Best Tablet with Detachable Keyboard (Android, iOS & Windows)

Gone are the days when carrying your laptop was considered “super easy and on-the-go”.

Who would want to carry a tedious laptop that hurts your back when you can get all your typing done with a Tablet that comes with a removable keyboard?

The markets full of convertible or hybrid tablets that come with detachable keyboard for you to use when in need.

With so much innovation of course there is an endless list to compare and compete with in Tablet market.

Here is our list of the Best Tablet with Detachable Keyboard.

Hint : From novelty brands for the tech savvy to pocket-friendly brands for the noobs we’ve covered all.

Best Tablet with Detachable Keyboard

1. Microsoft Surface Go

Best Tablet With Detachable Keyboard

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Microsoft Surface Go is the tablet to go for if you want a sleek-looking, easy-to-carry tablet.

This tablet can be easily chucked in your handbag and forgotten.

For entertainment purpose the Surface Pro is a steal with its decent speakers and a really nice kickstand but like any other best-in-line iPad the Microsoft Surface Go doesn’t have a variety of apps.

Without any claims of being top-of-the-line novelty tablet, this tablet provides you a good experience and gets the job done at a cheaper price with its desktop level browser and full functioning keyboard that comes with a track pad.

However, it seems to be quite an affordable table but that is not quite true.

It appears to be cheap but its must-have keyboard cover adds to the price since that is sold separately.

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Also, if you are a serious user you might want to pay more for extra storage.

With its decent battery and full Windows 10 it is quite a win-win except that no USB-A port means connecting a flash drive is problematic.

All in all with its great design, getting tasks accomplished and being comparatively cheaper it passes to be the top pick of 2024 tablets with keyboards.

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2. Microsoft Surface Book 2 (15-inch)

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If there is anything to say for the Surface Book 2 is that it is simply LOVED by all.

It is simply awesome and a tech savvy person’s dream come true. Some have even said it is a true testament to Microsoft’s engineering experience and they surely are proud of it with a price tag of above 2,000 USD.

Not just its pixel dense large screen size but the hinge of the tablet is also the talk of the town.

In large screen size tablets like Lenovo Yoga 920 for instance or the HP Spectra X 360 15 inch the displays come with a 360-hinge that doesn’t detach from the base.

But in case of the Surface Book 2 the screen can be completely detached from base and used in tablet mode.

The 2-in-1 hybrid laptop has a power that is unmatched. Not to mention the powerful processor can easily tackle the latest PC games.

It may not have been designed to be a gaming tablet but oh boy it can game!

Adding further this tablet is ideal for drawing with its larger display size and almost never ending battery.

Issues like a small track pad or non-firing up speakers are almost invisible when they’re up against the excelling performance of the Surface Book 2.

From gaming to editing photos Surface Book 2 is the tablet you’d want to have. However, the price tag can leave a dent in your pocket but again the dents worth having.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 – Ideal for Writing/Typing

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When it comes to Android Tablets that have detachable keyboards Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is very much our favorite for multiple reasons.

Fore mostly because Samsung has outperformed its predecessor with a more powerful processor and increased storage space that suits well for entertainment purposes and is also good for productivity.

For beauty purposes it’s a 10/10 silver slate that’s sleek looking and much alike the Surface Pro’s detachable keyboard. 7,040 mAh battery means that it’s pretty strong and can run up to 14 hours of usage on a single charge.

S6’s  removable keyboard is sturdy & carries less travel in keys which makes it an over-all ideal tablet for writers.

The other draw back this tablet has that it comes without a headphone jack making it not entirely useful for entertainment purposes also.

You can also buy its cover that comes with a kickstand can be attached to the rear for easy display.

For those with a decent budget, this tab can be accessorized for a full-fledged compelling Android experience.

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4. Lenovo Miix 630

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With Snapdragon 835 processor Lenovo enters the new horizons of mobile computing joining in the race of best Tablets of 2019.

It comes with a massive 20 hours of battery life that seems to be its USP.

Amongst other pros, USD 479.99 price tag also includes the keyboard cover along with digital pen stylus unlike many other tabs discussed here.

It is indeed an impressive looking Windows tab with its admiringly beautiful screen of 12.3 inches.

However, the choice of web browsers, photo editing and other applications is limited. But one can always upgrade to a Windows 10 Pro for better experience.

