keyboard that can easily be appended onto its frame.

As a tablet, the Toughbook is renowned for what its name promises to deliver: a tough, durable piece of hardware that can survive even the most arduous of conditions.

With a MIL-STD-810. MIL-STD-461F, and an IP65 certification, this machine has the ability to withstand liquids, large drops, dust, and very strong shocks.

Perhaps a drawback might be its limited battery life, but its harmful impacts are significantly mitigated given that it has the feature to swap out the battery when extra time is needed.

Furthermore – though they’re not included – adding extra batteries can almost double its run-time from 10 hours all the way up to 20.

The only drawback to this is that it is an added expense, which users will have to take on their own discretion.


6. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2



The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 differs from the other rugged tablets on this list in that its make does not support industrial-grade protection.

This, however, is not too much of a concern, since it still possesses an IP67 certification which authenticates its resistance to external dangers such as water and dust.

Furthermore, its battery is pretty decent, having the power to keep it running between 8 to 10 hours.

One of the interesting features regarding its batteries is that they are replaceable, so work doesn’t necessarily need to be done while the user is glued to a power supply.

It has also survived a drop-test of 1.2 m, making it a reasonably durable choice, nonetheless.

It has Near Field Communication (NFC) as well as an above-average camera, which makes it multi-purpose.

This is topped off by the beautiful make quality that Samsung brings to the table, making it both aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable to use.

The Galaxy Tab Archive 2 brings a lot of improvements from its predecessors, generally faring better in terms of processing power and ability (with regards to having more RAM, a faster CPU, and so forth).


7. Zebra XSlate Android L10



Standing as a one of a kind rugged tablet, the Zebra XSlate Android L10 towers at 10.1 inches and can really take a punch – it is able to endure up to a six-feet drop and is both water and dust resistant.

The L10 is a little bulky and heavy, particularly compared to tablets that are not rugged.

However, this does not take away from the fact that it is still a portable device that can be carried around to workplaces with relative ease.

In terms of aesthetics, the XSlate Android L10 does not disappoint. It has a better display than the tablets that preceded it, which is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 – which adds a greater amount of pixels on the display (hence bettering resolution), while simultaneously equipped with glove/wet technology.

Though in terms of processing power it would probably not outrank its competitors on this list, it is still a fairly good device for those who want to stay within budget, as well as those that want to use their Android devices outside and on-the-fly.

Therefore, this tablet can bring a lot to the table for consumers whose pockets aren’t too deep, and those who simultaneously want a good processing experience overall.

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