How to Remove Ads from Fire Tablet?

Isn’t a wave of excitement kindled in you when you come across the discount offer on an Amazon Fire Tablet if you buy it “with special offers.”

However, it is extinguished equally soon by the never-ending pipeline of ads that this device displays on its lock screen.

No one wants to open their tab and be aroused by a new special offer springing up, especially when their wallets have just reduced to ashes; all hail their purchase of Amazon Fire Tablet.

Hence we have put forth a guide on how to remove ads from Fire Tablets.

Since the good news that you can remove the ads is already established, let us tell you the bad news; “It is going to cost you the money, you thought you had saved earlier.”

This is the same amount of money; that is usually the difference you pay for a boxed Amazon Kindle “without special offers.” (Source : PC World)

How To Remove Ads From Fire Tablets

6 Steps to Remove Ads from Amazon Fire Tablet

If you are ready to pay the amount, the rest of the process is hassle-free. All you have to do is; 

  1. Log in to your Amazon account, and search for the option of “Manage Your Content and Devices.” Then choose “Devices.” 
  2. Select the Kindle device you wish to remove Special Offers from, which in this case, would be your tablet. 
  3. You will find the information about the device appearing onscreen.
  4. Search up the clause that says “Special Offers,” or “Offers and Ads.” Since you have the special offers, it would say “Subscribed.”
  5. Edit your subscription by accessing the link next to “Subscribed.” 
  6. Follow the instructions and proceed with the payment method. They would charge you via your 1-Click Payment setting, easy and hassle-free.

Lo and behold! You have now successfully removed those ads off your tablet and wouldn’t be thinking of doing online shopping every time you open your tab, and a new ad on the lock screen tickles your nerves.

Nonetheless, we understand if this article does not hit the right spot as yet as you do not want to pay any money, and that is why you saved it in the first place.

For you folks, the following words would be comforting.

Amazon ads are a way of promoting the site. They are just a one-time thing on your lock screens that may sometimes potentially act as attractive screensavers.

Moreover, the ads are just poster like pop-ups and not video ads that you cannot skip.

Once you start using the device and get on with your reading, those ads do not reappear throughout the length of device usage until you switch the tab off or it sleeps off itself.

Any ads appearing upon the use of various apps and/or during the device’s usage are in no way associated with your subscription to Amazon’s special offers.

Unsubscribing to it would only get you rid-off the lock screen ads and not the in-device ads (Source : Samsung Support).

So, technically Kindle ads, are not that annoying. One can get behind them if they are firm with their decision of not paying the extra amount.

Plus, in hindsight, these ads might help you find a good bargain or deal sometime on stuff you would love to get your hands on, especially during the holiday seasons.

So all in all, that might be a win-win situation too.


How do I get rid of ads on my Amazon Fire tablet?

Follow the procedure above to unsubscribe from Amazon’s special offers and extinguish the ads of your fire tablet. However, if you are up for paying some extra amount, get a boxed Amazon Fire Tablet “without special offers” to not be bothered by the ads in the first place.

How do I get rid of ads on my Fire tablet for free?

Contact the customer service. Although we do not vouch for this option’s potential but since it has worked out for many people, it’s worth a try.

Reach out to the customer care department via Amazon’s contact-us section. Select “Chat” from their options of “How would you like to contact us?” You will then be connected to an operator from customer service. Tell them your problem and request its removal. Maybe quote the reason why the ads bother you so much. If your stars align well, and of course, if the operator agrees to do you a favor, the ads would be gone for free.

 Can you turn off ads on Amazon Fire?

There is no other way to turn off or get rid of the ads on your Fire Tablet. You either buy the tab “without special offers,” or unsubscribe and pay the difference amount later or ultimately try out your luck with the freeway.

How much does it cost to remove ads from Kindle Fire?

It would usually cost you around $15-$20, which is also the difference in the Kindle model’s price that comes “without special offers.” So, you basically end up paying the discount you availed of in the first place.

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