Best Tablets with Microsoft Office Already Installed (US & UK)

If you are using tablets for work, then look for Tablets with Microsoft Office Already Installed.

Tablets can be useful in many different ways such as for reading documents, being creative in different ways.

Sometimes a high-performing tablet for Microsoft office can replace a laptop.

If you are looking for portability, affordability, and laptop-like performance to work on Microsoft Office then we have listed some of the best Windows & iOS tablets in the market.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the list of the best business tablets for work.

FAQs related to Tablets for Microsoft Office & Word Processing

Do tablets have Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is the common name of a product suite by Microsoft Corporation, most commonly used in connection with the Windows Tablets.

In addition, for other tablets you can use the following:* is 100% compatible with Microsoft Office.

* Google Docs can import and export Microsoft Office files, and in some cases they even look better on mobile devices than on PCs.

* Apple’s iWork can import and export Microsoft Office files.

What tablets work with Microsoft Office?

Not all tablets come with Microsoft Office as the tablet operating system is inconsistent for example, iPads use Apple iTunes.

You will need to purchase a standalone copy of Microsoft Office if the tablet does not have Microsoft MS Office pre-installed.

To use Microsoft Office on a Samsung Tablet, you simply need to download it from the Samsung site and install it on your device.

Do laptops come with Microsoft Office already installed?

It depends on the laptop as to whether or not it has Microsoft Office installed.

There are two ways that you can purchase an operating system, a retail version and an OEM version.

Most laptops are sold through a distributor. The distributor sells different brands and models of laptops and the OEM version is sometimes already pre-installed on the machine, usually only as trial versions of office suites.

The old series of ThinkPad notebooks from IBM had come with either a trial or retail version of Microsoft Office.

Do Samsung tablets come with Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a type of software program that is used for word processing, making spreadsheets, etc.

Samsung tablets don’t come with Microsoft Office.

But you can get it if you are interested in purchasing it.

Comparison of the Tablets for Microsoft Office Pre-Installed

TOP PICK Apple Ipad Pro (12.9-Inch, Wi-Fi, 256Gb) - Space Gray (4Th Generation) iPad Pro
  • Screen Size: 12 Inch
  • Resolution: 2388 x 1688
  • Processor: A 12X Bionic Chip
  • RAM: 4 GB
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – 12.3 Touch-Screen - 10Th Gen Intel Core I5 - 8Gb Memory - 128Gb Ssd (Latest Model) – Platinum With Black Type Cover Microsoft Surface Pro 7
  • Screen Size: 12.3 Inch
  • Resolution: 2736 x 1824
  • Processor: Core i5
  • RAM: 8 GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wi-Fi, Mystic Black - 128 Gb Samsung Galaxy Tab A7
  • Screen Size: 10.4 Inch
  • Resolution: 2000 x 1200
  • Processor: Exynos 9611
  • RAM: 3 GB
New Microsoft Surface Book 3 - 13.5 Touch-Screen - 10Th Gen Intel Core I7 - 16Gb Memory - 256Gb Ssd (Latest Model) - Platinum (Renewed) Surface Book 3
  • Screen Size: 13.5 Inch
  • Resolution: 3000 x 2000 (267 PPI) Pixels
  • Processor: Core i7
  • RAM: 16 GB
Lenovo Chromebook Duet, 2-In-1, 10.1 Wuxga (1920 X 1200) Display, Mediatek Helio P60T, 4Gb Lpddr4X Ram, 64Gb Emcp Ssd, Integrated Arm G72 Mp3 Graphics, Chrome Os, Za6F0031Us, Ice Blue + Iron Grey Lenovo Chromebook Duet
  • Screen Size: 10.3 Inch
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1200
  • Processor: Octa-Core
  • RAM: 4 GB
Microsoft Surface Go (Intel Pentium Gold, 8Gb Ram, 128Gb) (Mcz-00001) Microsoft Surface GO
  • Screen Size: 10 Inch
  • Resolution: 1800 x 1200
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Gold
  • RAM: 8 GB

List of the Best Tablet with Microsoft Office

1 – iPad ProBest Tablet for Office Use

2 – Microsoft Surface Pro 7Best Tablet with MS Office

3 – Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

4 – Surface Book 3Best Tablet for Excel & Word Documents

5 – Lenovo Chromebook Duet

6 – Microsoft Surface GO – Best Tablet with Office Installed

Best Tablet for Microsoft Office (Already Installed)

1-Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – Ideal for OneNote

Tablets With Microsoft Office Already Installed

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is one of the best business tablets in the wold.

If you are heavy involved in digital note taking and want to save you ideas & better organize your notes on the go then this tablet is ideal for OneNote users.

Some of its features include Intel UHD Graphics 620, 8-16 GB of RAM, 8 MP rear camera whereas 5MP front camera.


1- The performance of this tablet is much more stable and improved as compared with other windows tablets in the market.

2- There are multiple colors available in these tablets which look fresher and cooler when you use them.

3- It is very lightweight almost around 700 grams. You can carry it anywhere easily as they are compact.


1- It does not support Type-C USB charging, which means it does not support fast charging technology.

2- It is very costly so if you have any money constraints then it will be difficult for you to buy it.

2. iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) – Best Tablet for Office Use

81Sgb5Llzl. Ac Sl1500

If you want to buy a powerful and traditional tablet, then iPad Pro 12.9 is the best option.

It has a huge screen of the 12.9-inch display with a 2048 x 2732 resolution. With Apple’s hardware inside it has a powerful battery backup too.


1- Powerful hardware such as A12Z Bionic CPU, the battery power of 9720 mAh which lasts longer than your mobile phones.

