Best Tablet for Fortnite Enthusiasts

We tried playing Fortnite on each of the tablets that we examine, and based on that, here are our suggestions:

The craze of PUBG & Fortnite specially is sky-rocketing and people of all ages want to become victorious at the Battle Royale shooter.

While playing on a PlayStation or PC console can be adequate, it isn’t as satisfying as beating your way around heavy traffic early in the morning by playing Fortnite on your tablet.

However, which tablet can maximize your Fortnite playing experience?

So without further ado, let’s delve deep into the list of the Best Tablet for Fortnite gaming.

Best Tablet for Playing Fortnite

1. Apple iPad Pro (12.9 and 11-inch)

Best Tablet For Fortnite

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In the hard-pressed and occupied times, not many can rival the gaming experience provided than the iPad.

iPad Pro is the best there is. It comes in 11 and 12.9 inches, meaning you get plenty of screen to immerse yourself in the game.

Moreover, with this perfect screen size and aspect ratio, you can choose to use it as a handheld console, as well one set up with a stand on the table.

The A12X Bionic chip makes our case even stronger by providing you with incredible speeds to operate at, without lagging even at the top-most settings.

For learning more about the processors for Fortnite generally refer to this on article at PCGearLab.

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2. Apple iPad Air (10.5-inch)

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Sandwiched between the new iPad Pro and the regular iPad, the iPad Air aims to balance performance and price.

In our opinion, it is quite successful in doing so. With its A12 Bionic processor, the gaming experience is still great and nothing too different than the costlier alternative of iPad Pro, even when we tried it at the peak graphics.

The 10.5-inch screen is only marginally smaller than iPad Pro, which is not a bad compromise given the price it is offered at, without taking away anything significant from experience. The biggest drawback when compared to the Pro is only the missing four-speakers setting in the iPad Air.

However, the two speakers it offers are decent enough, and if need be, there always are the good ol’ headphones!

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3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

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There is no question that Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is 2024’s fastest in the Android category, which is pretty clear when Fortnite and other games are played on it.

It is equipped with the finest hardware in the market, which makes it perfect for the game, even at the highest graphics settings.

Moreover, the quad-stereo speakers provide the users with significantly better sound quality than the other alternatives.

It is, in fact, remarkable to see this sound quality in the sleek and slim design of the Galaxy Tab S6.

Yes, we said sleek and slim! It comes in at just 5.7mm of thickness and has a weight of only 420 grams, which is critical when talking about the portability of the device.

The AMOLED display is also unparalleled. In addition, the battery tests we did, proved that what the Galaxy Tab S6 offers is quite simply among the best in the market.

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4. Apple iPad Mini

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Another choice for gaming we present you with is the 2019 iPad Mini.

Equipped with the equivalent A12 Bionic processor, similar to that present in the aforementioned iPad Air, this tablet has no issues in running Fortnite smoothly on the most elevated graphical settings, i.e., the Epic level.

It does have a con, though. The screen size of 7.9 inches, is a lot smaller than the iPad Pro, which decreases the available visible space for gaming.

The reduced size, however, makes the device more comfortable to carry around.

Aside from that, it is for all intents and purposes indistinguishable from the Apple iPad Air, donning a Retina display, which is both anti-reflective as well as laminated.

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 5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

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People with Android devices have constrained choices with regards to Fortnite.

Your alternatives essentially entail the Galaxy Tab S line of Samsung, whose best candidate is the Galaxy Tab S4.

Mainly this is due to the AMOLED display comprising of 10.5 inches, as compared to the S3 version, which only gives 9.7 inches. At 7300 mAH, the battery power of S4 is also unparalleled. This helps in engaging in long and uninterrupted Fortnite sessions.

It is also bundled with a 2.35 GHz Octa-Core processor powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which does an adequate job for your gaming experience, even if it falls behind the specifications of the iPad in this regard.

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6. Apple iPad 7 (2019)

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Even though it is equipped with the equivalent A-10 processor as the model it succeeded, the iPad 7 offers better performance due to its expanded RAM limit of 3 GB, giving a direct increase of 1 GB.

For one, the new model accompanies an expanded RAM limit of 3GB versus 2GB, which is especially helpful in running huge applications, like Fortnite.

Increased RAM ensures that even if you click on other applications to check notifications, coming back on the game will not result in any hampered progress, whatsoever.

