Best Tablet with Parental Control (Keep your Kids Safe)

Tablets with kids mode, often come with parent control. However, the range or the impact of parental control and the existing features often varies with different tablet manufacturers.

In an age like this, Tablets with Parental Control helps your children to be safe.

There has been a growth in the number of educational and kid-specific apps all over & most parents usually are on the lookout for the best parental control app in their children’s tablets.

With this interest, however, comes the fear of addiction, long screen time, adult content, and distraction.

In this guide you will learn how to set parent controls on both android & ios tablets.

Best Tablets with Parental Control

Classified based on type. List 1 – 6 shows one child use a tablet while List 7 – 10 shows shared tablet options.

1. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Best Tablet With Parental Control

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This 2024 kid’s focused tablet is considered one of the best piece of technology for kids of all ages.

And what’s great about it is the price, $79.99. Yeah, best believe it.

You get top-notch parental control which gives control over the definition of their screen time and great kid’s content provided by Amazon – books, shows, games, and movies.


  1. Simple UI
  2. Durable body
  3. Affordable
  4. Comes with a replacement program of two years
  5. Protective case available in a variety of colours


  1. Amazon App store (runs on FireOS)
  2. Distracting with a lot of Amazon content

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2. Leapfrog LeapPad Platinum

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If you have younger kids, age 8 and below, you might want to go for the child-centric tablet.

Often called a toy tablet, this tablet is tough and very focused on giving kids pre-installed maths, reading, and science content.

You also get music, puzzle, and creativity contents. With a resolution of 1024 x 600, you get a medium screen for your kids and a somewhat crisp display.

The games within the tablet adjust well to kids learning patterns.


  1. Kids-friendly
  2. Lots of safety controls
  3. Freebies
  4. Supportive learning


  1. Based on older Android versions.
  2. Some reviews say it has occasionally crashed.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A Lite Kids

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Lite Kids

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It looks a lot like the usual general tablets and would give a better appeal to your older kids.

It comes with a range of specifications that are good for kids – 1024 – 600 screen resolution, a 1.3GHz processor and one GB of RAM. With 8GB of storage, you get to keep more kid-related content.

This lightweight (in terms of software) tablet comes with built-in parental control to aid with monitoring and controlling kids’ content and screen time.

Also, it comes with a case to protect the tablet from the fall. kids are playful, and you need a tablet that plays with them.

Comes with preinstalled STEM and other curriculum contents.


  1. Supports storage expansion, up to 32 GB
  2. Wi-Fi capable
  3. 9 hours of use


  1. Large Bezels
  2. A little heavy
  3. Highly reflective glass

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4. Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

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If you are looking for a tablet for your 8 – 10 years of age kid, this might be the one for you.

This tablet allows the kids to have a lot of range while still employing an intelligent parent control system which maintains your firm control on what he or she views or gains access to.

It comes with unlimited access to a wealth of app, books, and movies curated for their age.

Although you would you can set up multiple accounts on this semi-powerful tablet, you wouldn’t want to use this as a shared tablet as it is limited in that area and uses FireOS.

Though FireOS is based on Android, it is largely limiting.


  1. Cheap
  2. Sharp display
  3. Great speakers
  4. Lots of storage
  5. USB-C charging port


  1. Amazon focused content
  2. No screen mirroring
  3. Uses Bing search engine

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5. Dragon Touch Y88X – Ideal for Toddlers

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This visually appealing tablet is quite flexible and lightweight (in terms of weight).

The custom OS of this tablet makes learning for toddlers easier with interactive & educational games.

Very easy-to-use and based on Android. It has a 1024 x 600 resolutions, Wi-Fi ready, and 7-inch multi-touch display.

Although it is lacking in the RAM department, it covers it with a reasonable quad-core processor. Comes with great parental control apps.


  1. UI is fantastic
  2. Great viewing experience
  3. Filtered Browsing and content
  4. Interactive games
  5. Very Cheap


  1. Based on Android 4.4
  2. Low battery life

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6. Onn. 8-Inch Tablet


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Produced by Walmart, this is an alternative to Amazon’s Fire products.

Using the stock android OS, you get access to a variety of apps with wonderful parental access.


  1. Very cheap
  2. Stock Android
  3. Average performance


  1. Poor battery life
  2. Poor cameras and display

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7. Apple iPad Mini

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The flexibility and level of accessibility this tablet offers are very high. With a 2048 x 1536 pixels, you get a lot of viewing options with this top-notch shared tablet option.

