How to Charge a Tablet Faster?

Waiting for your slow charging tablet to charge can be a pain, especially if you have someplace urgent to be.

If you find that your tablet isn’t charging as fast as it used to or faster than you’d hoped, then you could try a few tricks to solve the issue before spending money on unnecessary “repairs” that a technician would recommend. 

These tips on how to charge a tablet faster are essential in improving your tablet’s charging performance.

But before we check these tips, let first answer this question.  

Can I charge my tablet faster than its usually intended?

It all depends on the manufacturer, model, charger type and even operating system installed into the tablet. Users can apply different methods to boost the designated power transmitted from the source and significantly reduce the charging periods without any adverse side effects. 

That said, let’s now start on tips to improve your tablet’s charging ability.

How To Charge A Tablet Faster

6 Tips on How to Charge a Tablet Battery Faster

Try the following tips to help charge your tablet faster:

1 – Turn on airplane mode

Enabling airplane mode shuts down all built-in radios including cellular, GPS, Bluetooth, and even Wi-Fi leaving your battery more energy efficient hence charge faster.

More incoming current will be flowing into the battery instead of the tablet itself. 

2 – Shut it off entirely.

While switching to airplane mode reduces charging periods, it doesn’t charge the tablet faster than when you power it down entirely. The difference here is because even when on airplane mode, your tablet’s screen, one of the biggest power drains, might still be on. Switching your tablet off gets your phone fully juiced in a shorter period, especially when preparing for a long journey. 

3 – Get a powerful charger.

By now, you should be aware that not all chargers are equal. While tablets usually come with 2-amp chargers that can supply up to 10+ watts of power, smartphones come with a 1-amp charger that only delivers about 5 watts of power.

Therefore, if you use a smartphone charger on a tablet, you should expect it to charge much slower than it usually does. You can opt to get a faster charger that can supply more power to your tablet. ( Source : HowToGeek)

4 – Keep the tablet cool.

Extreme temperatures make the battery less efficient, and the thermal control system reduces the rate of charging to try and keep things at a safe level. Be sure to keep your tablet cool while charging and removing accessories such as rubber or plastic covers that might accumulate heat produced during the charging process. 

5 – Turn on battery saving mode.

Battery saving mode is a feature designed to make your tablet last longer when the battery is running low. However, it can also help charge it quicker because it limits how much your tablet consumes power leaving more current to be supplied to the battery instead of the tablet. However, this feature might not be as efficient as airplane mode or shutting down the phone, but it still gets the job done. 

6 – Plug it into to the wall

A mains power point supplies more power as compared to a laptop’s USB port. Your tablet will charge twice or even thrice as fast from a wall socket as it would from a USB cable connected to the laptop. Therefore, whenever you get the chance, be sure to plug it into the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

a) How can I speed up my tablet charging?

You might want to try the all-time advice of keeping your hands off your tablet as it charges. While it might seem tempting to use it while it’s charging, you’d only be slowing down the process because the power coming in from the source would have to be divided between the battery and the running applications. 

b) How can I charge my battery in 10 seconds?

You would need a supercapacitor that would enable you to plug the tablet into an extremely high current charger without letting the battery overheat or go into thermal runaway. Unfortunately, these supercapacitors do not exist for portable devices such as tablet and lithium-ion/lithium-polymer battery technology wasn’t designed to handle large amounts of current. Therefore, there is no way you can charge your battery in 10 seconds. 

c) How long should a tablet take to charge?

If you’re charging from 0%, your tablet should take approximately 5 – 6 hours to get fully charged. However, you may not be able to turn your tablet on for a few minutes when it starts charging if the battery was fully drained. 

d) Why does my tablet take so long to charge?

There could be several reasons why your tablet is taking so long to charge, and these include:

  • Slow charger/adaptor
  • A bad cable
  • Low power source
  • YOU (Using your tablet while it’s charging)


Tablets are sensitive smart devices that need to be handled with care, especially during charging, because things can go south instantly. If you happen to follow the above charging tips on how to charge a tablet faster but still can’t get the tablet to charge faster, then the issue might be your device. If you can identify the actual reason why the tablet isn’t charging fast enough, then you can sort out the problem much quicker. 

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