Packtpub Ionic Cookbook Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

I must confess one thing; I’m not a big fan of IT-related books, be it cookbooks or “for dummies” series; I never was. For me, the Internet was(is) the best place to learn anything, anytime. Everything you want to read is just one Google search away. With enough effort, you’ll be able to solve any … Read more

Should You Upgrade To Ionic 2?

Back then … I don’t know how many of you know a history of Ionic Framework. The project was originally started back in the Summer of 2013. It may not sound much but think about it; jQuery Mobile was still at the height of its success, and Android 2.3 was a dominant platform. Apparently, according … Read more

Taking Your Mobile Application Further with Onsen UI 2

Hi there, this is Fran Dios from Onsen UI team. In this article I’d like to show the latest news about Onsen UI that we are currently implementing and how to use them. Onsen UI 2.0 beta As you may already know, Onsen UI 2.0 beta was released few weeks ago and it comes loaded … Read more

Introduction to Native Script – Is It Worth Your Time?

NativeScript enables developers to build native apps for iOS and Android while sharing the application code across the platforms. When building the application UI, developers use our libraries, which abstract the differences between the native platforms. In the last few years, we have seen a rise and fall of numerous cross-platform application HTML, CSS, and … Read more

Onsen UI 2.0 Beta is Out And You Should Check It

If you ever read my blog, you should know that I favor Onsen UI over other frameworks like Ionic Framework or God forbid jQuery Mobile. To me, it was the first existing AngularJS based hybrid mobile framework and my first real introduction to AngularJS. We may argue over this point, but everything Ionic Framework did … Read more

A Comprehensive List Of AngularJS Frameworks Pros/Cons

Let’s be honest, finding a right application framework is not an easy task, especially if we’re talking about AngularJS environment. Most of these frameworks are not older than two years, and you should carefully consider their production value. To make things more difficult, most of these frameworks are using already established UI frameworks like Bootstrap … Read more

Handling Native View Animations With Ionic Framework

The Ionic Framework animations are choppy at best, they will work almost perfectly on stronger devices, but God forbid using them on anything slower. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe Ionic is currently the best solution for hybrid mobile development. Still, those animations are a hard pill to swallow. To make a story short, … Read more

15 Great Inspirational UI Theme Designs For Ionic Framework

Do you think mobile application development is easy? All in all, it doesn’t matter. You can be an exceptional mobile developer, but sooner or later, you’ll stumble working on your application user interface. In fact, it’s often the biggest challenge facing any mobile development project. So why not help yourself? UI kits take the pain … Read more

The Top 5 AngularJS Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks (Pros/Cons)

It’s never late to learn something new especially if you’re full of ideas; you also don’t even need any prior native development knowledge. I’m writing this article for AngularJS community in a hope some of you will choose hybrid mobile application development. You also don’t need to worry too much, hybrid mobile application development is … Read more

Using Cordova Geoloacation API with Google Maps in Ionic Framework

I already wrote an article covering Google maps: Using Google Maps With Ionic Framework, unfortunately, I forgot to write a most important part, how to use Google Maps with Cordova Geolocation plugin. This topic is going to be a point of this article. Unlike my previous articles covering various Cordova plugins, this one will feature … Read more