Availability, ease of use

Just like jQuery Mobile this framework is extremely easy to use. It will be even easier if you have a good background with jQuery Mobile, mostly through similar HTML layout usage. Unlike jQuery Mobile, javascript usage is a little bit different. Where jQuery Mobile is heavily influenced with jQuery, Kendo UI uses more vanilla looking javascript syntax. Which is strange if you consider jQuery is used in both cases as an application framework. Not to mention MVVM architecture which is missing in jQuery Mobile.
  • Page layout system similar to jQuery Mobile
  • MVVM usage
  • Javascript usage is different than with a pure jQuery so don’t expect quick transition. Then again, transition is much quicker the with Sencha Touch.


Link: http://docs.kendoui.com/getting-started/introduction
This is the first point in this article where I am obligated to criticize Kendo UI framework. Official documentation is, simply put it, bad, especially compared to jQuery Mobile or Sencha Touch. There are plenty of written examples but too few working examples or images. My biggest concern is who ever wrote this documentation didn’t think to use friking framework described to show how everything looks like.
A lot of small things are missing or described in sections where they shouldn’t be. What makes a good documentation is time spent reading official documentation over searching Google and I need to confess I spent too much time googling for a help.
  • Excellent demos, you will probably learn more from them than from an official documentation.
  • Easy framework even with a bad documentation
  • Online community is supportive
  • Bad documentation
  • Missing descriptions
  • Kendo UI was not used to show how examples look like.
  • Too few images, I want to see what some part of code can do. They don’t even need to use images.

Final verdict

I can’t believe something like this was built on a jQuery foundation. But this should not surprise you or me, this is a commercial product and as such it must be faster and better than its open source brethren. It is fast and beautiful and I simply cant be objective here. This is everything I ever want from jQuery Mobile but couldn’t have with its simplicity and elegance and without its performance problems. I can go even further and place it back to beck with Sencha Touch.
Of course nothing is that perfect, while it is much faster and fluid then jQuery Mobile it is still lacking something jQuery Mobile does the best and it is documentation. You will probably find yourself wondering through Google searching for something that rightfully should be mentioned in their official documentation. On the other hand community and developer support is great, and that is to be expected from not that cheap product.
In the end, I urge jQuery Mobile developers to aspire to this framework.

Who Am I?

Between working as a senior Java developer in one of the largest insurance companies in the world and traveling, in my free time, I work as a professional mobile development adviser. I'm also a major jQuery Mobile supporter back at StackOverflow and a forum moderator at the official Ionic Framework forum.

  • Denis

    Thank you for great articles. They gave a lot of useful info.

    Currently I’m looking for framework to build complex hybrid application. After several days of investigation, my choice is going to be Sencha Touch or Kendo UI. As for me – they are very simular.

    – in price
    – i my expirience with both jquery/extjs
    – in their functionaity
    – I both like and used MVVM and MVC

    But I don’t understand – which one would be faster? What do you think?

    • Both of them are similarly fast. Main difference is do you prefer jQuery syntax or vanilla javascript syntax.

  • Carlos

    I think Kendo UI is very bad to be of cost. I think Ionic framework is better, free and no have too many bugs like Kendo UI

    • I wouldn’t agree, at least not with your comment regarding bugs, if anything Ionic suffers more from bug related problems, after all it’s still in beta, while Kendo UI is active last few years. On the other hand don’t get me wrong, Ionic is still a great framework.