The state of the blog (October 2017) – I was hacked

Written by on October 15, 2017

The state of the blog (October 2017) – I was hacked

A few months ago I was hacked. It was a politically motivated hacking and to be fair I don’t mind it; not that much at least.

Why not caring? I had too much stuff to worry about my real life, and my blog was not one of them. I was even playing with an idea to abandon it completely.

Whoever hacked me was polite enough to mess only the latest blog post, and for that, I’m grateful. This does not mean I approved such a method of expression, I’m just glad my blog is still alive and kicking. In all fairness, I was not the first guy (or girl) to suffer this fate, nor I will be the last.

Funny thing. The original version of this article was written just a few days after hacking, but, somewhere around that time my hosting machine just went dead. Talking about bad luck. It almost pushed me to quit altogether.

Thankfully, I learned a few things from this experience. Mainly, I still deeply care about my blog; more than I thought a few months ago.

You have to understand, I haven’t written a single blog post for almost two years. Two years! When I think about it, I feel uncomfortable. I spent so much time invested into a well being of this site that I’m not willing to let it die and wither.

This is not me trying to excuse myself; it’s just a fact of life.

One year ago I got a new job in Vienna (Austria), it was everything I ever wanted. I always dreamt of living there; history, culture, life … it has everything. Even better; I got it partially thanks to this blog.

Unfortunately, this job has one big downside. Each new job brings new responsibilities, and this one has it all; things to learn, technologies to master. And, none of them were related to mobile development.

Still, in past year, I learned more stuff than in the past 5 years of my previous job. I would say, time well spent. Who am I to complain.

Things will change

I need to be better to this blog; so from this day and on I will write at least one blog post per week. They may or may not be related to mobile/web development. To be honest, I’m little sick of hybrid mobile development, and I want to cover some new stuff. For example, like Docker, it’s my new obsession.

I will also update my Ionic 2 articles plus some old content; they beg for an update.

Do you have a topic you would like me to cover? I’m always open to suggestions.


3 thoughts on “The state of the blog (October 2017) – I was hacked”

  1. Hi Dragan ,
    It’s nice to have you back !
    This was one of three blogs I used to follow in my initial Ionic Days (Josh Morony ,Nic Raboy were the others).
    I still use your posts as a reference.

    I would like to see your newer posts ,especially about Docker.
    Hybrid Dev. Posts can be “updated” later.
    Reading & exploring something new is always fascinating.

    Cheers and keep up the good work !

    • Thank you very much for you kind words. I’m just finishing my first Docker related article, more of them will follow soon.

      Is there any specific topic you would like to read about?

      I hope you don’t mind me asking; it’s usually hard to have a two way conversation with my readers so I like to grab any available chance 🙂

      • Hi ,Dragan.

        I will just bore you with some personal stuff.

        I have hit a certain ceiling in Cross Platform apps and am looking for something else.
        I have been reading about docker ,mostly in OSS magazines/blogs, however DevOps is not something I was interested in.
        A friend mentioned about Docker and we went on to discuss pros, cons and random stuff in-between.
        /interlude over

        Here are something topics which I would really like to read.

        “Docker and friends” : This can cover Docker , Kubernetes , Vagrant and such.
        I would like to read about these ,especially your take on all of these. It will be bit time consuming but I feel it’s something new to read. Most online articles are gobblydook….

        “Docker in small environments”. I don’t work in an enterprise environment, though I would like an opinion on how it could be beneficial for developers at small/medium offices and how I can implement in small setup.

        Thanks for your time, Take care ! 🙂

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