Best Tablet for Remote Learning

Remote learning is the new norm in the post pandemic life. From kindergarten to post graduate level, every individual is now studying remotely.

And to study remotely and comfortably, you need a good desktop, laptop, or an equally good tablet.

What you need is the best tablet for remote learning that fits your individual requirements like a puzzle piece missing.

What defines a good device depends upon what price it comes at, how many hours of battery life it can give, how sharp and clear is the display and how crisp is the sound quality.

All these features are essential in choosing a tablet that should become your study buddy for distance learning.

5 Best Tablet for Remote Learning

Amazon Fire HD 8-Inch Kids Edition

Best Tablet for Remote Learning

This is a special kids edition designed under the name of Amazon Fire HD. The 8-inch HD display has a 1280 X 800 resolution that seems to be just the balanced size of kids to be able to carry around comfortably. The tab comes with a kid-proof case that is specially designed for drops, bumps and spills. It has a special kickstand to enable hands-free use. It has a two-year warranty and Amazon very confidently boasts that “if it breaks, we will replace it”.

On one single charge, the tab provides 12 hours of uninterrupted usage, 20% longer battery life compared to others in the category. And thanks to the USB-C port the fast is easier and faster. And with the Amazon Kids + subscription you can get 20,000 books, audio books, movies, TVs, cartoons and games for kids between the age of 3 to 12 years. All content is kid appropriate and the easy parental controls make your life easy as a parent to monitor and restrict. You can limit the screen time as per your liking, set educational goals, curfew and manage content for 4 different children profiles.

With 32GB storage and 30% faster processing you can use the Amazon Fire HD Kids edition for taking online classes very conveniently without any hiccups.


  • Sturdy
  • 2-year warranty
  • Easy parental controls
  • Good battery life


  • Parental control is to be purchased additionally

Amazon Fire HD 10-Inch Kids Edition

For elder kids, there is a 10-inch version of the Amazon Fire HD Kids edition. It is one of the largest and fastest tablets amongst the kids range and it comes along with a kid-proof rubber case. You also get, 1 year of Amazon Kids + (FreeTime Unlimited) and a 2-year warranty.

The screen is much brighter and clearer thanks to the 1080p full HD display. Thanks to the Quad-Core 2.0 GHz fast processing,32 GB storage plus Wi-Fi and an immersive audio system you can consider it ideal for kids to be taking their virtual lessons uninterrupted for 12 straight hours. Yes, the battery life is that good. Plus, with the Amazon Kids + subscription gives an enormous content to churn that is curated ideally for kids. You can also get content in Spanish with the Amazon Kids + en Espanol.

Plus, you get to manage content, screen time and manage up to 4 different profiles for different kid users.


  • Faster processing powers
  • Dual Speakers delivery great sound
  • Detailed parental control


  • Pricey

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

This is the best android tab in the category of e-learning. It’s a lightweight 8-inch tab that you can comfortably carry around while you take your lessons. The screen resolution is quite crisp at 1280 X 800 HD resolution. It comes along with a rubber bumper that protects the slate from drops and bumps making it suitable to be used by kids.

It gives 13 hours of power on a single charge, allowing your kids to take lessons, play games and watch a movie without running for the charging cable anytime soon. This android tab comes with a preinstalled Playstore app that lets you download endless game, educational apps for your kids but you can still access over 10,000+ hours of content, kid friendly games by subscribing for Samsung Kids.

The 32 GB storage with 2GB RAM you can conveniently store all class materials and games that your kid likes. And the duo camera is well-suited for video calls or zoom classes. And last but not the least, the sound is great meaning your child’s classes will be loud and clear.


  • 13 hours of battery life is great
  • Compact and light
  • Comes with the rubber casing


  • Storage issues (Apps cannot be added to expandable memory)

LeapFrog LeapPad Academy Tablet

LeapFrog is known for developing learning apps and resources for kids. And there is was no doubt that it’d make to the list of best tabs for remote learning. Especially because it has more than 20 learning applications, kid-friendly browsing with great parental controls. Plus, you can access the Playstore to download more apps and games for your kids.

If your child is in the age bracket of 3 to 8 years, the LeapPad is just the right tab for your child. LeapFrog’s made the screen shatterproof given it is purely to be used by kids. The home screen’s customizable to make it simpler for kids to access what’s meant for them. The built-in apps are challenging that enhance the child’s mathematics, reading, spelling and writing.

With dual camera your child can join zoom sessions, record videos for assignments especially with a decent 7-hour battery life. The 16GB storage isn’t too great but for remote learning it is easily usable.


  • Shatter proof screen
  • Great educational material on the apps
  • Cheap


  • Battery life isn’t too great
  • Storage isn’t a lot if the kids download a lot of games which is a usual practice

Apple iPad Air

If budget isn’t restrictive then there is nothing better than an Apple iPad. However, they are pricey and iOS is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Apple however, houses some of the best features that help kids learn comfortably. The thin and light design makes it easily portable. And the 10-hours battery life is more than enough for anyone to take lessons, attend meetings or zoom calls.

Apple iPads run on horse power of the A12 Bionic Chip and all your apps, games and online lessons can be played speedily without any hiccups. The 10.5-inch bright retina display offers very bright and sharp colors and immersive view making sure your kids enjoy their lesson time too. Furthermore, the stereo speakers deliver loud and crisp sound that makes lesson time fun for all. You can purchase apple pencil, keyboard for a complete study set up. Take notes, make diagrams or jot down ideas during your lessons and feel like you are just there in person attending the class.


  • Beautiful display
  • Fantastic sound
  • Fast Processing Powers
  • Good battery life


  • Pricey
  • Apple Pencil and Keyboard are additional expenses
  • Doesn’t have many parental control features


If you are an adult looking for the best tablet for learning virtually and also use it for fun and leisure then Apple iPad Air is the best tab hands down. Being an adult, you are already low on patience and you don’t need a slow processor testing your patience any further. Apple iPad’s super processing powers are just what you need to get buy endless classes, work and day to day life. Plus, its immersive display and crisp sound quality makes it fun to take class on this sleek beauty.

If you are a parent looking for a tab for your kids to begin remote classes on, then the Amazon Fire HD 8 inch and 10 inch both are ideal. With their robust built, 2-year warranty and excellent parental controls you can let your kids take lessons, play games or churn online content without worrying them landing on anything inappropriate. You can also restrict screen time if you are child’s a screen junkie. It isn’t too pricey and just what you need for your kid to start remote learning in the post pandemic life.

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