Ionic [2 & 3] | Sharing & Passing Various Data Between Pages

Finally, here’s another instalment of updated Ionic 2|3 article series. My previous tutorial demonstrated how to create your first Ionic 2|3 application. You have also been able to learn how to work with Master-Detail pattern, share data between different pages and finally how to establish a successful REST call. While my previous article is an … Read more

Ionic 4 | Sharing Data Between Pages/Components (Angular)

Finally, after almost two years I found time to update this article to the latest version of the Ionic framework. A lot has changed since my previous article. The ionic framework is no longer coupled with Angular and we can go with other frameworks if needed (like React and Vue). On some level, this also … Read more

The Most Beautiful Ionic 4 Themes and Templates

I would presume you are here looking for better ways to sell your Ionic application. You will find it here.

I will be the first to admit that the default Ionic theme is not something worth looking at. Just think about it, if every Ionic developer would keep creating Ionic applications we would end up with a bunch of look-alikes. That already happened to jQuery Mobile, let’s not do the same mistake again.

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Building a Native Mobile App with jQuery Mobile 1.5 and Cordova

Welcome. It’s my pleasure to show you how to make your first mobile application using jQuery Mobile and Cordova.

Before we start let me give you a small warning. jQuery Mobile is a dead framework or at best a living-dead framework (even George Romero can make it live again). If you want to go with something more up-to-date please consider Ionic Framework.

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Top 10 Best PHP RESTful Micro Frameworks (Pro/Con)

Wow, I wrote the original version of this article almost four years ago, in software development time it was a long, long time ago. I will do a little spring cleaning, and maybe some polishing around the edges.

To make story short, I’m first and foremost Java developer who ended up working with PHP and I liked it. During this initial PHP introduction I had to create a small RESTful project; nothing fancy-schmancy, but speed was the main requirement.

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Prevent jQuery events from firing multiple times

For some reason, even after five years, this article is still actively visited and it makes me deeply surprised. This issue, like many other jQuery based issues, is not an error on its own. It is simply how jQuery (and Javascript) works and we need to deal with it as best as we can. I … Read more

Ionic 4 | Making REST HTTP Requests Like a Pro

This guide will show you how to write a simple HTTP Rest Angular application. It is also important to point out that we will cover it through the perspective of Angular 7. You will also be able to learn how to use the Master-Detail pattern, including how to work with services. Preparations First thing first, … Read more

Ionic 4 | Installation Guide

Dear unknown reader, I wrote this article a long long time ago, time has come to spruce it up and give it a bit of shine. To make a story short, this is Ionic 4 introduction article, and when I say introduction I mean set-it-up and nothing else. If you stumbled here looking for something … Read more

Docker – Extensive walkthrough on how to clean disk space

I’m in love with Docker but man it can eat usable disk space like it’s nothing. Docker doesn’t care about OS environment or version, it will slowly devour every bit of available disk space and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or can we? While we cannot prevent Docker from doing what it’s doing … Read more