To be honest, I never intended to write this article. jQuery Mobile was, in a sense, dead to me. Why wasting my time on a product that was not updated last two years. For a better perspective, in these two years we so the rise of Ionic Framework, Onsen UI, React Native, and Framework7.
Thankfully, good news related to next jQuery Mobile version made me rethink this idea. If jQuery Foundation continues this fast development cycle, we may see it in next few months.
With everything said why spend time writing this article? If everything goes well, I’m predicting a jQuery Mobile resurgence. Not a massive one of course. Still I’m hoping it will gain some traction.
Let me get to the point. I’m writing this article to show you best available jQuery Mobile video tutorials. Why spending money on books and video screencasts when you can learn for free.

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PS. If you want my help, if possible (even if it takes you some time to do that), create a working example I can play with. Use Plunker for AngularJS based questions or jsFiddle for jQuery/jQuery Mobile based questions.


Table of Contents

Introduction to jQuery Mobile
This is a rather old video, but that’s beside the point. Watch this video if you want to understand what is jQuery Mobile and what you can expect of it. Nothing else nothing more.
Proceed to the next playlist if you find it adequate.
jQuery Mobile Web App Tutorial
I prepared something new for you here. This video playlist should teach you how to create you first jQuery Mobile application, and many more after that one.
Even better, it’s covering everything you need to know about jQuery Mobile; it’s doing this with currently latest jQuery Mobile version and the only thing that’s missing is Cordova tutorial.
jQuery Mobile Cordova Tutorial
For those of you who would like to create a mobile application here’s a Cordova tutorial. It’s a short playlist (only three videos) but it will show you how to build your first hybrid mobile application using jQuery Mobile and Cordova. Unlike PhoneGap, Cordova is freely available, so this video will hopefully push you in the right direction.
Popular Videos - jQuery Mobile & Mobile application development
And finally here’s the best playlist covering every other aspect of jQuery Mobile you may need. API services, Cordova plugins, jQuery Mobile + PHP tutorials, and a lot more.

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