With such huge battery life commitments the Lenovo Miix 630 seems to be nearly ideal with its portability and connectivity options.

However, a bigger display would have been perfect had it not been for the magnets behind the bottom bezels.

Anyhow, Snapdragon coupled with Windows has got technophiles really excited for one of the most power packed tablets.

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5. Surface Pro 7

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Anyone looking for a mid-range windows hybrid tablet then Surface Pro 7 is your machine to buy.

Priced somewhere in between the Surface Book 2 and Surface Go, Surface Pro 7 is a merge of two technologies.

Though this has a vastly improved performance but the battery life isn’t that great and the screen bezels are too thick for a design launched in 2024.

The USB –C port is very much appreciated but at a price point like this a Thunderbolt 3 is what is expected.

All in all more technological advancement was anticipated but looks like Microsoft has major innovations keeping them busy.

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6. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen)

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This tablet is as good as any work station for any conceivable situation to tackle.

It’s more of a laptop that’s forward thinking and comes with a keyboard that can be come off to give a robust tablet experience.

It’s the new generation of tabs that comes with two Thunderbolt 3 ports and has a great design and built quality.

Also, it comes bundled with a ThinkPad Pen Pro and keyboard without having to pay additionally.

However, its battery life isn’t that great like the many other tablets discussed above. And if you are for a light on-the-go experience then you may find it bulky to carry around.

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7. iPad Pro 12.9

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Pad Pro is the God that creative users worship. It can be combined with a keyboard folio and Apple pencil.

The pencil glides on the screen like a dream and is known to be highly responsive for accurate drawing.

What really sets this tablet apart from competition is its great display with bright lighting that supports professional design and editing usage.

With its creepily fast speed and face ID this tablet is the epitome of design and technology.

However, this tablet is not for the faint of the heart when it comes to spending money.

The keyboard folio as they call it and the Apple pencil both add to the already super high cost of the iPad Pro.

Adding to that another downside is that you do not get a full-fledged desktop experience like one that a Microsoft tablet would provide.

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8. Google Pixel Slate

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Google pixel competes with a niche which is why it is one of our top picks when it comes to wanting a tablet that runs on Chrome OS.

Having said that, it doesn’t have any other feature that would set the slate leagues apart from the other tabs discussed here.

Good display with upbeat colors and sturdy battery life is pro but it isn’t something that we haven’t discussed before.

Not only is it vastly pricey after coupled with its tear-on keyboard but also a little heavy to lug around.

There are multiple ideas in the slate that stand it out from the crowd but that isn’t enough for it to be distinguished from other similar specification tabs in the market that come at an easier price.

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9. Panasonic Tough-book CF-33

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True to its name, if you are looking for a rough and tough tablet that can take adverse usage conditions unlike any other tab discussed here then CF-33 should be your choice of hybrid machine.

Built primarily for the purpose of field work battery life has been powered accordingly.

Also, its military grade MIL-STD-810G standard for toughness makes it rugged for drops, shocks, rain, humidity and any extreme temperatures.

Its detachable spec makes it easy to be used for typing and makes it compact for travel purposes.

However a machine as robust as the Toughbook will break the bank.

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10. Linx 12 x64

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The Linx 12 x64 is one of the most low-cost options on this list, and indeed offers a lot of value at an extremely low price point.

The device is average in terms of performance to say the least, but you would be misguided to look at this device and expect a lot of performance out of it, as that is not the point of the Linx 12 x64.

What it promises is a full feature Windows 10 experience with a kickstand 2-in-1 design with keyboard bundled with the tablet itself, a full HD touch screen, and an overall design much inspired by the Microsoft Surface Pro, albeit at a fraction of the price.

The tablet does come with its fair share of drawbacks, which we have come to expect of machines at this price point, such as at times feeling tired and unable to handle a lot of multi-tasking.

Even with these slight hiccups, the Linx 12 x64 is definitely worth considering, especially if you do not want to spend a lot of money, but need the full feature benefits of a 2-in-1 hybrid Windows 10 system.

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With Linx 12 X64 our list of top 10 hybrid tablets comes to an educated end.

Now you can choose a detachable tablet according to your needs with this detailed guide.

If you are a creative person than iPad Pro 12.9 is the tablet you need, if you are field worker who works in rigorous climate than Panasonic ToughBook is your machine.

But if you are none other than a tech head reading this, Microsoft Surface Book 2 should be on your list next.

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