How to Draw Digital Art Without a Tablet

Digital arti is considered one of the most creative and modern art.

But what is digital art exactly?

Digital art is an art scanned or drawn using a mouse or a tablet or can also call it a computer-generated art (Source : Make Digital Art)

Thanks to improvements in digital technology that has since bolstered digital art evolution since early 1990s (Source : Parblo)

But let’s put history aside and focus on the main topic for this article, which is how to draw digital art without a tablet.

So, let’s get started. 

How To Draw Digital Art Without A Tablet

4 Ways to Draw Digital Art without a Drawing Tablet

Getting started on the requirements may be the major issue but here are the things you will need to get for it.

1 – Using a PC Only

Your computer is probably great and more than enough to support the drawing programs that will be list later in this article. However, if you can afford a better PC with a greater size monitor and with fast speed then go for it. The minimum amount of RAM recommended for a computer to be used for drawing is 4GB to reduce lag and work optimally without freezing. A laptop also works well and is advantageous since it is easily portable and you can even take it with you to continue with your work elsewhere.

2 – Digital Drawing Apps

Drawing digital art is possible by making illustrations of the intended art or picture through use of a computer application.

There is a wide range of software to choose from some of which are free while others require a paid subscription in order to use.

If you are an avid Windows or Surface Pro user then there are a plethora of drawing apps to choose from.

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Note that only some few features and perks may be unavailable on the free versions of these software.

A free trail run is available for these programs to allow you to test out their advanced features and for students, the subscription fee is lower. Also, purchasing an expensive software does not mean that it is necessarily easier to draw with or it guarantees you the best results, skills do matter.

Examples of these programs include:

  • Adobe photoshop CC
  • Paint tool SAI
  • Clip studio paint pro
  • Affinity designer
  • Rebelle 3
  • Procreate
  • Artweaver 7

3 – Using a Mouse

A good mouse is vital to allow you to smoothen out the contours of the lines of the drawings. In case you are using your phone, you may need a stylus.

4 – Scanner

Some people prefer drawing drafts and sample artwork on paper before converting it into digital data. A scanner is necessary to allow you to convert the sketch to an editable format on the computer so that you can even out the rough edges and ink it digitally.

Frequently Asked Questions 

a)      Can you make digital art without a tablet?

When starting out on digital art, you don’t need to incur extra expenses by purchasing a tablet. Do you have a computer? If yes, then you are good to go. Fine art is achievable though the use of a mouse and a computer. This though, will require some work. You will have to learn the basics of digital art and sharpen your skill on the software or program you are using before your results can be perfect.

So, if you are intrigued by digital art and graphic design, the cost of acquiring a digital drawing tablet should not put you off or even hold you back. 

b)     Do you need a drawing tablet for digital art?

Drawing tablets are the most intuitive and mainly used tool when it comes to creating digital art but they can also be made without a tablet. A computer combined with a great drawing software works just as well. A phone can also be used but it will not be as effective as a pc or a laptop.

c)      How do you do digital art without a pen?

Modern drawing software have pen tools that allow you to edit your drawing by using a stylus or a mouse. This though is accompanied by some compromises. An example is that you cannot vary and get the right brush stroke as you draw. You will have to draw a thick line and erase it until the desired size is achieved.  

d)     How do you draw on photoshop without a tablet?

All you need to understand is the tools available for drawing in photoshop and voila! you are good to go. When it comes to drawing without the use of a tablet, you have to think in terms of shapes. We use a mouse to draw basic shapes and layer them over each other to form basic shapes that turn out to form one large basic shape.  

Final words  

Perfect drawings can be made without employing the use of tablets. There are plenty of tools available in the above listed programs that will help you draw with a mouse and with a little bit of practice it gets easier.

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