How To Open .Exe Files on Android Tablet?

If you own an Android tablet you may wonder how to open .exe files.

The .exe files are meant to be unpacked on a Windows OS, but luckily Android operating system is smart enough to provide you with ways to open such files.

Unfortunately, you cannot directly download and run the .exe file, instead, we are going to use third-party readers that know how to unpack .exe files.

The best part of opening .exe files is that you are no longer limited to the applications available in the app store.

However, some .exe files are simply not meant to be used on Android devices so even if you manage to open the file, it might not be optimized for touch screen and many issues can occur.

On the other hand, there is much useful software that simply does not appear on the Google Play Store, and with a .exe opener app, you can simply transfer them from your PC to your tablet and install them.

How To Open .Exe Files On Android Tablet

What is a .exe File?

As we mentioned in the introduction the “.exe” on the end of the document’s name “weatherapp.exe”, is a simple extension in order for the computer systems to know how to unpack it. Unlike Windows systems, Android tablets do not have an inbuilt .exe reader, but the Android OS supports .exe readers applications so there is nothing to worry about.

Google Play Store has a variety of different .exe readers and all it takes is to type “.exe” in the search bar and the first few applications that appear are guaranteed to open .exe files.

Ways to Open/Run .exe Files on Android Tablet

There are many ways to open .exe files on an Android tablet. Here we will provide you with two general and easy methods that everyone can follow. Keep in mind that those ways are only suitable for Android devices, any other operating systems might not alight with our guide.

Method #1 – Inno Setup Extractor

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to open .exe files on Android tablets. It also applies to any Android smartphone or another device.

  1. Go to Google Play Store and download Inno Setup Extractor.
  2. Install it.
  3. Transfer the .exe files on your tablet. (It does not matter how).
  4. From within the application find and launch the .exe files.
  5. You are ready.

Yes, it is that simple. However, if your Android tablet is so old that it does not support the Inno Setup Extractor, browse further to find another (suitable) .exe opener that can be installed on your Android software version. The steps are pretty much the same with all .exe opener applications so you can’t go wrong either way.

Method #2 – DOS BOX

If you are not aware of what DOS BOX is, we recommend not to use this step as you can easily make a mess. The DOS BOX is a command prompt, pretty much like the Windows CMD, but using a direct connection to the base OS (DOS) on top of which Android is installed. For reference, computers also have pre-installed DOS in their motherboard on top of which is installed Windows. DOS BOX simply refers to an application providing you with access to the device’s DOS OS.

Here is how to open a .exe using a DOS BOX.

  1. There are many DOS BOXes on Google Play Store so simply download and install one of them.
  1. Place the .exe file in a folder that you will later access from within the DOS BOX app.
  1. Provide the name with a descriptive name for easier navigation.
  1. Open the DOS BOX app. (You will see a simple command prompt)
  1. In the typing filed type “cd\Name of Your Folder”. For instance, if your folder name is “Tablet”, the command should look like this “cd\Tablet”.
  1. At this point, the command prompt knows that we are looking for something in a folder called Tablet. Now we need to tell the DOS what we are looking for.
  1. Type “cd\Name of the File”. For instance, if your file is called weather.exe the command should look like “cd\weather.exe”.

Don’t forget to add the “.exe” extension on the end of your file name, even if the Tablet does not show it. Otherwise, the DOS will not be able to find the file.

Now if the .exe is compatible with your tablet it should install successfully.

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Bottom Line:

We hope that our article was helpful for you. If you are a beginner we recommend running .exe files with a 3rd party software from the Google Play Store.

If you are advanced then DOS will be better for you as well managing more than one installation faster.

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