Best Tablet for Elderly & Senior Citizens 2024

Known for their compactness and portability tablets are preferred over the laptops and desktops, especially by the elderly who are some times considered “tech-shy”.

Without having to carry a backpack or multiple things the elderly can have an activity to do when they have a tab in their hands.

The Best Tablet for Elderly & Seniors enable them to video call their children and grandchildren.

In addition they can enjoy their favourite shows and videos on Youtube & other streaming platforms.

Senior citizens can also use their tabs to use their social accounts, and in some cases can also be used to keep track of medicines and health goals by their caretakers.

Furthermore, some lively elderly may also use tablets for playing games keeping their brain sharp and active.

All in all the major use of tabs amongst this age group is entertainment and not something that may require heavy processing according to AARP.

But now with innovation and technological advancements, there are multiple brands available in the market and these tablets are now coming in different sizes with different accessories making them usage-specific.

The most important thing to look for when going to buy or upgrade in touch tablet for grandparents, etc. is to look for the best audio and video specifications.

10 Best Tablets for the Elderly & Senior Citizens with AARP

1. ASUS ZenPad

Asus Zenpad

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Asus ZenPad is known for its absolute beaut screen that is known to bring videos and pictures to real life.

It has a 10.1-inch display with ultra-high resolution of 2K and pixel density of ‎1920×1200 Pixels which gives the images a bright rich color and brings activities to life.

The other positive thing to note is that the Asus ZenPad has a Sonic Master 3.0 technology and five-magnet speaker system audio support.

Additionally, being an android tablet makes it far more user-friendly for the elderly.

Another plus point to note with respect to elderly usage is that the ZenPad has a finger-print sensor lock on the front of the tab that makes unlocking the tablet supremely easy.

It’s just a matter of a fraction of seconds now. It’s got 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera making it just right for video recording and capturing memories.

With 10 hours of battery life, the evening walk in the park can now be made with their Asus ZenPad.

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2. Apple iPad Pro

 Apple Ipad Pro

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The fastest, thinnest, lightest slate you have ever laid hands on. It is so fast that you can get anything done with this so well-in-budget tablet.

It is almost unbelievable for the price it comes at. Considering it for the elderly who don’t want to spend much and are low on patience, this tablet will not ask you to spend fortunes nor will it hang or make you wait to load things or open applications. It will be like a breeze.

On our scale of elderly usage, the iPad model makes it to our list of top picks with its three-layer retina display making for a stunningly thin display with intense colors and better contrast.

The front camera of this slate is called the FaceTime HD camera enabling you to experience HD video calling with optimum clarity and giving you a video calling experience as close to conversing face to face.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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Competing well against Apple, this Samsung tablet is lighter than the iPad 2. It’s thinner and lighter in weight than Apple iPad 2 without compromising built quality nor in any way looking any less charismatic than the iPad.

Tab A has a soft touch finish at the back making it comfortable and less slippery to hold; thus being more likable for the elders.

It has a 10.1-inch screen with a PLS panel making it great for viewing at angles and providing great picture quality that is vivid and bright in contrast.

Without compromising on battery or power this tablet comes at an unbelievable price of $178 and is ranked the best android tablet in terms of form.

With decent battery life, great picture quality, super easy on the pocket, and easy to hold without straining the wrists this tablet is ideal for the senior citizens.

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4. Huawei MediaPad M3

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The two essentials to look for in buying a tablet for the elderly are audio and video quality. The MediaPad aces in its audio front.

It has a Harman-Kardon engineered sound system to enhance the entertainment experience landing it just right in the top ten lists of tabs.

It is a powerful machine with a sleek look. Powered by Hi-Silicon Octa-Core chipset this slate doesn’t slow down at cost.

Whether its video calling, movie streaming, playing games, or running other tasks the MediaPad M3 will not wither and is most likely to become a favorite amongst the elderly.

Its built quality is resistant to wear and tear; the metal body makes the tablet less slippery ideal for the elderly to not feel any strain on the wrists while using it.

