Notable less known jQuery Mobile plugins

Written by on April 1, 2015

Notable less known jQuery Mobile plugins

Unlike its older brother, jQuery Mobile don’t have such a large plugins selection. One reason could be that it is well round product.

This is only partially true, there are more than enough 3rd party jQuery Mobile plugins and some are more popular than another. Task of this article is to address notable less known jQuery Mobile plugins. Less known doesn’t mean they are less good or not worthy, they are usually just young or much less marketed.

This article was create as the successor to my previous article: 10 life saving jQuery Mobile plugins

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1. jQM Calendar

This is simple iOS-style calendar plugin for jQuery Mobile for both showing activities or picking dates. Personally I don’t understand why plugin like this wasn’t included into the original jQuery Mobile production, including date pickers. From the functionality perspective, jQM Calendar servers only as a presentation widget and you can’t use it to create new activities.

It looks and blends like a standard jQuery Mobile plugin which is pretty nice, I don’t like plugins looking like they don’t have anything to do with the rest of a UI. Only negative comment goes to the problematic Firefox visual look, it is distinctively different than WebKit visual look, mainly because some CSS definitions are missing (Firefox related).

Note: For some reason plugin’s CSS don’t work correctly in this jsFiddle example.

2. jQM Tinysort

Simply put this plugin sorts your listview data. List must have a same set of attributes but values can be whatever you want. The example below uses “First Name”, and “Last Name”.

3. jQuery Mobile Stepper Widget

Adds plus and minus buttons to a plain text-type input for use with jQuery Mobile. Nothing else and nothing more. Admit it, a lot of you probably hate using a virtual keyboard (on your mobile phones or tablets) so here’s an easy solution.

Note: I can’t provide you with a working jsFiddle example, I can’t make this work with a stepper widget. One last thing, it only supports jQuery Mobile up to version 1.1.

4. Bartender

Bartender is a cross-browser iOS-style tab bar. It is CSS only, no jQuery needed. Supports all major desktop and mobile browsers (IE7+, latest FF, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Android, iOS).

Note: Scroll jsFiddle example to the bottom to see the result.

5. jQGrid Mobile

As you probably know, jqGrid is and has been the most popular jQuery grid plugin for several years now. Now, as a part of jQSuiteMobile this is their first product made specifically for mobile devices. Supported mobile platforms are Android, iOS, Win7/8 Mobile. However, jqSuite.Mobile brings that a few steps further and provides a new interface with largest icons and text built for mobile touch devices accessibility and consistent with the theme of jQuery.Mobile. All in all good product made a little bit redundant after jQuery Mobile 1.3 introduced tables.

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6 thoughts on “Notable less known jQuery Mobile plugins”

  1. We have recently released Lazy Load XT plugin ( for lazy loading of images that supports jQueryMobile out of the box. We used it in several out projects (e.g. Flat and Elegance templates for MobileJoomla) and load time is reduced significantly.

    The reason to make new plugin is that there are some problems with existing lazy loading plugins/scripts:
    1) memory leaks in the case of AJAX navigation because of elements removed from DOM are stored in closure or internal array (and GC cannot remove them).
    2) are slow as they check each image visibility after any page scroll (even minor one)
    3) some plugins are not compatible with multipage mode of jQueryMobile (after transition to second page images are not loaded automatically)
    4) don’t take into account orientation change

    Any feedback is welcome.

  2. nice post …jQM Calendar
    but i am faceing some problem to disables previous date from current date.
    2.first click on calendar the date should be bind first input textbox1
    ex..05/06/2014(start date)
    second click on calendar the date should be bind second input textbox2
    ex..06/06/2014(start date)
    is it possible or not?

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