Apart from that, the iPad also does not compromise on the performance either, permitting you to play at ‘High’ settings.

This is an incredible value for a gadget that costs approximately $300.

Moreover, it also provides the user with a larger display size of 10.2 inches and general measurements nearer to those of the iPad Air!

The App Store is actually loaded up with games enhanced explicitly for the iPad 7 equipment, in addition to the spacious screen, sufficient to have a good gaming session of Fortnite.

Add to that Apple’s all-encompassing software optimization, and it means that this iPad can keep being your favorite gaming device for the near future.

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7. Apple iPad 6 (2018)

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In the event that you are searching for a cheaper alternative, the discussion of each one of those costlier Apple tablets might not have been pleasant.

However, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered.

Fortunately, even the least expensive iPad version that is still available in the market, the iPad 6 flawlessly executes Fortnite, unlike its Android counterparts.

It still has to be known that the display size is slightly reduced, and neither is it fully protected.

There are also only two speakers as opposed to four present in the iPad Pro, which negatively impacts the sound quality.

Nonetheless, Apple’s A10 Fusion processor doesn’t hold back much on execution, and you can immerse yourself in the Fortnite experience without agonizing over slacks or irregularities.

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8. Galaxy Tab S3

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Immediately after the S4 Tab hit the stores, we saw a sudden reduction in the prices of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, hence providing us with a feasible and cheaper option as compared to the Galaxy Tab S4.

The tablet does not have any noticeable problems In playing Fortnite despite being equipped with the older Snapdragon 820 SoC technology, apart from the rare lag it faces when a lot of programs are loaded together.

However, a downside to the tablet is its less powerful battery of 6000 mAH, meaning it won’t suffice for an extended gaming session.

Although it misses the Dolby Atmos software, as well as a smaller screen size when compared with the newer Galaxy Tab S4, the S3 still stands as a viable choice for gaming, given its value for money.

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9. Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

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With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor, this tablet is the first Samsung gadget to contain these features hence making it well equipped to run a game like Fortnite.

However, due to it being a new addition in the series, there is a lack of coherence between the software and the hardware capabilities, which results in issues at higher graphic settings.

Similar to the S4, the 10.5-inch screen maintains the aspect ratio of 16:9 and also contains the four-speaker array sound system backed by Dolby Atmos.

As we shed light on the features, we can say that S5e is a feasible choice to play Fortnite games, at least casually.

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10. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

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Before we dwell in the Review of Microsoft Surface Pro 7, let us clarify that this device isn’t the best suited for gaming.

It is essentially designed for work purposes and is best known for its portability feature.

However, this doesn’t mean that the device doesn’t allow for some light Fortnite gaming sessions, especially when one wants to take a break from work or their tedious schedules.

During the testing, we concluded that this latest Surface Pro 7 can run the game on medium to low graphic settings.

The fact that this is a device not designed for gaming, we have to give the due credits for being able to do this even.

On the flip side, the tablet offers a screen size of more than 12 inches, along with a pair of stereo speakers facing the front, which can make your experience worthwhile.

It surely does not come close to the experience that a PC offers, but it still can be considered as a viable option for some casual gaming here and there!

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11. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

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The latest Core i5 and Core i7 8th generation processors made by Intel are vastly superior to the Intel Core M, particularly in playing video games like Fortnite.

This means that the new Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is another good choice for playing the game casually.

Packed with a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels on a 12.3 inches of screen size, alongside an incredible contrast ratio at 1500:1, the sight of the Battle Royal game on this tablet is definitely vivid and splendid. Moreover, the sound quality is also quite fresh and powerful.

Add to this a long-lasting battery, one which is even comparable to the ARM processor-equipped rival, and you get another suitable tablet choice for playing Fortnite on.

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12. Lenovo MIIX 520

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Having practically indistinguishable details to the aforementioned Surface Pro, Lenovo’s MIIX 520 offers a decent option at a lower cost in comparison to Microsoft’s main 2-in-1 tablet.

As it equipped with the equivalent 8th gen Intel Core i5 processor that is present in the Microsoft powered device, it is fit for playing Fortnite at medium to low graphic settings.

To conclude, it is a much more economically feasible option in case you’re searching for a 2-in-1 tablet that uses the Windows OS and can also allow you to play the Battle Royal game.

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