If the value for money is what you are looking for then you can blindly trust Huawei with its devices.

The MediaPad M3 will provide you with a high range of specifications at a reasonable price.

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5. Zonko k105 Tablet

Zonko K105 Tablet

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The Zonko k105 Tablet is a full-on entertainment house with powerful performance and productivity.

It’s got a 10.1 inch full HD display that exhibits sharp images, vivid colors bringing visuals to life.

1.3 GHz 5×86 Graphics Coprocessor CPU gives an immensely powerful user experience of fast & efficient streaming, surfing, video calling, and multi-tasking without testing the elderly’s tolerance levels.

In addition to all these plus points, the G Pad has got a reader mode that when clicked will reduce the screen’s blue light that causes strain to the eyes.

Making it more likable for the elderly to easily read e-books or surf the net without tiring their eyes.

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6. Fire HD 8

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Amazon’s Fire HD 8 is everyone’s favorite in the family. From children to grandparents everyone will find it useful, convenient, and fun.

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime you can unleash great potential.

With a starting price of $ 100, it’s chunkily built only seems fun to toss in your bag and come in handy for on the go usage.

If shared with the young ones at home the activity center, a new feature, will help keep a close look at your children’s activities.

Only you have to be a little careful that while browsing, streaming, surfing the net you have to ensure nothing is being downloaded as that can hamper the speed.

However, measuring it against our elderly scale usage it seems to rate well with a sharp screen that provides great picture quality and built-in Dolby metal base speakers.

Good audio and video capabilities make the Fire HD 8 one of our top picks for the elderly. With tons of features that the Fire HD 8 has to offer it comes in for nothing but peanuts.

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7. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

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Moving over to a tablet that is not just a tablet but a hybrid too, it comes with a detachable keyboard.

You snap and it’s a tablet for your entertainment usage and plugs the keyboard back in and it’s a laptop to boost your productivity in performing tasks.

So for those elderly who are pro at using devices and get work done too, they can get the Acer Aspire Switch to make the most out of a single device.

For a hybrid, this claims to have an 8-hour battery life which is quite remarkable. The whole snap setup is lighter in weight than MacBook Air.

Stylish design that offers so much at a reasonable price of the best choice amongst hybrid tablets for the grandparents.

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8. Lenovo Smart Tab M10

Lenovo Smart Tab M10

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Despite being an older version amongst the tabs, Lenovo M10 has a lot to offer with its specifications.

It has a good quality camera, great display on a big screen, and a long-lasting battery of 8 hours in a single charge.

This tab has a new app switcher with which you can easily switch between applications or run dual applications like listening to music on Youtube while you surf elsewhere on the internet.

All in all, this tablet is easy to use, and all that is needed for the senior citizens to use.

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9. Apple iPad Mini 

Apple Ipad Mini

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The new iPad mini is faster, better with its A8 chipset. It comes with a 9.7-inch screen and a beautiful retina display that makes reading books, watching movies, making video calls all the more full of depth. The A8 chipset makes for a powerful processor and a super-efficient battery.

With a 5124 mAh battery, this tablet can run for hours.

With respect to the senior person usage, the iPad’s retina allows for an easy pinch and zoom feature to zoom in and out of the screen making it easy to use and easy to see/read.

For the elderly, the iPad Mini 4 is a must-have.

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10. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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The elderly who are not too keen on spending their hard-earned money, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A come at a cheap price of $100.

Small, affordable, and pocket friendly, this new version has rounded edges compared to the previous Galaxy Tab A.

It may feel that the plastic body lacks the durability but its sturdy body is resistive to falls and breaking making it durable.

However, with 3 GB ram, it cannot be expected that gaming or heavy applications can be run easily but browsing, Youtube, watching movies, or video calling this slate easily fulfills the need.

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That rounds up a holistic list of tablets that seniors can buy & use without costing them an arm and a leg and in most choices get a first-class technological experience.

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