5 ReactJS Application Frameworks to Get Your App Running Quickly

If you already have previous ReactJS experience, it’s time to get started building your own web applications. ReactJS makes it easy, but what if we need a tested framework made for fast application prototyping and building? Fear not, some developers already created full-fledged front-end UI frameworks to support ReactJS. Here are five frameworks you can … Read more

A Comprehensive List Of AngularJS Frameworks Pros/Cons

Let’s be honest, finding a right application framework is not an easy task, especially if we’re talking about AngularJS environment. Most of these frameworks are not older than two years, and you should carefully consider their production value. To make things more difficult, most of these frameworks are using already established UI frameworks like Bootstrap … Read more

Top Five Meteor.js Video Tutorials

After spending a few weeks with MeteorJs I would like to share with you the best video tutorial resources, I found so far. Some of you maybe prefer learning by reading approach, but when starting with something new I always like to look what’s available on Youtube. I’m not ashamed, and I don’t mind, why … Read more

Comprehensive List Of JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers

I am writing this list hoping to aggregate only most pertinent JavaScript interview questions and answers. Last few weeks I was participating as an interviewer (company name is not significant) on the topic of PHP and mobile development. I was amazed how many people still don’t understand what’s JavaScript and what is its role in … Read more

Polymer Adventures – More then 150 Resources

The Polymer is currently the best new thing, so it’s becoming more and harder to locate exactly what I (you) need. I’m building this list primarily for myself. Hopefully, it will help someone else. While this list is not intended to be the ultimate guide to learning everything Polymer I will update it as I … Read more

How to generate various fake data using JavaScript

There are times when you need to test your application using a massive amount of fake data. This way you can leverage your application against a large set of data, all inside a safe test environment. Every programming or scripting language has a way of achieving this; JavaScript is one of them. Probably best-known faker … Read more

Bootstrap or jQuery Mobile – Pros and Cons

Before we start let me make something clear, this article is made for beginners though I will touch some intermediate topics. If there’s something you would like to know, and you can’t find it here, just leave me a comment down below, even if you only want to say Hi. There’s a good chance I’ll forget something; both frameworks were made several years ago, and they collide in more than one place, so ask, ask, ask.

All in all, I’m amazed how much this topic is still trending. I’m probably subjective regarding this subject, but I would like to blame jQuery Mobile and Bootstrap developers for this state of affairs. When you visit official webpages, you will notice that both frameworks are vaguely described. Let’s take a look at their official descriptions.

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