I must confess; my first contact with Ionic Framework was through the YouTube video tutorial. I’m not ashamed, and I don’t mind, why would I. Youtube is an excellent choice if you want to learn how software development. Just look at The New Boston channel. I have a huge respect for the owner; he spent last few years creating probably the best-known programming and design related Youtube channel. But I don’t want to digress.
I’m writing this article to present best video resources for Ionic Framework, including a small AngularJS entry. The emphasis will be more on Ionic Framework, I will cover AngularJS more as an intro for what is to come.
If you’re like me, these video tutorials will be a much better source of knowledge than traditional learning by reading. You’ll be amazed how much easier is to learn just by watching, repeating, and acting on what you see. I can guarantee, after watching these videos, give it 24 hours and you’ll be able to create your first Ionic Framework application from the scratch.

Note: If this tutorial was helpful, need further clarification, something is not working or do you have a request for another Ionic post? Furthermore, if you don't like something about this blog, if something is bugging you, don't like how I'm doing stuff here, again leave me a comment below. I'm here to help you, I expect the same from you. Feel free to comment below, subscribe to my blog, mail me to dragan.gaic@gmail.com, or follow and mention me on twitter (@gajotres). Thanks and have a nice day!

PS. If you want my help, if possible (even if it takes you some time to do that), create a working example I can play with. Use Plunker for AngularJS based questions or jsFiddle for jQuery/jQuery Mobile based questions.


Table of Contents

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Introduction to Angular.js in 50 Examples
Yeah, I’m starting with a number zero.
I can’t stress this enough, you can’t learn Ionic without knowing a trick or two about the AngularJS. This video was my entry to the AngularJS world and until today I haven’t found a better alternative. This two parter video (more than two hours), courtesy of Curran Kelleher, will demonstrate you how AngularJS actually works in fifty simple examples.
The video starts with a simple history retrospective showing you how code changed since vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone and finally AngularJS.
Part 1 Part 2
Ionic Framework by Nic Raboy
Nic Raboy is probably the best known Ionic video blogger, in some way he is also my competition. But that’s not going to stop me from including him on this list.
If you’re just starting learning Ionic Framework, this is not going to be the best starting point, but everyone else should watch these tutorials. If you have a problem, you’ll probably find a solution here.
Personally, I don’t like his voice (nor my own to be more precise) but his presentation is impeccable, easy to follow and recreate.
Currently, this list holds almost 50 different video tutorials, covering almost everything you need to know about Ionic Framework and ngCordova.
Introduction to the Ionic Framework
If you don’t know anything about Ionic Framework, this is a video for you.
In this video, Join Raleigh Johnson, a Senior Software Engineer at ComponentOne Studio, discusses Ionic basics and what it has to offer.
It’s probably the best overview of what is Ionic and what it can do, including pros and cons.
Building Mobile Applications with Ionic
Another introductory Ionic Framework video, but this one offers a better comparison with other mobile frameworks. If you still haven’t decided to use Ionic this video may change your mind.
This presentation covers setting up Ionic and Cordova with NPM, building a new application from the command line, using Ionic’s mobile-inspired components and touch events powered by Hammer.js
Jeremy Wilken The Ionic Framework SD
Jeremy Wilken, an author of the book Ionic in Action, talks about what Ionic can offer to mobile developers while giving us a retrospective on various UI components and elements.
This is also a great video if you want to skip reading official documentation on Ionic directives and CSS. Watch the first video if you don’t know what directive is.
Developer Tutorials Channel
This is a rather new Ionic Framework channel, almost several days old. But what makes it unique and worth watching is how carefully it presents every step of Ionic application creation. It covers almost every aspect of Ionic application development, including app examples up to app deployment.
If you need a “Learn Ionic in 24 hours” tutorial then this is exactly what you crave.

Who Am I?

Between working as a senior Java developer in one of the largest insurance companies in the world and traveling, in my free time, I work as a professional mobile development adviser. I'm also a major jQuery Mobile supporter back at StackOverflow and a forum moderator at the official Ionic Framework forum.

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  • Wonderful list, Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I found it to be quite helpful!

  • I love video tutorials for programming! I like them because you can get a lot of info in a short time especially if you switch it to 1.5x or 2x speed. It’s kind of like peer programming 🙂 Thank you for putting this list together.

    The only downside with video tutorials is that you cannot copy/paste code. I’ve made an Ionic tutorial myself and I’m dying to get some feedback on it: http://www.coding-dude.com/wp/mobile-apps/ionic-app-tutorial-create-a-mobile-app-for-purchasing-public-transport-tickets-via-sms/

    • Usually, I don’t like this kind of self-marketing but I don’t mind it right now 🙂

      You did a great article. And here’s a feedback, create a Gitnug repo and push your code there. Offer it to your readers.

      • Hey Dragan, thank you so much. I already have a github account and that’s a very good idea, I will upload the code there!