How Long Does a Tablet Battery Last?

So every tablet user has a very common question in mind.

How long does a tablet battery last?

Quick Answer : The average total life span of any tablet battery is 3-4 years according to according to a survey by

Perhaps, the biggest rip-off that a tablet portability brings is; battery life.

With time, as the battery deteriorates, so does the performance of the tablet.

You will experience slow working features and hanged display often. Apps may also become incompatible with the tablet’s work-preface and give you a hard time working with them.

Yet, to be revolutionized is a battery that lasts ungodly amounts of time for people to be free of the hassle of recharging their tablet batteries.

However, this only resolves the day-to-day charging factor to some extent.

How Long Does A Tablet Battery Last

How to Improve Tablet Battery Life & Overall Performance

1 – Tablet Placement

While multiple factors contribute to this, one thing that we often overlook is the placement of our tablet.

Tablets need to be placed in a cool place; otherwise, any heat from the surroundings builds upon the battery and drains it.

2 – Protection from OverHeating

Excessive heat escalation on a battery may also cause it to expand, which then interferes with the tablet’s functioning and creates problems in the electrical prologue as well.

Tablet Heats Up 2

3 – Monitoring Charging Duration

A pivotal contributor to battery life drainage stems from the common myth that you can perhaps over-charge your battery if you leave it for long times.

Luckily, long gone is the yore era, when Lithium-ion batteries were used because they would straight-up blast due to overheating.

Now, they are replaced by Lithium-polymer batteries, which is a better variant of the antecedent. Li-Po batteries are more robust hence, decreasing the chances of an explosion.

This, combined with their shorter charging duration and ability to retain charging capacity better than Li-ion, is what makes it a winner.

All the latest tabs that offer long battery life spans have their battery composed of Li-Po. So one should check the specs of their gadget for this particular factor before making a purchase.

Once bought, do try switching-off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use.

Do not unnecessarily keep the brightness of your screen up.

Switch to energy-saving mode when you are using your tab casually but don’t forget to turn it off when you require your device’s maximum performance.

These factors would contribute to not letting the battery wear-off earlier than it should, which is 3-5 years.

However, once problems such as excessive over-heating even after short-time usage of the tab, slow and hanged work-preface, and quick day-to-day charge drainage occur; it’s the definitive time for a replacement.

Common FAQs

Can a tablet battery be replaced?

The replacement of the tablet battery is associated with the model. If your model features a removable battery, then it can easily be replaced.  A Samsung Galaxy tab can have its battery replaced easily, using the battery replacement kit you can buy online.

However, iPad users cannot initiate this process themselves. Hence, they would need to for a service request on Apple’s site or in-store. Apple suggests getting your battery replaced if its health drops below 85%.

How do I know if my tablet battery is bad?

The only way to know this is by keeping a check on your day-to-day battery life. Whilst the battery health might be below 50%, but if you are happy with the battery life, there is no need for a replacement. However, if you feel quick drainage that is not compatible with your work, go for a replacement.

Which tablet has the longest battery life?

No one does better endurance gadgets than Apple. Their expensive cost is because of the high technology you get. Currently, the Apple iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular offers the most extended battery life amongst all the other tablets and laptops tested.

However, if you are seeking a cost-effective option, Lenovo Tab 4 8 is your go-to choice for a tablet that’s equally excellent for gaming and working with outstanding battery life too.

How often should you replace your tablet?

Apart from the battery life, there are certain other features to be looked after. Features, better work-preface, memory size, and better speed to run programs should also be considered. Keeping in view all these factors, the general suggestion is to replace your tablet every 3-4 years. This is also the time around which most battery’s life drains out.

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