How to Turn Your iPad Into Smart Display?

If you have an old iPad you just want to get rid of, hold on just yet.

We may have the best solution to put it to work instead of throwing it away or e-recycling it.

We understand that the hardware is really old and the latest supported OS version does not get the job done, but now you have an excellent opportunity to turn your old iPad into a display.

Turning Old iPad into a Smart Display

It could be tough, but it is possible to turn your iPad into a functional smart display, even if it could take some time to set it up.

Many people share that it is a really economic choice to upgrade your home and easy-way to control your smart home devices.

It can serve as a control panel to everything in your smart home, unless the software is old and does not even support the Home App.

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Turn Ipad Into Smart Display

How to Turn Ipad into Smart Home Control Panel

The main process contains 5 general steps:

  1. Your first step is to implant a magnetic mounting kit to the wall in order to attach the iPad and be able to charge it simultaneously. The kit represents a metallic sticker where you affix the back of the tablet and a magnet you build-in the wall. Another solution is a simple stand nearby the charger.
  1. The second step is to get at least a 10-foot long Lightning cable in order to reach for the nearest power socket. But if you do it at the wall it is recommended to use a cable raceway for a more hidden presentation.
  1. Next, you have to access the tablet’s settings and set it to never lock itself, it is done by clicking on “display & brightness” then “auto-lock” and you have to select “Never”.
  1. The fourth step is to make sure you have all of your favorite smart home devices for easy access displayed on a single screen, including the lights in all of the rooms. 
  1. Your final step is to ensure that visitors can only access the Home app and in order to do that go to settings, scroll down to learning > guiding access, then turn it on. This will only let you enable it if you enter the passcode and anyone without the code will be able to access only the Home App. 
  1. Lastly just open the Home App and triple-click the home button in order for it to lock into the app. The only single way for the guests to exit the app is to triple-click again and enter the passcode, which they don’t have.

How to Use iPad Smart Display-Home Control Panel

The convenient and easy-accessible smart display could be used from anywhere in your Smart Home, but the recommended place would be the living room. You can easily detach it and carry it around as long as it has a battery.

It is similar to light switches and anyone who doesn’t have smart access in their home will be still used to standing up and flipping it on. In other words it is the same thing. Although it is mainly intended for guests, this could be quite useful for you too. Sometimes we all leave lights in another room without noticing, but with the smart display control panel, you will be notified.

iPad Smart Display Helper

There is an alter option to turn your iPad into a Smart Display in any room you want it to be. You could make your iPad run Google Assistant and put it in your kitchen, or make it tell the weather and locate it in your living room, or even connect it to your stereo via Bluetooth and play music with it. Even though Google Assistant is slightly restricted on iPad because of it’s built limitations, it’s still a reliable choice for voice assistants because of its broad features. If you’re an Apple user you would love to set up an iPad as a voice interaction smart device.


Here we introduced some handy ways to turn your old iPad into something that will be suitable for both you and your guests. Instead of selling a 150$ iPad, spend just 15-20 minutes of work, to turn it into something useful for anyone in your household.


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