How To Root Android Tablet Without Computer

Many android devices come with hardware restrictions inscribed by their manufacturers.

These limitations place a boundary in operating some special apps on these devices.

What is Rooting an Android Tablet?

Rooting is, therefore, a medium of creating access through this limitation placed on these special apps.

Rooting in android devices like your tablet generates root access within the system.

Hence in this article we will explain in details on how to root Android Tablet without using a computer.

Similarly, root access can be related to jailbreaking mechanisms operating the Apple iOS system.

Just like the original meaning of jailbreaking; providing access through restricted areas.

The jailbreaking mechanism installs unsupported apps by sideloading.

Also, it bypasses bans made by Apple, and a lot more.

How To Root Android Tablet Without Computer

It is only similar to rooting in the provision of administrative permission to users.  

This access allows you to erase disliked systems, install unpermitted apps, upgrade the device’s operating system, and a lot more.

It allows you to modify or replace applications on android device systems that are inaccessible to a normal user. It bypasses administrative permission.

Having your bootloader unlocked is the first step to root your android tablet without a computer.

Also, a custom recovery is required to accomplish this process.

3 Apps To Root Your Android Tablet Without Computer

Before rooting your tablet, it is expedient you go for the method that best fits your device. Therefore, before rooting your device, ascertain your device model, and authorize unknown sources in your phone. Also, backup the files in your phone, permit Universal Serial Bus debugging and ensure your phone is fully charged.

Let’s examine how you can root your android tablet without any computer:

1. Launch Weaksauce

This app was specially made for HTC one m7. It can also function with other HTC devices. This app doesn’t root your android tablet forever. Once you switch off your device, the root access is missed. Besides, your device automatically undergoes rooting 30 seconds after reboot. Moreover, you can remove the root access by uninstalling the application.

How To Make Use Of Weaksauce

1. Download and install

    Go to an app store, locate the app, download and install it into your device.

2. Locate the APK file

    Move to your file manager and search for the file of the app downloaded earlier on.

3. Launch the app

    Locating the app’s file doesn’t automatically make it perform its function. Go to your device launcher and launch Weaksauce.

4. Startup the process

    After opening the app,  a disclaimer statement will pop up. After then, click on “yes” and wait for approximately a minute before exiting the application. This action begins the rooting process.

5. Go for SuperSu

    You can go to any app store to download and install this application on your device.

    Follow this process distinctly. and your HTC device automatically roots itself. Peradventure your device reboots, your tablet automatically gets rooted.

2. KingRoot

•  Download and install the app

    Go to any app store to download and install KingRoot into your device. KingRoot automatically checks if your device has root access immediately after it is installed.

   Launch the application

    Move to your launcher and open the app.

    Go for the start button

    Once your device supports the application, a start button shows beneath the display. Click on the button to commence your device’s rooting process. Once completed, it displays “success” and the app icon on your phone.

3. Go For Framaroot

   This is the most popular rooting app without the use of a computer system. It allows you to root your android device within a split second. Not just that, it allows you to unroot your device if you wish to later on.

    Go to any app store to download and launch the Apk on your device. After then, locate and click on the APK file in your file manager. Install and open the app after the aforementioned process. At the top of the page, there will be a dropdown menu. Click and install SuperSU from the menu.

   Select the option that best suites your android device. A message is displayed immediately after completing this process. Ensure to reboot your device after completing the process.


To avoid unwanted threats to your device, it is expedient to download rooting apps from a trusted site.

Also, be careful of restricted apps that were given access after the rooting process.

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