2- It has the support of external hardware also such as mouse or keyboards.

3- With Apple Pencil and smart keyboard this tablet become an ideal device for business usage.


1- The new feature of LiDAR is limited in this tablet. It is an extremely costly tablet so if you can afford it then only you will buy.

2- With so many competitors in the market this laptop lacks behind with some features.

3. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 – Best Tablet with Office Installed

51Urxdgk7Ul. Ac Sl1000 1

Lenovo’s third-gen tablets are just fantastic. It is a powerful and strong laptop with a removable keyboard leaving you a robust tablet.

It’s quite a bulky device but you will get a big 3K resolution display.


1- The design quality of this tablet is great and robust.

2- If you purchase Lenovo Thinkpad X1 tablet then you will also get a Thinkpad Pen pro which you can use for drawing or writing important notes.

3- There are multiple Thunderbolt 3 ports and a big screen of 3K resolution.


1- It lacks in battery backup. There are many tablets in the market which provide better battery backup than this tablet.

2- It is very bulky than Surface Pro tablets.

4. Surface Book 3 – Best Tablet for Excel & Word Documents

71Odanx46L. Ac Sl1500 1

It is the up-gradation version of Microsoft Surface Pro 6 but there is no much difference in the performance and feature.

Surface Book 3 is still a decent device that could be useful for you depending on what you need from your slate.


1- It has an up-gradation in Wi-Fi 6 connectivity and also improves the performance of the tablet.

2- It provides a fast charging with USB type C charging. It will charge your tablet in one hour.

3- If you need the processing powerhouse then this might be the Microsoft device for you.


1- Since there is not much difference between the Surface Pro 6 other than price.

2- Microsoft still needs to improve the battery life of this table. It lacks battery backup too much extent.

5-Lenovo Miix 510

71V4Qgaj0Il. Ac Sl1500

It is a good 2 in 1 device that is excellent business tablets.

Lenovo Miix 510 comes with a detachable keyboard and costs much less than Surface Pro.

This is a business tablet worth considering if you have a low budget.


1- Value for money and if you have a low budget still you can buy it with all the great feature which a tablet must possess.

2-It provides a fast charging with USB type C port. It will charge your tablet in less than one hour.

3-Can be used both for business work and for entertainment purposes.


1- It does not support micro SD cards or any other type of external storage tool.

2- Average battery life, if you are a heavy user then you might face the battery issues quite often.

6. Microsoft Surface Go – Best Tablet with MS Office

615Jec3Oisl. Ac Sl1200 3

This tablet by Microsoft is thin, light, and portable and Microsoft makes sure about the ability of this device to get some work done.

Microsoft Surface GO put everything they could into a tablet in a very less price. If you often working while traveling, then this is a perfect option for you.


1- It is affordable, anyone with a low budget can afford it.

2- This tablet is very light and small so it gets easier to carry while traveling.

3- It has a slim line design and reliable build quality with a great number of features altogether.


1- Not powerful and fast as iPad since it infused with less configuration hardware.

2- Have a battery issue so if you are a heavy user then you might face some issues with battery after some time.

7- Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

71V8Mdkzjl. Ac Sl1500 1

This is one of the best Android Tablets to date in the market. This top piece kit comes with S Pen Stylus so you don’t need to pay any extra money for other accessories.

Samsung TAB S7 has a lot of processing power with decent camera capabilities and a lightweight build.


1- It has a super AMOLED display that provides high resolution while you work onto it.

2- It gives a good competition to Apple’s iPad in the field of performance quality. It has a fast and speedy performance as compared to other tablets in the market.

3- It contains Android OS which can provide all the latest application which you can use in your work.


1- With Android OS working in the background, Samsung includes its UI in this table which makes it more divisive.

2- You will not get any headphone jack with this device so if you are that person who likes listening to music while work then you need to buy Bluetooth build headphones.

8-Acer Switch 5

711Xeyzpol. Ac Sl1000

These tablets are a great alternative for Surface Pro. Acer Switch is the best alternative tablet for business work when you want to save money as well.

ACER Switch 5 lacks screen resolution but it reduces price money too much extent.


1- With less price, it provides all the great feature which a Surface Pro provides.

2- With the feature, it also focuses on the performance and builds design.

3- Best alternative for Surface Pro tablets.


1- Less screen resolution and screen size.

2- Dim display quality which sometimes feels irritating,

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9-Asus Transformer 3 Pro

61J1Xlk4Nvl. Ac Sl1200

This device is the only device that comes with 16 GB of standard RAM installed.

Transformer PRO is better than Surface Pro 4 in terms of sheer value for money. Other than the standard keyboard the transformer has the docking station.


1- Comes with a standard 16 GB of RAM

2- Display is phenomenal with an ultra-high resolution.

3- The trusted platform module makes it more secure than other tablets in the market.


1- It does not have a cheaper version so if you think 16 GB RAM is not much of your use then this tablet is a waste of money.

2- Aspect ratio might not be for everyone.

10-HP Elite x2 1012 G1

41Jwd6Zr3Fl. Ac

This slate is impressive in the usability stakes and was designed with enterprise users in mind.

HP Elite x2 is studied and had gone a 12-point stress test. With a good feature, it has a very appealing design as well.


1- It allows you to tilt your tablet to any angle.

2- Great keyboard with smooth performance.

3- Great design with perfect hinges and screen quality also has a good resolution ratio.


1- Touchpad could be better in terms of smoothness and durability.

2- Shorter battery backup so if you are a heavy user then it might not fit for you.

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