How to Connect a Reverse Camera to a Tablet?

Whether you are looking to connect a reverse camera to your tablet to use your car, or simply use your device as a surveillance monitoring, stick around to reveal how.

In this post, we will cover the basics of how to connect a reverse camera to a tablet and most importantly how to avoid issues down the road.

The most reliable way to connect a rear camera to a tablet remains the DSLR services via Android app to establish a reliable and stable connection.

Unfortunately, this is not possible for non-Android tablets or old devices that are out of support.

Once establishing connection you can place the camera even on the back of your car to use it as a reverse camera or you can simply use your tablet to monitor a certain area of your home.

Besides the DSLR here we will provide you with several ways to connect your reverse camera to a tablet, including wirelessly.

How To Connect A Reverse Camera To A Tablet

How to Connect a Camera to a Tablet via DSLR Controller?

Before you can start, make sure that your tablet is compatible with a DSLR Controller. Simply check the compatibility chart on the manufacturer’s website. If it is not supported, however, your camera might work with the app, but you won’t be able to take advantage of all features. We also are going to need a USB OTG Adapter and USB Cable that you can easily purchase from any online tech store.

USB OTG Adapter – The device allowing you to turn your tablet into a USB host, letting you connect a wide range of devices to it.

Once you’ve gathered everything needed we can start with the setup.

First, download and install the DSLR Controller on your Android device. Then connect the USB OTG adapter to your phone and hook up a USB cable from the camera into your tablet. Keep in mind that not all USB cables will perform equally. The recommendation here is to purchase a high-end USB cable for optimal results.

If everything is connected properly, whenever you turn your camera on, the app should automatically turn on and display real-time footage. It is now up to you, to configure and place wherever you want to. Feel free to explore all DSLR controller features and learn how to take full advantage of all functionalities.

How to Connect a Camera to a Tablet via Liveview Mode?

If the DSLR controller does not work for you, we got you covered. This is another great way to connect a camera to your tablet and use it as per your desires. Pairing with a camera will not only save you a ton of money but you will have a bunch of new functionalities to enjoy.

Again, you can use it as a remote mirror in your car or a reverse camera for parking or an external monitor for your computer, or whatever you want to.

The process is similar to the previous one but instead of using a DSLR controller we will use an inbuilt camera function 

Here is how:

  1. Connect the USB cable to your camera’s port.
  1. Attach the OTG adapter to your tablet so you can hook it up on the other end of the USB cable.
  1. Restart your camera and switch it to send a Live View signal. Locate in settings “Live View Mode” and select it.

Now you don’t need a DSLR controller, instead, you can download and install any app that supports live input. If you can’t manage to get it running try a few apps or disconnect and connect everything to exclude possible recognition issues.

Lastly, place the camera wherever you want to and extend the USB cable as much as you want. The real distance limit here is the cable. Unfortunately, you cannot connect your camera otherwise unless it is wirelessly in which case you will need a constant network to stream data online.

How to Connect a Camera to a Tablet Wirelessly?

If you have an EOS series camera with a Wi-Fi function you can connect it to your tablet via the dedicated app. However, you will need a 3G or 4G available on your tablet so you can share a hot-spot and connect your camera to it. This is the only way to remotely use a camera from your tablet for monitoring purposes, even in your car.


We can safely conclude that connecting your camera to a tablet is not that hard and the only thing that could cause issues is compatibility. So if you still haven’t purchased anything we recommend finding a confirmation online or quoting the developers to find out if your devices can establish a connection between each other.

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