OnsenUI | Passing Data Between Pages

It just dawned on me, in all of my tutorials I never talked about passing data between application pages. Experienced users will not think twice about this topic, though is can be an unpassable mountain for beginners. I remember my time spent at StackOverflow helping newly introduced jQuery Mobile developers, this was a constant topic. … Read more

OnsenUI | Working With Tab Bar Pattern

Tab / Tab Bar navigation is another navigation pattern that found it’s full use on smartphones and tablets. This pattern is used to divide and store large amount of different categories of information in a single view. Depending on a screen size or mobile platform an application can contain up to 5 tab items, and it can be positioned either at top or bottom of the screen. Some platforms provide horizontal tab bar scrollability if number of tab items surpass 5.

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OnsenUI | Working With Sliding Menu Pattern

Sliding Menu pattern became very popular several years ago on mobile devices and tablets, it’s also known as Navigation Drawer or Side Menu. It works as a single fixed menu (or a set of two fixed menus) that will slide out from any page edge. The menu can also be used in combination with the … Read more

OnsenUI | Working With Navigation Pattern

Before we start I need to clarify something, Navigation pattern used in OnsenUI is usually better known as a master-detail pattern so from now on I will call it like that. In computer user interface design, a master–detail interface displays a master list and the details for the currently selected item. The original motivation for master-detail was old 1980s 80-character-wide display size, which also makes it a great pattern for modern smartphones and tablets.

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OnsenUI | Mixing UI patterns

My previous article covered OnsenUI UI patterns, this one will show you how to mix them properly. We are talking about an important topic here, UI patterns can cover one or more pages, but not all of them have a same priority or can be on a same level. For example, if you want to combine Tab bar pattern with Sliding menu pattern, one of them (Tab bar) can only work as a child of the other one (Sliding menu).

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OnsenUI | Working With UI Patterns

In my previous article, we discussed OnsenUI page anatomy and what it takes to build a multi-page application. Usually, this is not enough, mobile applications require more than a bunch of simple pages. Because of that it’s important to consider UI patterns before start implementation. Onsen UI currently supports four commonly used UI patterns.

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OnsenUI | Installation

For some time, I was playing with an idea to create an article series covering different mobile HTML5 frameworks. I’ve already started with Ionic Framework but now I also want to do the same thing with OnsenUI, which is also currently one of the best available mobile frameworks. I will not go into great details describing OnsenUI here, if you want to know more about it take a look at my previous article.

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Ionic vs OnsenUI

Hi before you start reading this article let me assure you that I don’t want to launch a flame war here, this article is going to be as objective as I can make it. I will favor none of these frameworks; you will need to decide on your own. Please notify me if you find … Read more