How to Use Toothpaste to Repair a Cracked Tablet Screen

Tablet screen gets broken every now & then and in the most unexpected of ways.

You may have just placed your tablet on the edge of a seat or a table, or maybe handed your phone to a child due to their constant pestering that they want to play games on it, and by accident or carelessness, it falls and the tablet screen cracks.

One of the most common & cheap fix is to use toothpaste to repair a cracked tablet screen.

We shall go into detail on how to use simple detailed steps, and no special tools or skills are required for this.

Use Toothpaste To Repair Cracked Tablet Screen

How Long do you Leave Toothpaste on a Cracked Tablet Screen to Fix It?

Step 1 : Cloth Placement

Place a small soft cloth, e.g., a hand towel or in some cases even a shirt, on a table or any available flat surface and gently place your phone on it. Wipeout your screen with a wet cloth and dry it up with a tissue. Ensure that the edges of the screen are free from any dust that might have accumulated over time by blowing it out using a jet of compressed air or using a thin object, e.g., a toothpick to remove the dirt.  

Step 2 : Using Cotton Swabs

Take a cotton swab and apply tooth paste at its end, wiping the excess toothpaste with your fingers. Clean your hand thoroughly using running water, ensuring that you have no dirt or residue toothpaste in between your finger nails.

Step 3 : Applying ToothPaste with Care

With your left hand holding down the tablet on the table firmly, take the cotton swab with your right hand and gently apply the toothpaste on the swab from the left side of the crack. Drag the swab all through the length of the crack and if you run out of toothpaste on the swab midway, repeat the instructions from step 2. After you are done, discard the swab.

Step 4 : Removing the Cloth

Take a soft cloth and wrap it around your pinky finger or your middle finger on your right hand. With your left hand firmly holding down the tablet on the table, place the covered tip of your preferred chosen finger and drag it through the crack until you reach the other side of the crack. You can now lift a finger and remove the soft cloth.

Step 5 : Leaving the Tablet Screen to Dry

Carefully take your time to inspect the screen and try to see if the crack is still visible. If it is, repeat the entire procedure, beginning from toothpaste to the crack (step 2).   

Leave the phone for about 30 minutes to fully dry up before using it but for optimal results, leave it in your bag for about 12 hours.

Is it safe to use a tablet with a broken screen?

Accidentally dropping a phone can be expensive, and he urges to continue using it as it is tremendous. This is because of the cost it might take to fix up the tablet. It is not advisable to use a phone with a cracked screen because it is nearly impossible to see what you are doing on it, and also, the shards of glass may become loose, leading to injury.

What are the other alternatives for toothpaste?

Nail polish is the top alternative for toothpaste while trying to hide cracks on screens. Others include adhesives or, in other cases, super glue. It is simpler to use it since instead of a cotton swab; you can use the nail polish brush. After applying the nail polish gently to the crack, tilt the phone back and forth in a gentle motion to allow the adhesive or your preferred alternative to sinking deeper into the crack. Wipe the excess liquid using a paper towel or tissue. 

Are there special remedies that I can use?

A paste made of part water and part baking soda can also work effectively.

Getting the right thickness of the paste is vital for this to work.


That’s all on how long do you leave toothpaste on a cracked screen.

Please follow these steps precisely to remove protruding loose shards of glasses from your screen.

Keep in mind that, repairing a cracked screen is costly, and these simple steps provided in this article are life hack alternatives to repair your screen.

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