How to Fix a Charger Port on a Tablet

If your tablet stopped charging, even when you plugged it in, you don’t need to buy a new one.

Charging problem for android tablet can be from either the charging port itself or the charger.

In case your tablet stopped charging, set its mode to Airplane mode and lower the brightness level to keep the battery life high while you try to solve the issue.

You should also back-up your files when you can, just in case the issue can’t be resolved.

How To Fix A Charger Port On A Tablet

Easy Steps on How to Fix a Charging Port on a Tablet

Can a charging port on a tablet be fixed?

Everything depends on the make/model of your tablet.

Some charging ports are micro USB and affixed onto the logic board.

Thus, to fix the port, you’ll have to disassemble your tablet.

And de-solder the old port before making any replacement. Most times, the charging port solder might become loose.

If such occurs, you’ll have to fix it by re-soldering. If you want to replace your cord especially standard connectors, contact or

How much does it cost to repair a charging port on a tablet?

Some shops have high-end soldering tools to enable them to fix charging ports. De-soldering an old charging port and soldering a new one saves cost. For fear of OLED screen breaking, which is very expensive, many shops charge higher for fixing the charger port.

Also, depending on the cause of the damage, the price range may differ. Lint/ debris removal is a simple task that you can carry out by yourself. DIY repairs cost anywhere from $2 – $30, while professional repair service is around $50-$90.

How do I fix my charger port?

Try the following steps to fix your charger port:

  • Check your charging cable

Most times, charging cables are the primary cause of why your phone is not powering. They undergo a lot of bending, while some carry it wherever they go. As a result, the charging cable can get damaged. So, you have to change it and see whether your phone will charge.

  • Use a different power source

Try and check your power source as it might be the problem why your phone is not charging. Use a different power source and connect it. If you were using an extension, try and power it directly from the wall. Also, if you’re using your laptop to charge, change to another port or power it with an adapter. If your phone starts charging, then you’ve resolved the problem. You have to contact an electrician to repair your adapter or buy a new extension.

  • Check your adapter

After changing your charger cable and your phone is not charging, check your adapter. Discharge the charging cable and observe the connecting port whether it’s burnt. Does it look rusty? Does the charging cable fit well during connection? If all these happen, change your charger adapter.  

Try not to use just any charger adapter or charging cable to charge your phone. That is because there are specific voltage requirements for each phone to power effectively. And your phone must meet such needs. So, purchase your charging cable from reputable stores.

  • Check your phone’s charging port

Most times, we mishandle phones by placing them anywhere without using a pouch. That could cause dirt to enter and hinder your charger from charging. Use light and check your phone charging port. If you see anything that you can wipe easily, use a soft toothbrush. Be careful not to use objects like toothpicks or paper clips so that it won’t break inside your charging port. Paper clips are good conductors of electricity so, they could be harmful.

How do you fix the charging port on a Samsung Tablet?

To fix the charging port on a Samsung Tablet, you’ll need some specific tools. For example, a pair of tweezers, opening equipment, and screwdriver is ideal.

Below are a few options to use to save your expenses on a Samsung Tablet charging port:

Option 1: Remove dirt and debris

Many times dirt can settle inside your Samsung tablet USB charging port. Thus, it will prevent the charging port from working perfectly. To fix this, the first thing to do is to switch off your phone and remove it from the charger. After that, insert a needle and carefully work it through the USB port walls. While swiping it, gently bring out the needle and remove dirt. Continue the process until you remove all the debris. Immediately after you finish removing the lint, your Samsung Tablet will charge properly.

Option 2: Replacing Samsung charging port

You can fix your charging port by yourself if you’re tech-savvy. The parts are available at phone shops, and you will save costs if you have the tools needed. Below are the steps:

Step-1: Battery – Disassemble the Tablet

Begin by detaching the screen from the back cover with a large plastic opening tool and pry apart them. Be cautious while detaching the screen as carelessness can damage it.

Step-2: Take out the Back Cover

When all the parts of the screen are detached from the back cover, you can fully remove it using your hand.

Step-3: Disconnect Battery

To take out the battery you should use something little, for example, tweezers, to disconnect it from the port.

Note: The connection moves up to remove.

Step-4: Take out the Battery

Once you disconnect the battery, safely remove it using the pulling tab.

Step-5: Unscrew Charging Port

Open up the charging port by unscrewing 2.9mm screws from the port using Phillips Head #000 and pry it up using the spudger from under the port to take out parts from the device.

Step-6: Reassemble

Once charging port has been replaced, reassemble the device following the above instruction in reverse order.

Final words

Tablets are valuable assets, and you have to handle them with care, especially chargers. If you follow all the steps discussed above, and your tablet isn’t charging, your charging port needs replacement. If you cannot fix the problem yourself, it is better to take it to the professionals. You can go to any tablet repair shop close to you or contact your manufacturer’s customer care.

Finally, try and identify the cause of your charging port failure. Thus, you’ll know the action to take to remedy the situation.

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