For parental control, Apple gets it right with this tablet, and with TouchID, you get to control with areas and content they can access.

The App Store is one-click away with a variety of educational apps.

Your fears concerning paid apps are alleviated with Apple Pay which gives higher-level payment system alongside TouchID.

Though, if budget isn’t an issue, consider buying Apple iPad (2019).

So when they sleep or your fixed screen time for them is over, you can begin your work and utilize one of the best tablets you can get on the market for $200.


  1. Multiple Viewing options and angles
  2. Access to App Store and various range of learning apps
  3. Longer battery life – 10 hours
  4. Multitasking
  5. Cheap


  1. Large bezels

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8. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

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It’s one of the few shared tablets that’s kid-friendly.

Built with kids in mind, this tablet has one of the best parental controls especially with the Kid Mode which transforms the tablet to a learning and kid-centric tablet.

You get access to games, kid apps, STEM and other curriculum content.

This Kid Mode is controlled by you. Once it’s with them, it’s Kid mode all through.

Once it’s back in your arms, it’s your working tablet unless you want some good child experience.

The difference in interfaces helps parent curate their content without the fear of ever getting to the kids.

With a 1920 * 1200 resolution, you get to play games, watch movies and series with above-average visuals.


  1. Storage is expandable
  2. Shared experience
  3. Parental Control and Kids Mode
  4. Pretty average price – $229.9 to $329.99


  1. A little slower than its counterpart
  2. No camera flash

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9. Lenovo Tab 4

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In terms of being a shared tablet and having kids’ mode, we consider this next to Samsung Galaxy Tab A, this 8-inch Android tablet gives top-notch kids mode with some top-class multimedia options.

With this tablet, you have a high-performing device for both you and your kids. With 2GB of RAM and an 8-inch HD IPS display, you get a lot of viewing experience and content.

In terms of parental control, you get to restrict certain sites, and contents and schedule learning experience


  1. Great Specs
  2. Longer Battery Life – 12 hours
  3. HD Display
  4. Dedicated Kids Mode
  5. Cheap


  1. Poor Camera
  2. No Dual-Band Wi-Fi

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10. Fire HD 8

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Another great device from Amazon, however, this time you can use it as a personal device. Affordable and simple.

This Alexa tablet has different options, starting from $79.99 all the way too $109.99 and provides some echo show.

Kids can access questions and even get well-curated content specifically made for them via Alexa.

With an 8-inch display, you get to have an entertainment splash with less money. Although, the parental controls aren’t as stringent as the Kid’s Edition.


  1. Simple UI
  2. Cheap
  3. Great resolution
  4. Access to numerous amazon contents for free.


  1. More focused towards Amazon
  2. No Play Store

At the end of the day, it’s up to you what you want.

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Buying Guide on Tablets with Parental Restrictions 

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Who is going to use the tablet is the first question you need to answer when getting a particular tablet.

This question brings us to the major types. Tablets for one child’s use

and shared tablet. I guess it’s explanatory enough from the type name.

However, I will put a brief description of both. One child’s use tablet means that child would be the only one using the device for a long time.

With the shared tablet, you are probably aiming at sharing a tablet with your child and you don’t want your kids to have access to your files and mistakenly delete important files.

Oops! You probably don’t want them accessing your social accounts or buying items online without your knowledge.

Depending on your goals or needs, there is a tablet for your kid.


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Today kid’s tablet comes with a lot of range. Different designs and focus from different manufacturers.

Screen size and resolution, cost, apps, app choice, quality, multi-device use, cases, connectivity, and most importantly, parental control.

Also, as a parent, you don’t want your kids coming to disturb you about a freezing tablet when you are doing important stuff.

In addition to the long list of things, you need to watch out for, specifications in terms of processors/speed, battery life, camera, and storage.

All of this has been put into consideration in selecting our top kids’ tablet list.

Some Considerations

Based on the features mentioned earlier, you probably will want to answer the following questions

  • What is my budget?
  • What is my child going to be using the tablet for?
  • How much of control do I want?
  • Which apps do I want them to use or what are they demanding for? Is it going to be accessible on the prospective tablet?
  • Am I sharing it with my kids or will he or she have her own?

These are probably questions you would have to answer as going through the process of getting the tablet you won’t regret.

It might seem a little tasking but you don’t want to get a crappy tablet at the end of the day.

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